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Futuristic Cyber-Knights- A Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy {Lore Page!}



Chaos Being with a chip on his shoulder

<Not everything is known about the outlands and the ruins of New-York, as we go we will add more>

General info about the RP

Cyber-Knights is a Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Fantasy set in a alternate universe where technology had advanced rapidly in the mid 80's and the world reached the beginning of space travel in the early 2000's with the first colony of humans landing on Mars in 2010. Hover tech was mastered by the late 90's and laser weapons had replaced the modern ballistic weapons by the early 90's. So there is very advanced tech in this world just too let everyone know what ya getting into.

Cyber-beast are twisted human corpses that have been taken over by Nanites that had been uploaded with a sinister program by an A.I. That was made to monitor everyone injected with a cure for most genetic diseases. It was supposed to make sure that when the corrections to the persons DNA had been done, that the nanites would safely be ejected through that persons sweat. The A.I. Went rouge and the lab it was in was blown away by an onsite explosive.

However the damage was done and the code got uploaded too everyone who took the cure. Your role in all of this is as one of the Augmented humans or Cyber-Knights, these people where still uploaded with the code but for some reason they didn't become mindless murder machines but fell into comas. While in these comas their bodies latched onto any tech near by and integrated it into their bodies. Cyber-knights are stronger ,faster and far more durable than humans and posses unique powers. Some can make powerful barriers or control elemental energies. Each Cyber-knight is unique but every Cyber-knight has a battle-mode, think of it as armor that augments them further and unleashes the full potential of their ability.

Walled Cities are exactly that and each is given a designation based on the Greek alphabet. The one in New-York is Zeta and is the last walled city in America. That isn't too say settlements don't exist in America they just don't have near the Tech capability as a walled city. Zeta is built on top of what use to be central park and is home too over 300,000 people, mostly scientist and researchers studding the CB's and other things i'll leave for the RP.

Cyber-Knights are also Ranked by potential danger as not all of them want too help the rest of the remaining humans find a cure for the Nanoid virus. The Greek Alphabet is used here as well Alpha being the lowest rank and weakest powers and Omega being possible threats and strongest known powers. Every Cyber-knight has a set of solar energy collectors that take the form of little orbs made of extremely durable glass like domes in size ranging from pennies to quarters, there can be as many as 5 to 30 across the body but there are always 5. One on the tongue one in each palm and one at the base of the skull and end of the lower back right above the buttocks.

These orbs allow the Cyber-knights to absorb solar energy and convert it into energy that can be processed by the body. So in effect they don't need to eat for long periods of time. These orbs can also fire that energy out as powerful blast that can penetrate a 50 foot steel block and vaporize most it in a matter of seconds. Seems that it can kill cyber-beast if they stay still for longer than a minute.

Battle-mode In this form a Cyber-knight is 10x-30x more powerful than base form. Their body changes form more human looking into an armored form that varies between cyber-knights and type of battle mode they posses. The four basic battle-mode Types are Strength-type, Speed-Type, Range-Type, or Defense-type each being self explanatory. However Chi Psi and Omega have often have Extremely unique Battle-modes that can combine the uses of all four others. However These powerful battle-modes are far more taxing than normal ones and have draw backs if used for long periods of time.

More detailed lore

The Beginning

In 2012 a Group of Doctors lead by Dr. Alan Reed founded the non profit group WeSave after the successful trials of a new Nano based DNA restructuring technology made to cure genetic based ailments. Dr. Alan Reed perfected the A.I. that would over see the distribution, treatment and safe termination of the nanites inside billions of people across the plant. WeSave Labs Became based out of Toronto, Canada March 3rd 2012 and the first injection was given too Dr. Alan Reeds son Boris Reed
the following week. Boris had been sick with a genetic blood disorder and was cured in the following weeks as the nanites did their work.
After the successful human trail Dr. Alan Reed would put the injection into mass production with the backing of every major country in the world. The first round of Injections was given too already ill patience around May 16th and available too the rest of the public only weeks later.

On October 3rd 2012 the lab in Toronto exploded killing millions as a large cache of nanites expanded and adapted too the heat and grew into a massive scar like structure that took four months too spread across all of Canada, effectively destroying the landscape.

December 10th 2012Mass panic sets in and factions are formed to help push back the growing number of CB's

Contact with other country's is lost as towers go down or are infested with Hives of CB's.

July 10th 2013 The first wall City is built in Europe and the first up-link is established with North-America after communication lost.


{The First Cyber-Knight/Info on the full physiology}

{Classified Files}
<Note reads on the header, From the desk of Dr. Kingston>

2023, Zeta-City is Attacked by a Swarm of CB's lead by a {REDACTED}. A man, wearing no clothing and brandishing a sword holds the waves at bay. He single handily killed over 500 CB's and a {REDACTED}. He lost his right arm later re-growng after 10 months. He chose to join the Zeta Militia
to defend the city. Hopefully we can study him in full and learn all about what has happened too his physiology?

<A Set of research studying {REDACTED}>

Subject is male, approximately twenty-eight years of age and standing five feet eleven inches.
His skin seems to be reinforced with a natural polymer that can withstand extreme blunt force trauma. His skeletal system has been altered greatly, from calcium to a bio metal with similar properties to tungsten.

Subject seems to have small orbs, the largest of which on the subject is the size of a quarter. They seem too collect solar energy and can expel it in the form of dense energy blast. Using X-rays we have been able to see the pathways under the skin and into the muscle tissue. Subject can go months without food
or water, only living of the solar energy collected.

{End Log}

Zeta Walled City
Zeta is one of the last Walled Cities left in North-America after the fall of Epsilon and Theta.
The government within the city is run by the military and every person living there must join the ranks for at least four. Children are trained in the use of firearms from the age of five as well as hand to hand combat and schooled in the biology of CB's. If a Child shows an aptitude for science they are conscripted into the R&D sector of the military and specialized into a single subject.
Technology in the city is highly advanced because of the study of Cyber-knight and Cyber-beast. This lead to the development of super efficient solar collectors that power the city as well as powerful defensive energy systems derived from the same technology. However this defense system is not as a effective as the real thing. Using Tech that enhances the ability of a single Cyber-knight named Noel Komada, a massive barrier system protects the city from invasion or long range attacks.

The city is divided into districts

Business district Southern part of the city

Military/Government District Middle city

Civilian District East part of the city

R&D District West part of the city

The Market side aka North part of the city

The waste land of New-York

The city has mostly been reclaimed by nature and and is swarming with CB's.

The Teams of Cyber-knights are sent out here mostly too hunt down rouge cyber-knights

or deal with CB's that classified as Chi to omega level threats. However there are times when they are sent out to meet up with science teams that are returning from the outerlands. They are also sent to recover possible awaking Cyber-knights.

The Outerlands

Anything outside the ruins of New-York city
The most dangerous CB's can be found roaming here.
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