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Fantasy Cutlesses, Sorcery and Sea Santies CS



Lucky Laki Malakis
Feel free to beautify the character sheet as you like an add details i might have missed:

Home nation:

If you guys want to set up a new colony or old world nation let me know i can make a specific sheet for it and approve if appropriate.


forbidden maiden

"Come on scallywags! Ye can do much better!"

Ollie Zephany "Zep"
(Don't you dare call her Ollie... or Zeppy, please just no)



The East Reach Trading Company

First Mate

✦ Golden Flintlock Pistol ✦

An old pistol from her grandfather, but age never rust its usefulness.
✦ Small Dagger ✦
Sheathed and hidden under her cloak. Its main purpose is only for simple activities, rarely used as a weapon.

✦ Navigation Expert ✦

The most important skill needed as the first mate.
Since she will be the second command, she has to make sure that she is bringing the ship in the right direction when the captain is unavailable. In addition to this, Zep is also adept at reading winds and weathers.
✦ Gunmanship ✦
Being taught to use guns since she was young, Zep easily mastered the art of using guns.
✦ Quick Reflexes ✦
Though she is not very familiar with fighting bare hands, Zep has good reflexes. Aware of her natural skill, Zep continuously improves her reflexes. This skill helps her, one time and another, avoiding dangers.

✦ Know No Limit ✦

She is basically the "Go Big or Go Home" type. Once she has determined to do something, nothing can stop her.
Zep knows that she can't be too careless and daring, but a theory is just theory. In real-life situations, Zep will be Zep.
✦ Right Arm ✦
Zep broke her right arm when she was a kid. Thankfully it didn't leave any physical changes, but she no longer could fully use her right hand. She couldn't lift something heavy with it, she also couldn't tire it too much for it will leave pain for several hours.
✦ Height ✦
The pirate lady can sail for days, months, even years without longing to lay her feet on the dry land. The sea is where her heart and soul lay. On the other hand, try taking her to high places and her bravery will be stripped away immediately. Zep might act like she is not scared at all, but nothing can hide her trembling legs.

✦ High-spirited ✦ Caring ✦ Confident ✦ Discipline ✦ Demanding ✦ Unsympathetic ✦
The crews will always see a dazzling smile painted on her cynical face. It's hard to bring Zep down emotionally, oh boy it's damn hard. She always tries to see everything from the bright side, "No room fer negative vibe!" Though sometimes, it leads her to unavoidable disasters for being too positive. Perhaps because she believes in herself too much that she thinks nothing that she can't do. Her confidence, well most of the time, can greatly boost morale. But there are days when it exhausts the crews too much that they wish they have more calm and composed person as their first mate. To make it worse, there is no slacking off under Zep's surveillance. Zep demands everyone to push their limit, to do their best. She accepts no excuses, "Pirate life be hard yer know!" she always says. Nonetheless, she cares deeply about her crews. Everything she does purely because she wants everyone to be the best version of themselves, so they are ready to face any kind of hardship along the journey. Just like a mother caring for their children, she will even jump the gun to protect them.

Ollie Zephany was an ordinary child of a couple of merchants in The East Reach Trading Company. Since childhood, Zep's life had always been about business trips here and there. Her parents never left her behind and brought her on every sail, hoping that one day their little Ollie would become a great merchant just like them. The girl started to love sea life, but in a different way of thinking. Instead of growing a merchant soul, she was longing to become the conqueror of the sea.

This idea came from her personal experiences. Sometimes their merchant ship would face threats, like wild raiders, who wanted to loot the valuables. They, of course, had armed men who protecting them from harm. However, one time and another, the threats went too far that it almost killed them in the process. At one of their unlucky days, her mother had to breathe her last breath in the hands of those people. She wished to make a peaceful sea for all of the merchants, so no merchants nor their armed men would have to lose their precious lives.

Due to her lack of leadership skills, she couldn't just buy a ship and form crews. Alternately at the age of 15, she followed a woman named Captain Imrae Silvermain, stayed by her side started as an ordinary crew before carved her way to becoming the first mate. She learned a lot of things being her crews and she, along the journey, grew fond of her new family. Her wish was still the same to make the sea a safe place for merchants, but her priorities had changed significantly. Captain Imrae and her crews were the most important.

