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Cuphead: The Chaotic Return of the Great Evil! (A Cuphead Adventure RP)

Vagabond Spectre

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Cuphead: The Chaotic Return of the Great Evil!

Well, Cuphead and his pal, Mugman!
They like to roll the die!
They beat the game, the devil's game!
Yet they still paid the price! (Paid the price!)

Now they got captured afterfight!
The Devil got revenge!
With the evil free!
They'll take you and me!
Hello there, dear friend! Welcome to the Cuphead RP! In this role play you! Yes, you! *Insert character name here* Have now have the chance to shine into the spotlight. Inkwell Ilse needs your help! Everybody is in for a big mess and only you! Can clean up the fat head's mess! Our poor heroes Cuphead and his brother Mugman have fallen into the clutches of the old Devil himself. Oh no! Wreckin' and fighting the public for their own cruel desires! Oh! The horror!!! The Devil will reign upon those peeps of Inkwell Ilse with our poor possessed heroes in his strings. No one will not be able to stop their reign of terror! Unless! Somebody steps in! That is where you come in, pal! You along with your other Whacky friends will take the step up to stand for the world! So, can you do it? Can you strap your boots for an adventure to save Inkwell Ilse, save our heroes and defeat the Devil himself? Join now!
Hello, this is a Cuphead RP where it takes place on the bad ending of the game. Where Cuphead and Mugman becomes the Devil's minions and lures in more victims. This RP is mostly OC based but Canon characters are still allowed, though. I want to try to make a Cuphead RP.

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