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Fandom Current Cravings! [06/19]

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Multiverse, Pokemon, Star Wars


Hello all, who stumble across this post!

First, let me thank you for taking time to read through this; perhaps we might be able to write together! This is a Fandom based post, so there will be just that within. The Fandoms I am currently craving to write within are the following:

Pesona 5
Kingdom Hearts
Star Wars BattleFront II
Star Wars
Dragon Ball
Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure
Tales of Berseria

I will go into each, highlighting things I am searching for. I’ll even add an honorable mentions section at the very end of this. Though, here is a quick run down of things about myself, when it comes to writing/role-playing:
  • I live in EST; though I don’t mind if our time zones don’t match up perfectly. Replies will come, when possible.
  • I prefer my partner to also write in Third person.
  • Writing here, or else where, if needed.
  • I work a part time job, so my replies vary throughout the day.
  • I don’t have a set length I wish all replies/posts to be, I just ask that each keeps the story/rp moving. If we want to set a length, that is fine too!
  • Anything else, feel free to ask.
Ahh, the Phantom Thieves.


I fell in love with this game, once my older brother had suggested I play it. It was my first Persona game, and it holds a very special place within my heart. Though, with the recent small trailers of Persona 5 Royal, I have been even more interested. The Side-story manga has also kept me in love with the Game/world. Recently started playing Persona Q2, as well.

I feel the need to say this, but to me, Joker’s name is Ren. I watched the anime, and can admit when it looked less than stellar. I don’t mind ‘Akira’, but ‘Ren’ is the name I choose for him. I hope that’s no problem.

Now, for ideas. We can take this many places:
Could simple switch all the Thieves to be ladies, in some AU.
Go through the Story, but through Akechi/Pancake Boi’s perspective.
A Redemption Arc for Akechi maybe.
Do a more romantic based RP/AU, with a favorite ship- mine has to be MakotoXAnn, by the way.
A cross-over of sorts with some other Fandom, that we goth like.
Taking Inspiration from the Side manga, and showing more random Missions in Mementos, and slice of Life stuff.
A New Game Plus Type idea, taking inspiration from GroundHog’s Day- Ren stuck repeating the year, because he failed to save everyone.
An AU where the Thieves are Pokemon Trailers/Within the world of Pokemon.
An AU where the Thieves are more in a Jojo world,and their Persona are Stands instead.
Somehow including Kasumi into something!
Anything you have to say! Let’s bounce ideas back and forth, and steal some Hearts!
Again, only looking for Canon Characters for this Fandom.

After the Trailer, a running theme kinda.., or the DLC- Re:Mind, I want more and more Kingdom Hearts! I’ve played every game....kinda dropped off the mobile game, but watch Lore videos on Youtube. So, I feel as if I have a decent understanding of the games, so far....!
Though, this post is open to all sorts of ideas! From AU’s with our favorite characters, to simply re-writing Canon events, I am here to boucne thoughts back and forth. Want to add a small little bit fo head canon to your favorite character? Let’s discuss it! See if I like it as well! Want to go like the Manga based off the games, and give some characters more importance, sure! I love it! Let’s chat!

One thought I have had, and it would be more in the realm of AU, would take inspiration from FFX-2, with the female characters going on an Adventure together. Aqua, Kairi, Namine, Xion, anyone else we would want. Would love to find someone who would want to go in this route, and flesh this idea out more.

A Cross-over Between Persona 5, and Kingdom Hearts. Both deal with Hearts, and who doesn't want to see the Phantom Thieves in the KH Style?
Canon and OC’s welcome in this Fandom.
I am speaking on the 2018 game, by E (repeat E a few times, for optical Meme effect) EA. As pretty as the game is, the campaign left much to be desired! I read the related book, about Inferno Squad, and Iden. I loved the book, minus part of the ending. I wanted a story, from the game, about a gritty/Boots on the ground, type tale, from the Empire’s side of the war. Yeah, it would have been safe to assume the character we controlled might end up dying at the end-if we Factor Canon into this- not some quick and easy turn to the Rebels. That was the most disappointing part, and the fact Iden is still a “Villain’ character for multiplayer also bothers me.....

So, I suppose, we re-do the story of the game. Its a fine set-up; The Rebels just destroyed the Second Death Star. The Emperor is confirmed to have died in such. The Galactic Empire is on the verge of crumbling into itself! The only way to remain in power, is to reassert it. Inferno Squad is key to this. From Assassinating Rebel spear heads, and other World leaders who disagree with the now weakened Empire, to pushing the fight back to the Rebels. Perhaps Inferno Squad needs to round their number out more, taking in new Recruits who want to save the Empire. (This is where an OC could come in! Though, if your OC knows the force, and for some reason has a light-saber...they might not be welcomed. )
I don’t want light-sabers around. I want something more military like in theme. Blaster fire, dragging wounded off to the side. Quick turning battles, explosions. Iden being a badass, no crappy forced love story, droids! WHO DOESN'T”T LOVE DROIDS! All of that.
Canon Characters.

