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Fantasy Cursed Island

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Heyho! First thing’s first, the stuff that might drive you off.

So, to start, I have ask for good grammar and spelling. I get that people make mistakes, but if there’s mistakes and errors throughout every post, I’m gonna have hard time understanding what you’re trying to say. So give it your best effort. My posts vary based on the situation (long for describing characters or settings, short for simple dialog), and I won’t expect anymore from you, just as long as you give me something to work with. Two paragraphs of filler don’t do me any good. And if you lose interest, let me know. Don’t just vanish, please. Sometimes it can still be salvaged if we talk it out. And...I think that’s all.

Now for the story. I should note that this is darker my usual stuff. So, set in an almost medieval-type setting, there’s this island that’s under some dark curse of unknown origin. The island isn’t on any maps, nor are there any records of it anywhere, but it’s not hidden. As such, it’s known among certain groups of adventurers and treasure hunters. The island itself is dominated by some ancient ruin of unknown purpose, covering the surface and stretching deep underground. The inside of the ruins is filled with vicious, corrupted beasts that attack all who enter and only seem to be stronger as one ventures deeper. The most dangerous of these feast on the carrion from other fallen beasts. Your character, whoever they are, finds themselves on this island, whether on purpose or on accident, and ventures inside. A little ways inside, after fighting through a few twisted beasts, they find one creature that stand apart. A hybrid of sorts, with a humanoid, female body seemingly made of pieces from different species. She’s found shackled to an upright table of sorts, various tools and devices around to suggest she may have been put together there. Right away it’s clear she’s not as vicious as the rest and may even be intelligent, so of course the best idea is to let her go, right?


If you’re interested or have any questions, leave a comment or send me a PM.

EDIT: Alternatively, I can also use this same character in a modern/sci-fi setting, though still very much fantasy, of course. In that case, rather a cursed island, she'd be found inside of a secret research lab.
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