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Step inside my circus tent~


Two people are talking on a balcony, the sun is setting far off in the distance and there is a dim yellow light buzzing on the wall behind the two.

-"What do you think of it, Ana?"
-"What? This world?"

The girl responds by waving her hand around as if she was investigating the air around her.

-"It's too...aesthetically pleasing. The air feels soft, the atmosphere is comforting."

The boy who is sitting on the railing of the balcony just nods his head in disappointment. Suddenly out of thin air, a small incision appears above the girl's twirling hand.

-"Scottie. It's cracking."

The boy gives a short sigh before replying.

-"Right. We should leave."

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A woman sits alone in a blinding pale room. She wears a white coat that sports a nametag. 'Dr. Genevive London. - Head Researcher - A.N.I.M.A'
Another woman enters the room, this one is sporting a full black suit and in her hand is a suitcase.

-"Doctor London, I am Ana Neal, it is nice to meet you."

The suit outstretches her hand for a shake, but the doctor responds with an angry glare. Ana Neal clears her throat as she withdraws her hand and takes a seat across from the doctor.

-"Doctor, I believe you know why I am here."
-"I am a scientist, not a mind reader Mrs. Neal."

Ana gives a slight smile as she continues,

-"I want to talk about one of your experiments; Scott Collins."

She places her suitcase on to the table, then pulls several files out.

-"Do you understand the kind of danger you are putting everyone in?"
-"Everyone in the Lab or everyone in New York?"
-"You are smart doctor, choose your words wisely. The world."

Doctor London slumps back in the chair, biting her lip smugly.

-"We don't have the time to hesitate on taking risks Mrs. Neal."
-"If you make a mistake then we don't have time at all Doctor."

The Doctor crosses her arms and asks,

-"Mrs. Neal, do you think that we can survive this without taking these risks.? It's been fifteen years since the first Hero attack, and we are still struggling to rebuild, we need to brave the danger and hope for the best."

Mrs. Neal places the files back into the case and closes it.

-"I'm not here to be given a pep talk on hope from humanity's top scientist, I'm here to investigate whether your experiments are worth running the risk of complete extinction of our universe."

Doctor London bites her lip, drawing a small amount of blood.

-"Well then see for yourself. We are conducting a Cultivation test in ten minutes."
-"Show me."

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The two women stand in an observation room, staring through a one-way mirror. On the opaque side sits a boy at a table, he looks to be no more than fourteen years old. His hair is brown and frizzy and his skin is a sickly pale. The Doctor presses a small button on the wall and speaks into a small microphone.

-"Scott Collins, this is Doctor London. Today we will be conducting a Cultivation test. Please place your wrists on the table with your palms facing upwards.


-"Good morning America! This is Robbinson Derek bringing you a weather update. It is a beautiful day here on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! The sand is hot and the water is refreshing! Now as you can see on the screen behind me, the sun is...the sun is black? What... what the hell is that?"


Scott places his wrists on the cold metal table in front of him and breathes in deeply, his eyes seem sunken and restless.

-"Good. Now, do you remember the safety fundamentals of our tests Scott?

Scott blinks and stutters for several seconds before spitting out his reply.

-"Breathe slowly. Remain Calm. Focus. Stay grounded."

Mrs. Neal takes notes as the boy speaks.

-"Doctor, explain the last fundamental to me."
-"Stay grounded. The process of Cultivation can be very mentally taxing and can cause...confusion for the Cultivator. It is a very delicate procedure."

Ana gives a nod and jots down a few more notes.

-"Alright Scott, at the tone begin your preparations and start Phase I."

A few moments pass before a piercing beep sounds. Scott then closes his eyes and begins to breathe heavily. Doctor London eyes a monitor and begins to type on it.

-"Phase I, Mrs. Neal. Atmosphere. The Cultivator is creating an atmosphere that is much like our own, it is needed to make the World stay in place. This is one of our ways to ensure safety and to keep the anomaly from escaping the artificial environment and affecting our world above."

The air above the boy's palm begins to gain weight, becoming heavy. It then starts to take shape; A sphere. The Sphere begins to falter slightly as Scott lets out a grunt.

-"Focus Scott."

The boy clenches his teeth and grunts again as the air pops back into place. The boy then smiles and says,

-"Phase I is complete Doctor London."


-"This is Doctor Akari, today is October 06, 2005. I am reporting on Event 01 that occurred on September 26, 2005. A being appeared seemingly out of thin air, it looked to be of an alien nature, very inhuman. It towered over the sea and resembled a diseased crow. For the duration of the creature's attack, the sun seemed to turn black. The creature's actions were suspicious however as it seemed to observe the beach-goers for several minutes before attacking. Close to 100 people were killed in the attack before it reportedly vanished into the sky. I was working in Japan at the time but was called in by the American Government to take part in a new project. The Agency I work for now is called ANIMA, and I am keeping this log to document my discoveries here. Oh, and a few of us here have deemed these odd creatures 'Heroes.' It is ironic but that was the chosen title."

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[End of Chapter 1]

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Step inside my circus tent~


Scott Collins sits at the table, his breath quickens as he struggles to keep a small orb-shaped outline floating above his hands. The orb is transparent yet visible, it looks like a small sphere of reality that is twisting and contorting.

