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Multiple Settings Currently searching for a partner! (including brand new plot: "Save me, don't take me")

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Ello! I hope you're having a pleasant day so far! Today, I'd like to present you some of my brand new ideas for a roleplay. Check it out!

1.: 18+
2.: Romance: FxF (strongly preffered, maybe MxF, but that's a big maybe). Sorry, no MxM.
3.: No godmodding.
4.: I'm ghost friendly, but still, it's better to talk to me, if something's not right.
5.: I'd like to hear some ideas for the plot from you too. I don't wanna be the only one who's pushing the story forward.
6.: At least 1 or 2 paragraphs per reply.
7.: Be LGBT+ friendly!

1.: The Stormbreaker
Some humans are different. Why? Because they are supernatural of course! And Muse A is one of them! Working as a police officer, she had encountered many criminals in the past. And sometimes, she can't contain herself and just has to get rid of them on her own. Even though she can control herself most of the times, sometimes it's just impossible. And she doesn't even know who exactly she is! Muse B, who is not aware of this, is Muse A's police consultant and trusts her more than...well...basically everyone.
However, there's this...big group of supernatural beings called The Elementals. They soonly notice the murders and begin their search for the cuplrit, knowing that the mighty Stormbreaker, who is born only once in a century, is real. And the best part? Muse B is a part of this group!

2.: Who even are you?
When it comes to supernatural creatures, you can say that there are MANY of them. Werewolves, vampires, sirens etc. Muse A is one of them! Nowadays, she's going through some really tough days, as there are many supernatural creatures, who want to track her down and possibly get rid of her. Still, Muse A doesn't really mind it and enjoys her days as a normal college student. Muse B, who is Muse A's best friend, is a regular, ordinary human, who doesn't know anything about supernatural beings. Until one day...
One day, in the late evening, one of these superhumans attacks Muse A, who has no choice but to kill them in defense. All that while Muse B saw everything from the opposite street. Frightened, Muse B begins to run away. After a short chase, Muse A manages to catch Muse B and after a while, she convinces her that she's no threat to her and even introduces her to the supernatural world. While everything seems to be okay for a few days, things get even worse when one of these evil creatures attack Muse B and accidentally gives her unwanted, dangerous superpowers, which Muse B can't control at all. Who are these evil creatures and where do they come from?

3.: Save me, don't take me
Nowadays, there are creeps, weirdos and bad guys around every corner... That's something Muse A, who is a famous celebrity, knows very well as she had already encountered a few of these in the past. Unfortunately for her, that's her least problem. Her father got involved in a really dangerous business with a mafia and got himself into debt. Not wanting to pay them anything, the father packed his things and ran away from the country. Furious, the attention of the mafia group now focuses on getting the man's daughter to force him to come back and pay the debt. Muse B, who is an experienced and well known assassin but secretly hates working for evil people, has only one goal. To catch Muse A and bring her to the boss, ALIVE. Soonly, the assassin finds the prey and attacks the celebrity. But somehow, Muse B messes it up and Muse A begins to run away. After a small chase, the assassin finally catches the poor girl. However, as Muse B looks at her prey, all she feels is guilt, sadness and understanding. Will she bring Muse A to her boss, or will she actually help her and even protect her from the evil, that's coming for her?

If any of these ideas seems to be interesting to you, feel free to message me for more info!
Looking forward to hearing from you! And most importantly, have a good day! <3
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