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Multiple Settings Current Search/Cravings - NOV 10 2021

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iced coffee addict
Hey there!

You might have seen my name before on here, and if I ever ghosted you, I am so sorry. A brief history on why I've been gone...my mom has been in and out of the hospital (which is very stressful) and I have moved into University and have started classes (which is very exciting and stressful.) Because all that, I took a much needed break and now I'm back with a lot of muse (but who knows how long that will last ahha)

Fair warning, I am still getting back into the hang of things, so my replies may not be as consistent as they were before, at least until I get going again.

Okay, on to rules and the search!

1) Please be 17+ (preferably 18+, but definitely no younger than 17)
2) Please, when you message me, be up front about your triggers/limits
3) Please be able to write at least 1 decent paragraph
4) I am ghost friendly, but I would prefer if you keep me updated (no hurt feelings if you don't!)
5) Be willing to double if it is needed
6) Please have fun!

The Search (asterisks = craving):
MCU (Peter or Bucky or Natasha or Tony or Steve or OC) ******* (A more detailed MCU search can be found here)
Julie and the Phantoms (Luke or OC)*****
The Society****
Gossip Girl (2021)* (Max Wolfe)

Original (bold are the ones I would like to play, but we can always double!):
- High School/College Plot*****
- Bad boy x good girl*****
- Jock x nerd**
- Teacher x student (COLLEGE ONLY)******
- Modern Royalty******
- Princess/Prince x non-royal*****
- Princess x Prince
- Arranged Marriage***
- Rich x poor (or not as wealthy)
- Toxic Relationship*******
- Famous x Fan*****

If you are interested in RPing with me, make the subject of the PM your favourite song!!

Most of my plots contain mature and very dark themes, however I am willing to adapt to your triggers, so please let me know beforehand what they are!
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