Say what you want, about Disney’s Star Wars, I am still hopeful! Episode 9 can be amazing!
Though, this addition to my small list is not about Canon events, more so, looking for ‘What-IF” Stories, within the Star Wars Universe. Back when The Force Unleashed, was out, and its sequel, the DLC story missions dealt with What-If ideas. And, if you look into the Concept art of BattleFront IV, even more What-If ideas can be seen!

Ideas from: Darth Obi-wan Kenobi, and Redeemed Vader.
Sith, Luke and Leia, Jedi Old Man Anakin.
Jedi Maul
Jedi Dooku (That never left the order)
Corrupted Obi-Wan,
Non-Cybernetic Grevious, and

I’d like to write in, a ‘What If’. Maybe, Qui-Gon isn’t the one stabbed by Maul on Naboo, but it is Obi-wan. Allowing Qui-Gon to attempt to teach Anakin, but with the scar of failure to his previous student.
A Spin on the Original Triology, where its the Twins of the Chosen One, under the Emperor’s rule, and controlling the Galaxy with the Empire.
Obi-wan Falls to the Darkside, not Anakin.
And whatever else we could think of! (Open to writing AU’s dealing in the new Trilogy too!)
Canon and OC, but the main focus I’d like to be is Canon.
I have a very specific idea, that can be work-shopped a bit too, for the World of Dragon Ball.
It might be an unpopular opinion, but I love the first couple episodes of the Buu Saga- Gohan attending School, and being a social Awkward. Eventually, he becomes the hero persona of: Saiyaman! And that’s where I’d like to take things, down an AU where the Buu Saga doesn’t really happen. Majin Buu? I love you dude, but for this, I’d like to focus on Gohan and Videl. The two slowly becoming heroes/protectors of the world, in a very campy/superhero like way.
Things would start off slow, like the first couple Episodes of the Saga. Gohan trying to fit into Society, but can’t help the fighting nature of his blood. Leading to him and Videl clashing heads, as someone knew starts helping out the city and people. A slow burn to get them both in the suits. OC’s can be villains that challenge the two, though also open to the movie/non-canon villains appearing and being problems. Cooler, is a prime example. Bojack even!

Universe 6, Tuffle Invasion!
Basically, adapting the GT Tuffle Arc, but within Universe Six! Cabba, and the other Saiyans/Characters, having to deal with the Tuffles.
Canon and OC again here, too!
Ahh Jojo. I only recently gotten into the series, and fell in love with it. From Hamon, to Stands, and I have started learning more about the Spin, I love it all. My favorite part, and it might be a ‘trash’ opinion, but that’s what it is- an opinion, is Part 2/Battle Tendency. Caesar and Joseph are probably two of my favorite characters/Jojo and Jobro. But, I also very fond of Best Boy-Josuke (Part-4). And I do love DIO quite a bit. My brother and I quote him way too often as it is. My favorite Stand so far from what I have encountered is Heaven’s Door, or maybe The World.

As for ideas for a possible roleplay, again quite open.
We could dive into something with Canon characters, or create our own Jojo and Jobro-squad. If we are going with Canon characters, I’d like to maybe change some things. Perhaps, like in Eyes of Heaven, some outside force is changing history- in a new time line. Maybe Caesar doesn’t fallen in Part 2, and is able to go to Egypt with the Crusaders.
Maybe a timey-whimey problem our favorite characters are somehow forced to work together. A time-travel/Universe Breaking Problem could be fun to play around with. Hamon Users, and Stand-Users together.

Anything that is Bizarre is on the table- like when Joylen goes to Gucci.

OR, our own Jojo World!
A multiverse does exist; so, why not create our own Jojo,in any time setting we might like! Our own Jobro Squad, and Stands and problems to deal with.
I'd prefer to stick to Canon Characters. Though, OC's might be open.

After the new Trailer for Pokemon, Sword and Shield, I am interested in writing within the World of Pokemon!

So many lovely characters to explore with; I'd love to have some sense of Romance within. My favorite pairing is still FxF, but not against FxM.
Some characters I love include, and mostly the game/mange versions:

Green/Leaf, Shelly, May, Dawn, Cynthia, Serena, Shauna, Lillie, Olivia, Plumeria, Ghost Girl from Lumiose City, Looker, Jupiter, and others!
We could do, a Harem-like group up- without everything that comes with Harem like anime. Some Fluff could be nice too!

It could be a basic adventure through some region, or some AU! Perhaps, characters from different Fandoms, within the Pokemon World- like maybe the P5 characters. Kingdom Hearts, etc, etc.

Let's discuss! Also, feel to suggest any character as well
Again game I’ve been playing a lot, of late.
But, I am in love with the characters, So Canon please.

Not too many thoughts for this one either; Perhaps some High School AU, based off the DLC costumes- we can keep a fantasy/adventure element too with that!
Or any thoughts anyone else has!

So, if anything here has caught your interest, feel free to shoot a message my way! We can start discussing right away! Thanks
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