Ollie is her little nickname given by her parents. However, she finds it too cute to be her name, totally different from her actual self. Instead of Ollie, she named herself as Zep.
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Wooden Bowl

breaking the laws of physics medieval style
Name: Wallace Avery Buchanan
Age: 109 (59 on Date of Death)
Race: Revenant
Home nation: Can't remember
Appearance: Most people are frightened by a walking, talking skeleton, and so Wally usually has to hide his skeletal features underneath a veritable mound of clothing when socializing or otherwise being among strangers. When among his crew he limits himself to ragged shorts and a red bandanna to save room for weapons and other such things.
Role: Quartermaster. In his previous life, Wally's hobby was smithing. Being adept at making swords, he became an unmatched swordsman testing them for flaws and other such means of practice. Death has dulled his swordplay, but his smithing remains untouched by his dulled sense of perception.
Gear: Sports twin cutlasses on the belt of his shorts, as well as a flintlock holstered on his back.
Skills: Cannot be killed by normal means, and even though death took it's toll on his precise swordsmanship he remains an unmatched duelist with his twin blades and unique fighting style that integrates his flintlock into fluid combinations.
Personality: Wallace, when alive, was a proud man with nothing to lose and everything to gain. When he woke up, however, it summarily cooled his jets. Nowadays he is calm and collected even in the heat of battle, mostly because he is incapable of gauging risk and danger in his current state. Being prideful of his life, Wally never got over his death. For him, it wasn't a hindrance but an annoyance, and he kept on living out of sheer spite for those who had killed him. Of course, there was some help from an eldritch monstrosity living under the waves, but Wally doesn't like talking about him.
There was once a great pirate who scoured the seas, searching not for gold or fame, but for a powerful artifact that could defy even death itself. He amassed a notoriety for being ruthless and completely non-profit, stealing many riches but never keeping them for himself. Being on his crew guaranteed you would be paid handsomely, and so his pirate raids were among some of the fiercest in recorded history. Fifty years ago, that pirate captain named Wallace A. Buchanan died in a heroic sacrifice for his crew, giving his life not only to save theirs from a rival ship's onslaught but to secure a powerful artifact held in high regard by acolytes of the Great Sleeping One.

Two years after his timely demise, the artifact activated and his bones awakened at the bottom of the sea to find that they no longer needed to be living to exist. There, in the pitch black nothing of the darkest depths of the ocean, he communed with the Sleeping One in his great undersea temple domain. Wallace would continue to live as punishment for his crimes as a mortal, destined to sail the Pirate Seas for all eternity as a Revenant. Wallace barely understood most of the pact he made with the eldritch horror, but two things are forever clear in his mind. One, If he ever wishes to release himself from his enchantment, all that is required of him is the death of every man and woman aboard the rival ship who had killed him. Two, he must offer a single coin to the sea every day as libations to his god.

Other: Despite being without lungs or organs of any kind, Wally still breathes and sleeps out of habit. It's not like he's actually asleep, but he likes to think he is.​
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Lucky Laki Malakis

Imrae Silvermain

85 (equivalent to mid 30s)


Home nation:
Kingdom of Aretha


  • Ornate Cutlass with black handle decorated with a silver pommel and basket hilt. The hilt decorated with image of a ship. The Sword blade seemed to have a faint blue glow colouring, it is said to have been infused with Samphire.​
  • Four flintlock pistols strapped in various parts of her clothing.​
  • various cast iron grenades​
  • A sailor for most of her long life, Imrae knows ships like the back of her hand and is skilled navigator whether by compass, winds or star. This is aided by her own significant knowledge of the new world being part of the Tria's Odyssey.​
  • Skilled Caster: Born with magic ability Imrae is skilled with elemental and healing magic though appears to be reluctant to use it unless absolutely necessary.​
  • Skilled swordwoman and marksman: One cant be an explorer, privateer and pirate and survive without learning a thing or two about using a pistol.​




Junior Member
— ❝ The Carpenter. ❞
Name: Mather "the Bull" Colburne
Age: 22
Race: Half-Storm-Giant
Gender: Male
Home nation: The Archipelago Isles
Role: Carpenter

- Woodworking: Growing up the son of a ship builder and having worked most of his teen and adult years as a ship carpenter, Mather is a great carpenter & wield his tools with adept hands

- Marksmanship: Marther is especially fond of his custom wheellock pistols and has practised extensively in order to use them quickly & accurately, boasting that he can shoot an apple off your head at 50 yards ( not recommended that you let him try that)

- Giant's blood: Thanks to his giant ancestry, Marther has great underwater eyesight and can hold is breath for a long time. If he'd ever dabbled in magic, he'd find a natural proficiency at lighting spells.


- two custom wheel-lock pistols
- simple hatchet
- Pilfered crude Cutlass

- Mather is fairly small for a half-giant, standing at only 9 feet tall but still towering over most other people. In addition to his height, he has a sturdy, muscular build making him cut an imposing figure. He sports wavy, shoulder length black hair that he shaves at the sides, a septum piercing (along with a few ear piercings) and a black ink octopus tattoo on his right arm he's had seemingly since birth that grows with him. His skin has a pale grey color and his eyes are blue,


Fatal Flaw:

❝ Mather Colburne.❞



❝ Happy is the liar, Happiness is itself desire

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