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Fantasy Curse of Ages - Lore



God of Sick Dreams
The World

There are a total of five Nations that compose the worlds structure, each a mixture of the many different cultures once found on our own earth hundreds of years ago.

  • Uropea is composed of the majority of modern day Europe, as well as a handful of the North African Provinces.

    It’s history, is that of extensive war. The foundation of the world, the many civilizations found in these regions were in constant competition with one another, fighting for supremacy and dominion above all others. Over time, the conflict escalated into that of three major empires. To the south was the Glætorians, the timelines equivalent of the Roman Empire. To the North, the Örnic Barbarians, a force similar to that of the ancient civilizations of the UK. And to the East, the roots of the Diyari Nation once known as the Sundi Empire.
    The conflict over the land resolved after the Glætorians and the Örnic forces joined together to fend off the ever inching Sundis, understanding that they both could be snuffed out by the larger force. It was a long and bloody war, but in time their attempts proved successful, and the Sundis were driven out allowing both of the countries to prosper. In their unity, a pact was formed, and the seeds of what would become Uropea were planted.

    Uropea in its current form is similarly structured to the Medieval Time Period of Europe. Though instead of different kingdoms, The Nation houses several provinces looked after by Barons, composing a ruling council to lead the Nation. It allows for a group to discuss and plan, as opposed to one mind deciding everything, thus preventing neglect and contention with a monarchy. There are a total of ten provinces.
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God of Sick Dreams
The Truth

In the Beginning, there was One.

In the End, Two.

It is said that the Mother of All did descend from a Realm far beyond our own, in search of a space in which she might create. So it was that she dubbed herself a God of Creation, and did fulfill such title in the construction of the Universe. A home did she make, inhabited by all manner of species, plant and animal alike. Many more things did she make, until it was that she allowed her *children* to populate the earth in time, allowing them full usage of the resources she had provided for them to thrive and expand. Alongside her children, did she create a family of her own.

Yearning for companionship, she allowed the powers of godliness to flow into the vessels of two others. Thus, a brother and a sister were formed, and welcomed into the fold of the Goddess of Creation. The brother, eager to create just as the Goddess had, forged a world of his own parallel to that of Earth, and filled it with all manner of spiritual entities. The Mother saw that it was good, and allowed the spirits to thrive in her domain, establishing an afterlife alongside their realm where humanity would find blessings based upon their works in the mortal world. The brother was dubbed the God of Spirits, and would act as a guide over his many creations.

The Sister, fascinated by the elements of which The Mother had created, did take them up and imbue them with some of her own power. The first Magic was created, but she hid it from the mother, out of fear that it would only be gifted unto those humans who had already been given the world. So, conspiring with the God of Spirits, the Goddess of Magic did bless his creation to inherit all forms of magic as to enhance their power and purpose. But the Mother would learn of their betrayal, and scorned them for their secrecy. Demanding that these gifts also be given unto the humans, that her children might also have the potential to for power. The Goddess of Magic obeyed, but those humans who she gifted these gifts would become twisted versions of themselves, hellbent on destruction having gone mad with such foreign power. The first ancestors of Magic Beasts that roam the world were crafted by mere accident, and would wreak havoc wherever they did roam.

Disappointed in the failure of her sister, The Goddess of Creation did take the remnants of the First Magic, and used it to inspire the warriors amongst her children. Commanding them to study, and mimic the movements of these magic beasts, as well as the various elements around them, art forms were created and learned among many. While Magic could not be held directly by mankind, their weapons could channel such gifts for them, allowing those dedicated to their craft to inherit a final gift from the Goddess of Magic.

Though contentious at first, the Three would learn balance amongst one another, with the brother and sister learning to Aid the will of the Mother of All. That her vision might never be tainted. So it was that they could continue to lead mankind, even until the present day.


  • In the modern day, there exists a sect of religion based around the ideology of there being one God, as opposed to that of three. Specifically in Uropea is this practiced, under the precept of a Loving Father that created the world and humanity entirely on his own. It possesses no doctrine of the Spiritual world, and they believe that the magic humanity can wield is merely a gift unto those holy servants that their God deems worthy. This organization of religion is strikingly similar to Christianity and Catholicism, with concepts of heaven and hell being known. Practitioners are merely known as Servants of The Father. This viewpoint is rarely taken to an extreme, with passive ministering being enacted worldwide by those who wish to share its message.

    Another sect of Monotheism practiced in the depths of the Diyari province is that of Bandiism, which is not as commonly practiced as other sects of religion. Amongst the extremists that yearn for the age of war in their peoples history, is a fascination with an iron fisted Goddess that demands bloodshed in recompense of the slaughter of her chosen people many years ago. It is believed that punishment is swift and just to those Souls unworthy, with only the strongest and most devoted being worthy of a place in their precept of the afterlife. Practitioners are known as Bandii’s, and are just as extreme about these principles as they are with their intended way of life.

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