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Fantasy [CS] TOTTDLMTH Ep3



Prim, not proper.
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Iris Company
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pc_hero_sylvia / Sushi
pc_brutaliser_preston / Pleb
pc_warpriest_eliam / Remembrance
pc_blader_irelia / Zvitra
pc_intelofficer_odhran / Larry
pc_deadeye_eryn / Doc
pc_elsupport_kazan / President

- HAR -

pc_daemon_sertek / Sushi
pc_swordsman_hassan / Speck
pc_disruptor_bisila / Elena
pc_spy_angelica / Nessi
pc_bladebreaker_caenis / xAlter
pc_golemancer_galius / Hunter
pc_bulwark_fealca / Soviet
npc_dreamweaver_hershey / Sushi


+ Basic grammar and spelling, comprehensible level.
+ No god-modding - if unsure, run your ideas by me.
+ Approved profiles will be given a reaction by me, as well as a place on the roster.
+ Feel free to ask questions in OOC or in my PMs.
+ Profiles-in-absent will be de-canonized.
+ Limit of one character slot. A tight band keeps the story going.
+ Anime-styled FCs only.

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[b]Alias:[/b] (given monikers or identities)

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[b]Race:[/b] (Astrian / Solarian - add sub-race if necessary i.e. draconian, lupo, etc.)

[b]Nationality:[/b] (insert region here), Groznyan

[b]Allegiance:[/b] (Iris / Harbingers)
[tab=II. Personal Profile]
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(1 paragraph minimum)

[tab=III. AMS & Proficiencies]
[b]Class:[/b] (name of class)
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(4max abilities for astrians)

[b]Weapons Proficiency:[/b] 
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[IRC] Sylvia of Verdan


Prim, not proper.
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  • Full Name: Sylvia of Verdan

    Alias: "The Angel of Verdan"

    Title / Profession:
    Commander of Iris Company (Disavowed)
    Joint-Expeditionary Field Commander of Operation Aquila (prior)

    Age: 20

    Height: 5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm)

    Race: Solarian

    Nationality: Dominion of Venelia / Groznyan

    Allegiance: Iris Company, Imperial Army (prior)

[HAR] Daemon Lord Sertek


Prim, not proper.
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  • Full Name: Sertek

    Alias: "Rael", "Seratekae", "the Daemon Lord", "the Emperor of Darkness"

    Title / Profession:
    Husband-in-a-failing-marriage (current)
    Daemon Lord (prior)

    Age: ???

    Height: 6 ft. (182 cm)

    Race: Daemon

    Nationality: Havenite (current) / Saareman (Prior)

    Allegiance: Harbingers

[HAR] Hershey


Prim, not proper.
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  • Full Name: Hersa of Authie

    Alias: "the Terror of Black Forest"; "Hershey"

    Title / Profession:
    Harbingers Advisor (current)
    Shadow Legion Junior Marshall; Nightmare Arcane Corps (prior)

    Age: 35

    Height: 5 ft. 2 in. (157 cm)

    Race: Astrian (Aries)

    Nationality: Saareman, Shadow Territory (prior) - Groznyan passport (current)

    Allegiance: Harbingers

[IRC] Eliam


May the ballroom remain eternal. C'est fini.


  • Full Name: Eliam Forsta Rabinaya

    Red-Eyed Fiend (by the Varangians)
    Father Eliam (by most who know him)

    Title / Profession:
    All-Maker Missionary (prior)
    Varangian Mercenary (prior)
    Reisdorf Church Patriarch (current)

    Age: 56

    Height: 6'

    Race: Astrian / Reptilian

    Nationality: Albian, Groznyan

    Allegiance: The Church of the All-Maker

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[HAR] Hassan

Celestial Speck

I'm not a bad guy, I swear!


"Show me your Fake Gods, your fake Kings. So I can swallow them- one, by, one."
Hassan Nox I-Sen

  • Full Name:

    Hassan Nox I-Sen


    The Thousand Armed Swordsman, Uncuttable Oak, The First Harbinger, Sertek's Right Hand

    Title / Profession:







    Astrian, Serpent.


    Kingdom of Seoju, Jianki.



