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Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
My Interest Check
About me:

-I am 31 years old, I identify as Non-binary. I use they/She.

-I am a night person, so i am on in the evenings into the early mornings (roughly 9 pm Est to 4 am est/eastern united states)

-I am not available all the time, even if I am online during stated times. I don’t expect you to be either, just hoping for someone that can be active and respond in a timely manner. Within the rules I have set up.

-I am open to posting twice a week, sometimes more.

-Semi-Literate, 3+ paragraphs per post/character at minimum. Sometimes more depending on inspiration and what I get in return. 3+ paragraphs is my minimum, if you can't even give me that while furthering the plot. I will drop. NO ONE LINERS. Not a fan of mirroring replies either, longer replies are golden, but not expected.

-On-site or off-site options, discussed over PM First. Please read the full post before Private messaging.

-I am not ghost friendly, I like open honest, respectful communication and healthy boundaries. Please read all the rules below for those boundaries, I will be able to tell if you haven’t. I can be laid back about some of them if the right amount of communication is had.

- I Will not supply all the ideas,characters, settings or so on for us. I will drop the roleplay if I feel like I am doing all the work. This includes research on Canons and setting, I will not hand feed information to you.

-I will not Carry the Roleplay. Bring your own plots and ideas within my rules.

-Canon characters required! Oc x canon enthusiast, open to Canon x Canon if that is what you seek for yourself within reason.

-M/F preferred, I can play all genders, you should be able to do so as well.

-Doubling required.

-Messages with no context, no details, or that read like this: “Hey I am interested in -Insert title-” will be ignored and deleted. Also asking for a character that I am looking for to be played by me or characters on my Will Not play list, will be ignored as well.

-Discord preferred for OOC, GDoc > Pm.
- Quality over quantity. 3 paragraph Minimum and must move plot forward!

-Plot over Romance, No Romance without chemistry. No Instant Love, prior relationship history between OCs and Canon characters must be discussed!

-I used character profiles and prefer the same from partners. I use toyhou.se.

- OoC chatter is a must. I am about open communication and I like to share ideas, Art and other things about what we are doing.

-Not a super rapid replier but do like a quicker out of character talk.

-I don’t do main pairings and side characters, all pairs, Ocs and npcs are important, no one’s pairing is main. I double, triple and play as many characters as we feel comfortable playing out. (my comfort level is normally 5 characters each but can be more depending on plot and writing style.)

-I have every right to decline playing a character that I am looking for, there are characters in all my fandoms that I will not play.
Currently these are:


Dream/Morpheus, Albert Wesker, Karl Heisenberg, Vergil Sparda, Sephiroth, Montgomery Gator/Monty, William Afton, Leon Kennedy, Uldren Sov/Crow. (subject to change at short notice. Will update often)

Rules/What I need from you: (Please read all below)

-Be over 21+, I don't roleplay with minors.

-Out of character chatter is a must! Perferranlly over something fasted then private messages as I am not always onsite but private messages are fine.

-Open communication, be respectful of boundaries, wants and limits. I try to return the favor in kind as long as I know what they are.

-No god-modding, writing my characters or controlling their actions without permission. I will drop if you do this even once.
-Doubling is Required. Be able to play all genders.

- Canon Characters for Fandom Roleplaying is Required, If you want someone played for you, be able to play someone for me in return. I also have the right to refuse to play someone I am seeking for my own Oc or in general, there are certain characters I WILL NOT play for anyone.

- Know what you want to roleplay before sending a PM. Not just genre, or "I want -insert title, genre or pairing-" with no other details. PMs without Roleplay details in first Messages will be ignored. If you can't follow this one statement, I can be sure that you have not read a single thing here and are going to waste my time.

-Be active online, If you stay in an invisible mode or do not disturb all the time, be cautious.
No contact for long amounts of time I take as a drop. Normally I will give a week for out of character talk and a month for in character posting, on either side (as in if I haven’t come up with a post in a month from the last post date, I will drop the roleplay. The same will go for you, if you haven’t posted in a month, I will drop. If you haven’t posted at all since we stated that starters will be posted, I will drop and delete everything.)

- If you disappear for extended amounts of time before we even start writing, while we are still plotting, I most likely will drop. I do give time for writing, and do try to work with schedules. I can be laid back about things if communicated with. (If you’re going to ignore messages for weeks at a time, Don’t bother. I do send check in messages once a week, if they go unanswered, I will delete and block you.)

-Counter- If you have to talk every day, I am probably not the person for you either. I try to answer messages once a day at least but some days I just can’t. I will let you know if I am going to be gone/offline for more than a week when possible. I do communicate my depressive episodes which do affect my postings. Please do the same.

