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Fantasy Cyber souls CS page


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Heyo thanks for considering joining my fiction, the bare minimum I need to know about your character will be listed below on the sheet but feel free to add more if you like. While I'm open to most things I may ask you edit or delete something if it seems to game breaking or doesn't fit lore. If you have questions please ask on the check or in a PM or on the OOC page in the case I get enough players to justify making one. If you was planning on making a AI CS please pm me as that will be a bit different
Name: (simple yea?)

Age: (be between 16 and 50

Sex: (and don't just put yes please)

Appearance: (picture is wanted but describe them a bit anyway, what someone would easily notice like height or hair colour)

Talents: (things your good at be it natural or a practiced skill)

Flaws: (No one's perfect, for each two talents list a flaw)

(take inspiration from movies, games, whatever...
You could have the shields from borderlands with a light saber,
a knockoff pipboy capable of playing video games or hacking shit,
Robotic implants to enhance your character with the risk of being hacked or being within a electromagnetic pulse...
Choice is yours, again know I may ask you delete or change something if it seems off/op)

Brief background:
(Optional, either way it's implied your character has been apart of this team long enough to be on friendly terms or at the very least tolerate each other as they work/live/travel together. You were skilled enough in some form or another that the team recruited you)
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The Flowiest on site
Placeholder 20210911_163601.png
Name: "Joseph" Eagle Bang.
Age: 25
Sex: male
Appearance: Eagle is 5ft11 with a athletes builds, blue eyes short black hair and a rough beard. Usually wearing a hat and trench coat like cowboys from long ago. Rugged for his age but luckily not disfigured what with the dangerous lifestyle.

Joe is a accurate sonaofa bitch, be it aiming a gun or throwing something.
CQC, get in enough fights you start to learn things, some even get better before their nose is broken.
A certain charisma, not the smoothest talker in the wastes but definitely has a way with words and barter.
Stamina and endurance, need to be strong or smart to survive the wastes.
Decent hunter, able to stalk creatures/mutants or humans and pick up/read tracks.

"Not a hacker", Joe cannot unlock even the simplest computer security without a cyber soul. Safe to say mr bang cannot wirelessly hack his enemies encrypted tech/weapons.

"I use shit not fix it" joe cannot repair anything beyond his wingbombs or pre war human guns. If the electromagnetic return blade was to fall out of sync with the glove then Joe would need someone to repair it.

"I live like there's no tomorrow" Joe is greedy with most things including money, drugs, drink, food, tech, glory...

"Yea I got a problem" Joe is a addict, if he has something he will enjoy it. If he can take or buy something he will. Rarely effects his performance but over indulging in a single vice usually throws off the balance.
Drinking to much = more bathroom breaks for example.

Gear: (dunno if I can get pictures for every bit of gear but I may have a Google at some point)

Hat, clothes, smokes, various bottles of whisky, rum, wine, drugs, lighters, flask, water bottle, switchblade.

A Noligiv Barrier shield, once charged and in effect it will negate a certain amount of damage preventing most cases of potential death. As in gun fire, fire, physical force, lasers, Etc.

Revolver, six shots loaded with more to spare.

Return blade and glove, basically a large curved blade with a magnetic handle and electronic powered glove that helps in the act of throwing a blade and having it return to you.

Cyber Soul "hacka L33" a haywire AI that attempts to cause violence against all living things locked away in a mobile phone. If plugged into a device with a cable L33 is able to hack most programs in a matter of minutes. However if the opportunity to cause harm is there the AI will attempt to do so.

Wing-bombs, three sharp, aerodynamic blades form a trifecta but two of those blades explode. The Handle blade is reusable provided you find it after the explosion.

Brief background:
Born in Base city, Eagle never liked his name. The first name after a long dead bird and the famous Bang name to live up to. Falling into tradition Eagle like his father before him became someone who helps the community. At the age of 13 eagle was accepted by city standards to become a Ryder, so Eagle spent his teenage years as a Ryder for the city helping kill monsters and bandits aswell as maintain peace within the city. It was the crimes within the city that made eagle hate his job and wish for freedom.

The man hated the processes a Ryder of base city had to deal with. Rather then catch and subdue a guilty criminal capable of talking his way out of punishment or bribing the sheriff... eagle was soon disowned by his law bringing family and exiled from the city.
He used his middle name Joseph from then, soon running into Sixx Farr, the legendary courier turned bounty hunter. Sixx recruited Joey after seeing him work. The two had been hired by different people to find a cyber soul which inhabited a Alien Mantis suit. Joe was convinced to join and has been apart of Sixx's team for at least three years since.
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