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Fandom *Current Cravings* (09-20-2020)

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half-blood prince

Junior Member
Hey there,
name's Lily or Halfblood Prince as I'm sure you've probably seen around the forums. If not I have a few various interest checks for 1x1 around the site from Hp to otherfandoms and original concepts. I basically decided to formalize this interest check on what I'm currently most craving. However, any of the other interest check suggestions are also welcomed. These are just the big ones. A quick rundown of my preferences before we get into things :)

- Roleplay partners must be 18+ minimum though 21+ is preferred. It's just a comfort situation
- Be able to handle some form of mature themes. I tend to explore some kinds of dark themes...but can do lighter as well. I just don't wish to necessarily censor myself
- All characters need to be 18+ unless it's an adoption/familial/platonic relationship than any age is fine.
- I am most comfortable with MxF and Mxm pairings and can double ( but as two seperate stories preferred)
- I like to think I'm an advanced/detailed writer when it comes to post lengths...at least a couple good paragraphs. You don't have to necessarily match my length but you should give me a decent amount. No one liners.
- I'm incredibly patient. If you can only post once a week so be it. If it's every day perfect. Just let me know if you'll be away longer than normal and I'll do the same
- for fandoms I prefer canon x canon or canon x oc before oc x oc
- I also prefer to write off site or through pms here. Can do; discord, email, google docs, skype etc.

*Current Cravings:*

Game oF Thrones
Who I can play: Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Shae possibly Arya Stark, Ygritte, Robb Stark, Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow, Ocs
Who I'd love: Tyrion Lannister, Jorah Mormont, Jaime Lannister to name a few by anyone is welcomed

Hunger Games
Really looking to roleplay Haymitch/Katniss or Gale/Katniss. Might consider Haymitch/OC or two OCs.

Harry Potter: I would love a Snape, Tom Riddle (school age), Draco Malfoy, Lily Evans, Minerva McGonagall (for a specific non romance plot) or Remus Lupin. Pm me for who I can play / ships etc.

Looking for someone to play Tony Stark to my Oc. I do not have canons I'm comfortable playing except maybe Pepper Potts

Last of Us
really looking to explore Joel/Ellie or Abby/Owen or even similiar themed pairings.

Man's Best Friend - I'd love to explore the platonic relationship between a man/woman and beast ( dog, wolf, cat, big cat, dragon, horse etc.) Especially something like Owen/Blue (Jurassic) or Hiccup/Toothless(HTTYDragon), my dark material/golden compass daemons etc.

Please Pm with any questions/concerns or even interests. Thanks.

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half-blood prince

Junior Member
Craving: Harry Potter or Last of Us themed roleplay. or even just OC foster child/parent type story. pm me thanks. Also potentially looking to play Severus for either platonic or potentially romantic rp or even just mentor/friendship. I will be picky about OCs for romances though with him. Rules above still apply.

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