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Fantasy [CS] TOTTDLMTH Ep3

[IRC] Sylvia of Verdan
  • Sushi Muncher

    Be Sick of The World

    • Full Name: Sylvia of Verdan

      Alias: "The Angel of Verdan"

      Title / Profession:
      Commander of Iris Company (Disavowed)
      Joint-Expeditionary Field Commander of Operation Aquila (prior)

      Age: 20

      Height: 5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm)

      Race: Solarian

      Nationality: Dominion of Venelia / Groznyan

      Allegiance: Iris Company, Imperial Army (prior)
    [HAR] Daemon Lord Sertek
  • Sushi Muncher

    Be Sick of The World

    • Full Name: Sertek

      Alias: "Rael", "Seratekae", "the Daemon Lord", "the Emperor of Darkness"

      Title / Profession:
      Husband-in-a-failing-marriage (current)
      Daemon Lord (prior)

      Age: ???

      Height: 6 ft. (182 cm)

      Race: Daemon

      Nationality: Havenite (current) / Saareman (Prior)

      Allegiance: Harbingers
    [HAR] Hershey
  • Sushi Muncher

    Be Sick of The World

    • Full Name: Hersa of Authie

      Alias: "the Terror of Black Forest"; "Hershey"

      Title / Profession:
      Harbingers Advisor (current)
      Shadow Legion Junior Marshall; Nightmare Arcane Corps (prior)

      Age: 35

      Height: 5 ft. 2 in. (157 cm)

      Race: Astrian (Aries)

      Nationality: Saareman, Shadow Territory (prior) - Groznyan passport (current)

      Allegiance: Harbingers
    [IRC] Eliam
  • Remembrance

    May the ballroom remain eternal. C'est fini.


    • Full Name: Eliam Forsta Rabinaya

      Red-Eyed Fiend (by the Varangians)
      Father Eliam (by most who know him)

      Title / Profession:
      All-Maker Missionary (prior)
      Varangian Mercenary (prior)
      Reisdorf Church Patriarch (current)

      Age: 56

      Height: 6'

      Race: Astrian / Reptilian

      Nationality: Albian, Groznyan

      Allegiance: The Church of the All-Maker
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    [HAR] Hassan
  • Celestial Speck

    I'm not a bad guy, I swear!

    "Show me your Fake Gods, your fake Kings. So I can swallow them- one, by, one."
    Hassan Nox I-Sen

    • Full Name:

      Hassan Nox I-Sen


      The Thousand Armed Swordsman, Uncuttable Oak, The First Harbinger, Sertek's Right Hand

      Title / Profession:







      Astrian, Serpent.


      Kingdom of Seoju, Jianki.


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    [IRC] Preston
  • Worthlessplebian

    Worthless pleb

    • Full Name: Preston of Met Di Plurida

      Alias: Preston S. Pacer, Doctor Webb, Queen Killer;

      Title / Profession: Combat Medic/Surgeon of Iris Company (Disavowed), Street Doctor;

      Age: 31;

      Height: 5'10 (176 cm);

      Race: Astrian -- Arachnida (Aranea Hominum);

      Nationality: ?!?, Groznyan;

      Allegiance: Iris;
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    [HAR] Bisila
  • ElenaIsCool

    Ultimate Punster Goddess


    "I’m the White Wolf, a wild beast who guards her den and mauls intruders with sharp fangs. And I for damn sure not going to be caged by the likes of you"

    - Bisila

    • Full Name: Bisila Ranworth

      Alias: Bisi, The White Wolf, Shiroi, Bisila Nzo, Tinkerbell, The Trickster

      Title / Profession: Prisoner (Previously) Magitechnician/ Inventor, Prankster, Criminal

      Age: 25

      Height: 5'6

      Race: Solarian

      Nationality: Albion, Groznyan

      Allegiance: Harbingers
    [HAR] Angelica
  • Nessi

    slut for slushies


    • Full Name: Angelica Mori

      Alias: The Siren

      Title / Profession: Seamstress


      Height: 5'5

      Race: Astrian

      Nationality: Dragonsreach, Groznyan

      Allegiance: Harbingers
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    [HAR] Caenis
  • xAlter

    Something Wicked This Way Comes


    • * Information in quotes is while deactivated *
      - - - - -
      Full Name: Caenis Vasilias Koimamai / "Senna Den Pragmatikos"

      Alias: Codename: Cadmean / the Ascian / the Echo of Stars

      Title / Profession: Sleeper Agent of the Harbingers / "Quartermaster of the IRC"

      Age: 30 / "32"

      Height: 6' 2"

      Race: Astrian - Lupo

      Nationality: Marethian / "Riesen" , Groznyan

      Allegiance: Harbingers / "Iris Company"
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    [IRC] Irelia
  • Zvitra



    • Full Name: Irelia Sonan

      Alias: Dawnbringer, The Rising Sun, The Bloody Maiden

      Title / Profession: Swordmaiden of the Iris Company (Disavowed)

      Age: 29

      Height: 5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm)

      Race: Astrian - Faean

      Nationality: Dominion of Jianki / Groznyan

      Allegiance: Iris Company, Oeki Order (formerly)

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    [HAR] Galius
  • Huntertabbysandshark3

    The lord of randomness and the warp


    • Full Name: Sir Galious Meeples

      Alias: Mr meeples, the great dragon, boop snoot.

      Title / Profession: Magitechnician/head golemanecer

      Age: 69

      Height: 4'5

      Race: Astrian salamderian (Or is it draconian?)

      Nationality: (insert region here), Groznyan

      Allegiance: Harbingers
    [IRC] Odhran
  • Larry

    Your resident on-and-off bibliomaniac!

    circle-cropped (8).png

    • Full Name: Ódhran von Starkenburg

      Alias: 'Cadaver', a slighting nickname given to Ódhran due to his pale complexion.

      ~Secretary for Lord Bruatar of Iona, Consul of the Outer Parallel Kreise ('circle') for the imperial year 1210.
      ~Former Chief of Logistics for Iris Company.
      ~Former aide-de-camp to the Iris Company.

      Age: Twenty-five years old.

      Height: 5'11.

      Race: Solarian.

      Nationality: Islander/Groznyan.

      Allegiance: Iris Company.
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    [HAR] Fealca
  • Soviet Panda

    Red Panda Commanda.


    • Full Name: Fealca Isern

      Alias: "The Mountain" (Former)
      "Mr. Irons" (Current)

      Title / Profession:
      Grand General of the Demon Lord's Army (Former)
      Owner and butcher of "Isern Braede" (Current)
      Part Time Adventurer (Current)

      Age: 65

      Height: 6'9"

      Race: Astrian (Dovean)

      Nationality: Ries, Groznyan

      Allegiance: Harbinger
    [IRC] Eryn
  • Doctor Nope

    The Geodoodle


    • Full Name: Eryn Leasath Cissnei

      None so far.

      Title / Profession: Combat Medic/ Surgeon of Iris Company. Yeah we got two of 'em.

      Age: 26

      Height: 5'6"

      Race: Solarian

      Nationality: Haven, Groznyan

      Allegiance: Iris Company


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    [IRC] Kazan
  • Funnier President

    Muncher of Randomness

    • Full Name: Kazan Hi

      Alias: Kazzy, Kaz

      Title / Profession: Iris Member (Current) Fire Mage (Former)

      Age: 23

      Height: 5'4

      Race: Astrian

      Nationality: Epirean, Groznyan

      Allegiance: Iris