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[IRC] Preston


Worthless pleb


  • Full Name: Preston of Met Di Plurida

    Alias: Preston S. Pacer, Doctor Webb, Queen Killer;

    Title / Profession: Combat Medic/Surgeon of Iris Company (Disavowed), Street Doctor;

    Age: 31;

    Height: 5'10 (176 cm);

    Race: Astrian -- Arachnida (Aranea Hominum);

    Nationality: ?!?, Groznyan;

    Allegiance: Iris;

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[HAR] Bisila


Ultimate Punster Goddess


"I’m the White Wolf, a wild beast who guards her den and mauls intruders with sharp fangs. And I for damn sure not going to be caged by the likes of you"

- Bisila

  • Full Name: Bisila Ranworth

    Alias: Bisi, The White Wolf, Shiroi, Bisila Nzo, Tinkerbell, The Trickster

    Title / Profession: Prisoner (Previously) Magitechnician/ Inventor, Prankster, Criminal

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'6

    Race: Solarian

    Nationality: Albion, Groznyan

    Allegiance: Harbingers

[HAR] Angelica


slut for slushies


  • Full Name: Angelica Mori

    Alias: The Siren

    Title / Profession: Seamstress


    Height: 5'5

    Race: Astrian

    Nationality: Dragonsreach, Groznyan

    Allegiance: Harbingers

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[HAR] Caenis


Something Wicked This Way Comes


  • * Information in quotes is while deactivated *
    - - - - -
    Full Name: Caenis Vasilias Koimamai / "Senna Den Pragmatikos"

    Alias: Codename: Cadmean / the Ascian / the Echo of Stars

    Title / Profession: Sleeper Agent of the Harbingers / "Quartermaster of the IRC"

    Age: 30 / "32"

    Height: 6' 2"

    Race: Astrian - Lupo

    Nationality: Marethian / "Riesen" , Groznyan

    Allegiance: Harbingers / "Iris Company"

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[IRC] Irelia


Roleplay Type(s)


  • Full Name: Irelia Sonan

    Alias: Dawnbringer, The Rising Sun, The Bloody Maiden

    Title / Profession: Swordmaiden of the Iris Company (Disavowed)

    Age: 29

    Height: 5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm)

    Race: Astrian - Faean

    Nationality: Dominion of Jianki / Groznyan

    Allegiance: Iris Company, Oeki Order (formerly)

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[HAR] Galius


The lord of randomness and the warp


  • Full Name: Sir Galious Meeples

    Alias: Mr meeples, the great dragon, boop snoot.

    Title / Profession: Magitechnician/head golemanecer

    Age: 69

    Height: 4'5

    Race: Astrian salamderian (Or is it draconian?)

    Nationality: (insert region here), Groznyan

    Allegiance: Harbingers

[IRC] Odhran


Your resident on-and-off bibliomaniac!

circle-cropped (8).png

  • Full Name: Ódhran von Starkenburg

    Alias: 'Cadaver', a slighting nickname given to Ódhran due to his pale complexion.

    ~Secretary for Lord Bruatar of Iona, Consul of the Outer Parallel Kreise ('circle') for the imperial year 1210.
    ~Former Chief of Logistics for Iris Company.
    ~Former aide-de-camp to the Iris Company.

    Age: Twenty-five years old.

    Height: 5'11.

    Race: Solarian.

    Nationality: Islander/Groznyan.

    Allegiance: Iris Company.

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[HAR] Fealca

Soviet Panda

Red Panda Commanda.


  • Full Name: Fealca Isern

    Alias: "The Mountain" (Former)
    "Mr. Irons" (Current)

    Title / Profession:
    Grand General of the Demon Lord's Army (Former)
    Owner and butcher of "Isern Braede" (Current)
    Part Time Adventurer (Current)

    Age: 65

    Height: 6'9"

    Race: Astrian (Dovean)

    Nationality: Ries, Groznyan

    Allegiance: Harbinger
[IRC] Eryn

Doctor Nope

The Geodoodle


  • Full Name: Eryn Leasath Cissnei

    None so far.

    Title / Profession: Combat Medic/ Surgeon of Iris Company. Yeah we got two of 'em.

    Age: 26

    Height: 5'6"

    Race: Solarian

    Nationality: Haven, Groznyan

    Allegiance: Iris Company



  • ep_3.png
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[IRC] Kazan

Funnier President

Muncher of Randomness


  • Full Name: Kazan Hi

    Alias: Kazzy, Kaz

    Title / Profession: Iris Member (Current) Fire Mage (Former)

    Age: 23

    Height: 5'4

    Race: Astrian

    Nationality: Epirean, Groznyan

    Allegiance: Iris


the maestro of mad shit.


