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"Spots on!"
Hi everyone, i am looking for rp partners to roleplay with
I have been roleplaying for a year, i currently have been just relaxing for a long while and i decided to start up some more roleplays since i have lots of time on my hands but that could change and if it does then dont worry i will let you know.
-Here are the rules:
1.semi writing but i can write longer as you want just not a novel, i will try to match up as long as you have written if you want me to
2.Let me know if your gonna be gone for awhile: and in return i will let you know if i will be offline for awhile
3. Be nice and be able to reply once a week or more unless u are busy: if there is a problem with the rp that causes you to be unintrested please let me know instead of just ghosting me

4.If it has a heart by it that means i already have someone rping as that character but you may rp as that character except for loki. If it has a broken heart that means the person rping as that character has not replied in a long time and will be open option
5.i will be offline sometimes during the summer because of job, running errands or spending time with family.

-I can double but only if you can rp as a character on this list and tell me which one you want me to rp as for your character-
Now onto the list:
Marvel/dc List of characters i wish to rp with: (most of these are for romance stories or adopt rp)
(bolded ones i really want to rp)

Daredevil x my oc
Tony x my oc
Steve roger x my oc
Nightwing x my oc <3
iron fist x my oc
Spiderman from ultimate spiderman x my oc <3
Spiderman from marvel spiderman (horizon high) x my oc
Spiderman homecoming x my oc <3 <3 (Taken)
Batman x my oc<3
Superman x my oc <3
Arrow x my oc(open)
Flash x my oc
Black panther x my oc
Batman (adam west) x my oc <3
Green hornet x my oc
Shazam x my oc
Spiderman/ kid archnid (miles morales) from spiderverse
x my oc (this one is a normal rp) (taken)
Static shock x my oc
Starlord x my oc
Black lightning
Bruce banner

Other shows:
Code lyoko: all the main characters, i can be aelita, ulrich, odd or yumi.
Big hero 6: need hiro for hiroxmy oc but other main characters will be in rp
totally spies
Sailor moon: any for adopt rp

mermaid melody
Video games:
spiderman ps4: spiderman for romance rp

Characters I can rp as:
ask me if you have a specific one you are looking for.
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