-Be able to come up with your own ideas, characters, wants, needs. Do your own research! I will not hand feed you something that you could look up.

-Post in Character at least twice a Week minimum. 2 times a week.

-Semi-Literate, 3+ paragraphs per post per character at minimum and must move plot forward!

- Quality over quantity. You do not have to mirror what I write, but it does have to move the story forward and be within 3 paragraphs, make sense and be readable grammar wise. English only too. Be able to Move the story along, not just react to what I write.

-Plot over Romance. Meaning that the story comes first, if romance happens that's cool but it doesn’t have to nor will it be the center of the plot.

- No Romance without written chemistry within our story. Romance is not required, poly, platonic, friendships are all welcomed but not required. Ship doesn’t always mean romance.

-No Instant Love. Some attraction is fine but Not Love.

- Prior Relationship (Past history) History between OCs and Canon characters must be discussed in length! Pre-setup Relationships also need to be discussed in length.

-Be comfortable with coming up with an interactive plot, plotting has to come from both of us.

-Be okay with bouts of depression or writer's block. It happens a lot but I won’t ghost without telling you why.

- Be straightforward and honest with what you want. I don't play guessing games or take hints.

-if a roleplay hasn't been responded to in a Month then it will be deleted. Going off the last date posted. This means if I am still waiting on the rest of your post after a month, the whole roleplay is deleted.

Will NOT DO! Hard pass! NO WAY!

-Reactive posting/ only reacting to what's there and not moving the story along.

-Vague plot with no room to build

-being vague about everything, (what you want to do, your character, plot, in general)

-Transphobia, fatphobia, hateful remarks about gender, weight etc.

-expectations to play a specific gender or look.

-Hyper invested in RL OOC chatter.

-Overly concentration on Personal life. (asking about personal stuff, trauma dumping, constantly venting about stuff without asking)
-Trauma dumping, Complaining about daily life all the time.

-Instant love

-Main character syndrome (having to have everything revolve around your OC or pairing unless in a solo roleplay. Putting more effort into one side of things involving your Oc, only plotting for Your Oc or pairing outside of starting plot, only coming up with Ideas for your side of the double roleplay etc.)
*Solo Roleplays- roleplays with one set of characters that everything revolves around. (Example: oc X Micheal where oc and Micheal are basically following the story of a canon game.) I am open to having two solo role plays instead of having a double where our Oc end up interacting, in cases of wanting the same Canon but this must be a joint effort to keep both of them going and not focusing only on yours. This option is still considered doubling, just separated plots and settings would be over discord/gdocs.

Solo Roleplays aren't a rule, that was a clarification on what was is in the main character syndrome rule. Basically saying that if we plan out something that would fall under solo roleplay, having ideas just about the Oc or that couple wouldn’t be considered Main character syndrome.

-Minors/Children * Families in mention are fine, having a found family is fine, I do not play out creating a family. Those things are time skips or adoptions. Stuff that needs to be discussed in length and make sense to the plot.

-My hero academia (MHA)

- Star Wars

-Slice of life (super slow paced, day to day life with no action)

-Slow burn

-Chobi or Mecha/ androids

-I have every right to decline playing a character that I am looking for, there are characters in all my fandoms that I will not play.
Currently these are:


Dream/Morpheus, Albert Wesker, Karl Heisenberg, Vergil Sparda, Sephiroth, Montgomery Gator/Monty, William Afton, Leon Kennedy, Uldren Sov/Crow. (subject to change at short notice. Will update often)


What I am looking for:

Current Craving:

Sandman- My Oc x Morpheus/Dream, My Oc x Lucien, Oc x Desire, (Dream x My Oc X Desire)

Willing to play Desire, John/Joanna Constantine, Death, Lucienne/Lucien, Lucifer, Destruction, Delirium, Other DC Characters.
I WILL NOT PLAY DREAM FOR ANYONE. Sorry but I just wont play him.
(Mostly based on the TV but have been researching the comics as well)
Plots: (Yes these are centered around my OC and pairings but can be added to build on)

Hunting her missing father, Lettie has found the only people that might be able to help her aren’t even people, the Endless know things or they know who knows things. Charlotte decides to risk the remainder of her sanity to find the Father she knows didn’t just disappear when she was a teenager.

Chasing the void:
Charlotte has always played a dangerous game with Death, unwittingly most of the time. But what happens when she starts to take a slight advantage of escaping to the void to find peace, walking the fine line between life and sunless lands.

Other fandoms:

- Resident Evil (1, 5, Operation Racoon City, 7 or Village )
Looking for: Albert Wesker, HUNK, Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, Vector, Lucas Baker, Ethan Winters.
Willing to play: Hunk, Carlos, Chris, Ethan, Ada, Jill.


