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Realistic or Modern current cravings (hurt/comfort)

a z u l a

violent delights (formerly killer.queen)
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
About Me

- you can call me Azula or Az
23 year old female
- recent college grad
- On U.S. EST
- been roleplaying for 10+ years
- consider myself literate, 1000+ words per post typically
- prefer writing female characters, but am open to doubling as any gender
- prefer mxf for my side of the doubling, but open to any gender pairing for my second character
- my posting frequency varies, sometimes i post twice a day and sometimes i post once a week
- will absolutely make playlists and mood boards for our characters
- romance is a must for me, but i don't want it to be the only focus. i love side plots and exploring darker themes as well.
- I prefer oc's over canon characters most of the time, but i can be flexible.

About You

- please be 18+
- i'm fine with any post length as long as it isn't a one liner
- please be open to plot and chat with me! i want to be able to discuss our characters and the plot together
- i am open to writing any gender/sexuality for you, i just prefer a mxf romance as well
- am very flexible with my plots, please give me all of your ideas and suggestions!
- feel free to poke me if i do't respond, but please don't pester me to post every day

My Current Cravings

- How to Disappear
This is several of my favorite troupe combined. This is inspired mostly by Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Spy Family anime. Basically, two spies/black ops/assassins are sent on a mission that requires them to play the part of a family and blend into suburbia. Two very serious, emotionally closed-off agents pretending to be a loving family and having the first taste of a "normal" life they've ever had makes me so soft. Lots of angst and fluff.

- Naruto
I am rewatching Naruto and very much craving something in the Naruto universe at the moment. Give me Kakashi and I will love you forever. I am willing to write pretty much any character for you, I would feel most comfortable writing Sasuke, Itachi, Kiba, Kakuzu, Hidan, or Shikamaru for males. Would be fine with ocs in the Naruto universe as well!

- Hurt/comfort
I have been really craving a hurt/comfort pairing for a while and exploring the dynamic between two characters struggling to heal their trauma. I don't have a specific plot in mind yet and am more than willing to spitball ideas together, I mostly want to focus on the characters and the complexity of their relationship with each other and with themselves. This is extremely specific, but I'm really wanting to write a character(s) with PTSD. Maybe two people who meet in group therapy?


- To all outward appearances, Muse A has pieced her life back together seamlessly. She returned home from the war with a medal for bravery, finished her physical therapy successfully, and even started working as a therapist/physical therapist. What she doesn't tell anyone is that medal came at the cost of her squad mates lives, her scars still burn when it rains, and she screams herself awake every night. Something changes when Muse B becomes her client after being discharged from the service himself, and while she normally lets her stubborn patients skip their therapy and writes them off as a lost cause, something has her knocking on his door when he decides to skip their session.

- Alternatively, Muse A finds herself in the baby aisle of Target, shopping for her best friend's baby shower. But since returning home, Muse A can't even be near a child without panicking. A baby throwing a tantrum in the next aisle over sends Muse A into a spiral, sending her to a place far away where the sound of gunfire and children's screams are all she can hear. In the midst of her PTSD flashback, Muse B happens across her and pulls her back to reality with the same reality check he uses on himself.

- Muse A and Muse B are both receiving their service dogs at the same time. But after spending so long training together, Muse A's dog and Muse B's dog have bonded and the two keep in contact, for the dogs' sake of course. Yet despite their weekly playdates, Muse A still finds herself outside Muse B's door at midnight when her dog escapes through the fence and ends up at Muse B's door.

- Muse A and Muse B are soldiers/assassins/etc sent on a mission together. But Muse A's nightmares are going to give away their cover if Muse B doesn't do something to help them.

"Just close your eyes. I will still be here when you open them again."
"Can you walk? Or do I have to carry you?"
"This isn't who you are. I know you better than that."
"The nightmares are just an illusion, but I'm really here."
"The blood still stains my hands, nothing will ever get them clean."
"How did you get that scar?"
"Tell me to stay and I will be here for as long as you'll have me."
"You don't have to be strong all the time"
"I'll always protect you."
"No one would hurt you again, or I'd kill them."

- Soulmates/Reincarnate
Again, no specific plot here but I am very inspired by the Eternals movie right now. The relationship dynamic of Thena/Gilgamesh and Sersi/Ikrais really intrigued me and I'd love to write something with a similar dynamic to these, people with a thousand+ years of complicated relationships. Also, inspired by the Chinese drama the Untamed for the same reason.

if you're interested in roleplaying something else, my main 1x1 thread is here
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I would love to roleplay one of the Hurt/Comfort ideas with you. Feel free to send me a PM if you’re still looking for partners!

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