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Multiple Settings [CURRENTLY CLOSED] The search for a story to remember...

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One Time Luck
Hey there! I have some plots I would like to try, so I thought I could create a thread to advertise them.

Note: I am mostly looking for the first two plots. The nameless swordsman and the renowned warrior is the plot that I currently crave the most, and as such it will have the highest priority should you apply. The tragic hero is a plot that also has decently high priority, so I would definitely enjoy playing that too. The grand temple currently holds low priority, so be mindful of that, although if you really want that specific plot we can definitely discuss something! To summarize, the order of priority is as follows:
Nameless swordsman x Renowned warrior-> Tragic Hero -> Grand Temple

For all plots I already have a general idea which direction I want to take them. I won't spoil too much, but if you want to know more feel free to ask!

The plots are as follows.

Setting: Medieval, Medieval fantasy

My character, named Ares, is a hero known all throughout the kingdom. Known for his mastery of the sword and for saving his kingdom countless times in battle, everyone respects him and looks up to him. Ares was a young man who used to live in a small village together with his little brother and parents, before moving to the capital at the age of 19.

Ares, now 26, is a knight in service of the church and since he was very young he has been a devout believer; He prays to the goddess every day for good luck. His parents always taught him to believe and pray to the goddess in dire times and that she would always answer your prayers. However, he has noticed that since the church has been reformed and a new archbishop have been appointed after the old bishop mysteriously disappeared, he noticed the church has started to change...

The church started to make unreasonable demands of him. He had to kill people he knew were innocent in the name of the goddess, he had to collect tax from the poor even if they couldn't afford it (and use force if they refused) ... The church started to slowly turn into a cult. Though the church had lots of power, at first you were free to believe in whatever you wanted. The new reformed church, however, started to force people to convert into their belief and mercilessly kill anyone who refused. Each day, the new archbishop would hold public speeches about how great the church is and how everyone in the world should convert to their belief. The church that Ares once loved has changed into something vile...

Ares was conflicted. Should he continue to follow the church? He didn't know what to do, because he didn't want to oppose the goddess he worshiped. The goddess, that had always blessed him with good luck... He decided to approach the archbishop and confronted him about his actions. The archbishop then smiled, as he told him that he cannot oppose the church no matter what. He then revealed that he knew about his family and that he had taken his little brother hostage; If he opposed the bishop, he would be executed. Of course, frightened by the bishop, he continued to serve them to protect his little brother.

Now, I have an idea for a character that you could play, but you can honestly be anyone you want! It can be a mere villager, it could be the secret reincarnation of the goddess... You can even be the bishop if you feel like it (note: I have not tried the concept of having my partner play the villain of the story, so this might need some serious discussion to make sure the flow of the roleplay works out and also that we know for certain what direction we want the roleplay to take). However, my own idea would be that your character is a new priest(ess) who only recently joined the church and had no idea about how corrupt the church has become. He/she meets Ares and they talk a bit... At first, he/she of course is eager to help out the church and the goddess and tells Ares that they're happy to serve her faith. But a month passed, and they realized about the corruption... They ask why he is serving the church even though he knows it is as corrupt as this. The story continues from that point...

Setting: Feudal Japan, Medieval

My character is a nameless warrior. Living all alone, secluded from society, he trained the way of the sword every day and has basically become a master at it. One day, though, he realizes that it might be good for himself to head out of the mountains, to find other swordsmen and women to challenge himself.

Your character is a warrior that already has proved him/herself and is famous throughout the land. One day, the two characters enter a tournament and are destined to meet in the finals. They had the showdown of a lifetime. The two were equal to each other and both of them refused to concede. The audience was pleased to have witnessed the duel of the century, a duel that will go down through history and nobody will forget. And so, it was heartbreaking that at one point, the fight has to end. Of course, a fight cannot end without a victor, but because the fight was so long and neither of the two wanted to concede the tournament masters had to stop the fight and the judges had to decide which of the two ends up being the victor. After a thorough discussion, the judges decided that the victor of the fight was YC. MC is furious, thinking they only decided that because of YC's status as a well-known warrior. YC of course defends him/herself, saying that MC should just accept his defeat, but secretly he/she also is upset because he/she wanted to win for real. And so, after the fight was over, the two became bitter rivals of each other. They planned a rematch in a week, but suddenly, a war broke out. As expected, YC was summoned by the emperor to defend the country, but so was MC. In fact, the two of them were paired in the same squad, requiring them to work together... How will this work out?

This plot will be a little different than my other plots, as I intend for you to be the GM of this world. However, if you wish to play a normal character instead and have them journey together, then that also works out!

My character one day wakes up in a graveyard, with none of his memories left. He does not know how he got there or why he is there in the first place... The only thing he knows is that he only has a sword and shield to defend himself. A few moments after he wakes up... He hears a voice. The voice tells him that he needs to look for the grand temple, and that he needs to defeat the six lords of the void in order to fulfill his mission, as such is his sole purpose in this forsaken land.

The world he is in is a dark fantasy. Most of humanity has already perished and the land is crawling with undeads and monsters of all kinds. The creatures are unforgiving and dangerous, and if he does not watch out then he will be killed in an instant, with death around every corner. Soon after he wakes up, he took one wrong step and gets killed. But then he quickly realizes something...

When he was killed, he woke up, once again at the graveyard. He most certainly was a dead man; he was stabbed through the heart by an undead and then had his head torn from his body. There was no doubt that he should not be alive right now. In fact, he felt the excruciating pain before he died... So why was he here again at this graveyard? What is his purpose in this abandoned land?

The story would be about how the man tries to fulfill his mission as the creatures of this land are all against him. He truly is alone in this world with no allies, friends or family to support him.

Anyone is free to PM, no matter what gender! Romance is allowed too, but keep in mind that if you want romance then I do want it to be strictly Male x Female (with my character being the male character).

PM me if you're interested, no matter when you see this thread! If you see this thread even though it's been months since I posted it, message me anyway! I'm always looking for partners, unless the thread is closed or not up. I'm also very much open to listen to your own ideas, so give it a try! If I like the idea then I definitely will try it out with you!

I hope to hear from you soon!

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