~Oc only idea: Your Oc has come to the village in search for a missing relative when the lycan attacks started, My Oc,Cordelia saves yours one night in the woods and she tries to get them to leave while they try to convince her to help them search.

~(Setting would be before the game but in the same setting) Blood on the books- Cordelia is a young maiden sent to serve the Lord of House Dimitrescu but she proves to be too clever for just a modest maid. [I have kind of arranged marriage to the Lord/affair with Karl Idea for Delia, if someone is open to that]

~ Lost Daughter- My oc was made in a lab like Eveline but is actually Miranda's Eva reincarnated.The connection decided to hide her away so that Miranda wouldn't know about her and they let her grow up. As she got older, her powers showed just as Eveline's with some of Miranda's too. But she was curious about someone she remembered even though she'd never left the lab before. So she sneaks out to find the village and tries to find Miranda because that's who she remembers but when she gets to the village, Someone else spots her first. (Side note, we can have this be one of the other lords, or an OC that knows what's going on)

Resident evil 5 and canon divergent plots

(1) Where Chris is paired up with an out of agency spy that was supposed to help distract him to buy Wesker time.

(2) Another agency was sent in to help the BSAA or sent in to cover up that Tri-Cell was involved and got caught in the crossfire of Chris and Wesker.

(3) New World- Wesker's plan succeeded, and he survived the last fight just barely with some unknown help. He's back on top but not done with the world. (Or it didn't but he did survive)

(4) (heavily implied past relationship) Just when Natasha has recovered from her grief from Raccoon city, and started a new life working for Tri-cell under Excella. Her past walks through the doors of Excella's office, all leather covered and Sun-glass wearing. Old feelings start to show their head as she has to work with him again and watch someone else fawn over him the way she used to. (Kind of third wheel, jealousy, secret affair type. I can give a description of how their relationship was in the past or they can even start fresh like he pretended they never knew each other before that. )

~ New threats-
With Umbrella and Tri-cell gone, A new company has stepped into their shady business with a new Virus and new areas to test them. Locations of activity has B.S.A.A spread wide facing all new and some older B.o.w but they can't seem to pin-point the mastermind behind the outbreaks. It's starting to look a lot like Raccoon City all over again in several of these areas.
Resident Evil 7

~ What if: (can also apply this idea to Village)
The connection sent in a different E-type to try to recover Eveline before Chris had got there? What if that E-type was the real Eva all along? An older, more refined version of Eveline with the ability to absorb Eveline and her mold. (E type would be my oc)

- Bioshock 1 or 2
Looking for: OCs, Atlas/Frank Fontaine, Andrew Rayn, Augustus Sinclair, Sofia Lamb, Subject Delta, The Lutece(Robert and Rosalind)
Willing to play: Jasmine Jolene, Jack, Sofia Lamb, Eleanor Lamb, Delta, Big Sister, Elizabeth(burial at sea only), The Lutece(Robert and Rosalind) (burial at sea only).
PLOTS: Open to working together or suggestions

-Devil May Cry
Looking for: Vergil, Dante, Nero, V.
Willing to play: Lady, Trish,Kyrie, Dante, Nero. (will try V but iffy. No M/m)
PLOTS: Open to working together or suggestions

- Call of Cthulhu the game
Looking for:
Willing to play:
PLOTS: Open to working together or suggestions

- Destiny 2
Looking For: Cayde-6, Crow/Uldren, Petra Venji, Eris Morn, Drifter, Zavala.
Willing to play: Mara Sov, Ikora rey, Eris, Petra, Cayde,

~ Season of the Haunted: what would your Oc Gaurdian's nightmare be?

~ Mission work: Varies drill missions with Canon leads.

- Bendy and the Ink Machine

- Silent Hill

- Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of time, Twilight princess, Botw)
Looking for: Link, Ganon, Sheik (as his own character).
Willing to play: Link, Sheik (as his own person), Zelda, Din, Shadow Link, Ruto, Saria, Impa.

-The Umbrella Academy (show only)
Looking for: Klaus, Vanya/Viktor, Ben.
Willing to play: Luthor, Klaus, Markus, Five.

-Five Nights at Freddy's/ FNAF(selective about this, convince me)
Looking for: William, Monty gator, Moon/Sun, Micheal, Bonnie Rabbit,
Willing to play: Micheal, Sun/Moon, Freddy, Roxanne, Chica, Bonnie Rabbit.

-Prefer M/F but open to others that are tastefully written.

- Original concepts (It will take some convincing but open to them if you have one already)

Original concepts I enjoy:

Horror, ghost stories, crossovers, poly relationships, Found family, suspense, supernatural, Eldritch terrors, Monsters, end of the world events, Enemies to friends, Dreams, mediums, demons, special operations, some military themes, science labs.
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