Dr. London - "Good job Scott. Stay focused and proceed to Phase II."

The boy clenches his teeth and gives a nod in response.

Ana Neal - "Explain to me the next Phase, Doctor."

Doctor London begins to type away on the computer, pulling up a small diagram of two planets colliding.

Dr. London - "This is where we get a little more dangerous, it also seems to be one of Scott's more difficult phases. The Bang."

Ana Neal jots down more notes and observes Scott intensely. Suddenly, rising from the palms of his hands, two small planets appear. They are no bigger than a quarter. The two planets begin to orbit each other fastly, growing closer with each rotation.

Scott - "Aah!"

The planet's orbits begin to shift slightly, missing their impact as they fly in different directions. One of the planets hits the far wall and creates a tiny explosion, leaving a large hole. The second planet flies into the mirror, causing it to crack as it continues to spin faster and faster, imbedding itself into the glass. Ana leaps back in surprise and almost loses her balance.

Dr. London - "Stay calm Scott! Release the planets from their gravity!"

Scott begins to scream in pain and his hands are forced against the table, the weight begins to crush his fingers. Blood starts to pool out of them as the bones crack. It is only then that Ana notices several scars and wounds along the boy's arms and hands, this must be an often occurrence.

Scott - "Aah! D-doctor! I can't...I can't control it! Help!"

Doctor London clenches her teeth and yells over to one of her lab assistants that sits at another computer terminal.

Dr. London - "Flood the room! Now!"

The second planet's spin continues to grow faster as the glass begins to bend and crack under the heat and pressure. An alarm sounds as several vents situated at the top of the room release a green smoke, causing the boy to cough as he is obscured from view. After a few moments, the second planet dissolves into ash and blows away. The Doctor walks over to her lab assistant, Ciara, and observes the screen.

Dr. London - "Subject's vitals are fine, the increased heart rate must be from the pain. Send a recovery team in the room and transfer him to the Infirmary."
Ciara - "Yes mam!"

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Holiday Commander - "This is ANIMA Recon team one, HOLIDAY. We have eyes on target, the characteristics and energy readings given off point towards it being another Hero. The date is October 15, 2005 and we are set up on the outskirts of Washington, DC. The Hero is showing no signs of hostility, it is just floating above the city...watching. It resembles a black cross with spiked edges, this looks nothing like the first Hero attack earlier this year."

The Commander of Team Holiday stands by in a tent on a hill, observing the creature. Suddenly a young boy runs out below the creature.

Holiday Commander - "What the hell? Does that kid have a death wish?"

The kid stares up at the Hero, and it tilts slightly as if it is staring back at him. The kid then holds his hand up to the creature and a small glowing orb appears in front of his palm.

Holiday Commander - "What is he doing--"

The orbs in the kid's hand flashes and the dissipates, but only for a moment. A blinding column of light shoots out of his hand and through the Hero. The sound of the explosion comes only seconds later and is almost drowned out by the low screeching of the Hero. The kid is surrounded by light before disappearing and reappearing several feet away from the Holiday Team camp.

Holiday Commander - "Go grab that kid! What the fuck is going on?!"

The Cross-like Hero continues to emit a loud screech as it falls to the ground, causing a large explosion. Several soldiers bring the kid over to the commander, steam is rising off of him. The commander kneels down and looks the kid in the eyes.

Holiday Commander - "What's your name kid...?

The kid smirks at the commander before replying.

"Ethan Calloway."

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Ana Neal and Doctor London once again sit across from each other in the same room they met in.

Ana Neal - "Does that happen often, Doctor?"
Dr. London - "Not often enough to shut down operations."
Ana Neal - "But what of the child's well-being?"
Dr. London - "What of humanity's survival?"

Ana gives a sigh before continuing,

Ana Neal - "What is your end goal? Are these tests amounting to anything?"

The Doctor gives a smile as she leans forward on the table.

Dr. London - "Yes, Mrs. Neal. What we are creating here is humanity's only hope."
Ana Neal - "And what exactly is humanity's only hope, Doctor?"

"Collin's Eden."

[End of Chapter 2]



Step inside my circus tent~


Imagine a perfect world. Our world is flawed and scarred. Collin's Eden. The Goldilocks Principle. A Goldilock's planet is near impossible to find with our current technology, not only that but we are running out of time. We don't have the time. However, if we were able to create our own planet, our own world according to the rules of the Goldilocks Principle, we would theoretically be "saved". The perfect soup of elements and chemicals. An artificial human habitat. But how?

Scott Collins, a fourteen-year-old boy who has an ability... a power. This power allows him to create worlds from his very fingertips. Through the process, we call 'Cultivation', the boy can craft each essential factor for a theoretical Goldilocks planet. Atmosphere, Gravity, Chemicals, Elements, Temperature, Core, hell even the neighboring planets and stars; This boy can create our escape, a new man-made galaxy. This is our only hope for the future. Humanity's time is up, the Heroes have only sped up the process but use your brain, we didn't have much longer anyway. Collin's Eden is our last hope.


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