Alias |
Blackjack, Wolverine,

Title / Profession |

OBW Operative

Age |


Height |

6 ft. 2 in.

Race |

Astrian - Lupo

Nationality |

Karelian, formerly of the Northern Saoul tribe/Havenite (Dragonsreach), Groznyan

Allegiance |

Order of the Black Watch, the Iris Company

PERSONALITY | Neutral Good




Born under the pale, watchful eye of the crescent moon one wintry night, Enzo was the last of a litter of three. His coming into the world was an unexpected burden, one wrought with difficulty, but with the Great Lupine's guidance and blessing, both mother and son managed to survive through the night.

But something about this last birth seemed to just keep taking and taking from Freja Saoulevich; she had one last son to offer and in return, little by little, her soul bled back into the frost and ice. Too soon, the altar was built around her body stone by stone, contributed by every member of the tribe. As the Alpha of the Northern Saoul tribe, his father performed the last rites, transforming into lupo form and initiating the Last Howl, to carry his wife's spirit into the skies, where she could join the Great Lupine and chase the Polar lights with the rest of their ancestors.

After that, nights seemed colder. The sun appeared reluctant to rising, and the warm embers behind his father's eyes seemed to freeze up overnight, turning a crueler shade whenever they landed on his last son. To add insult to injury, the next few winters were remembered as some of the harshest in recent memory. As a result, for a good portion of Enzo's early childhood, survival took nearly all priority, leaving affection and familial love to melt and trickle in drop by drop, like water beads off the tips of icicles.

The only one who ever expressed a steady stream of affection was Enzo's oldest brother. He was nearly a decade his senior, with practically nothing to connect their vastly different stages in life except for the fact that they were blood. However, this did nothing to stop his eldest brother from standing in for their father, who could barely stand to love the runt whose looks were a constant reminder of what he had lost.

The art of the hunt, the Northern Lycan ways of honorable combat, and most importantly of all, the ancestral, aetherian technique of lycanthropy and ice-spitting were not passed from father to son, but from brother to brother. Despite this, Enzo was more often than not the forgotten one - his purpose, place, and value to the tribe seemed almost as insubstantial as the winter's first frost. This fact was driven home mostly by the callous, barbarous words and actions of his middle brother, who followed in their father's cold-hearted example and took great pleasure in punishing the runt responsible for the death of their mother.

Enzo could only ever find respite from the torment when the two eldest brothers went off to settle clashes. The Northern Lycan tribes of Karelia were, at their core, ancient warrior clans. As such, territorial disputes, competition and truces that broke almost as quickly as they were drawn up were all a fact of life. Casualties were often minimal, but once in every while, a bitter feud would spark, sealed even further by the blood of an Alpha's son. Such was the case for Enzo's middle brother, who died just as he had lived; repugnantly, in a pool of his own retching thanks to infected battle wounds. Talks of uniting the clans as one bubbled to the surface from time to time, but these never seemed to penetrate beyond the realm of rumour and wind whispers.

Until the rest of Karelia came right on their isolated doorsteppe, with news of a brewing war that would echo destruction absolute across all the dominions.

The Demon Lord, Sertek.
Before Enzo knew it, a seizing tension permeated across the settlements as their reluctant but grim-faced chieftains gathered with Viceroy of Karelia herself, Suomi V Samanova in their war hall, though in comparison it seemed more of a shack than anything else. It was quite a historic event, as relations between the fiercely independent Northern Lycan nations and the government of Karelia were tense and dubious at the best of times.
But the bad blood had to be put aside. Samanova, ever the talented and eloquent orator, seemed to seal those divisions overnight and within the week, left the tribes with a small troop of soldiers with plans to modernize and train the natives.

But this would be no easy task. Unification was somewhat synonymous with subservience, a concept that held no love in the mind of the tribes, under a government whose own motives and self interests historically had rarely aligned with their own. This was the overarching sentiment that brewed behind every eye and echoed in every word exchanged between native and outsider, Enzo's own brother being one of the most unafraid to express their hositility.
In fact, it seemed that for the first few months, the only one who seemed to truly enjoy the outsiders and their instruction was young Enzo himself, who understood that the modernizing force of Samanova's army against their primeval ways was a necessary improvement.

The young Saoul would find himself spending most of his time with a particular faction of the soldiers. True foreigners they were; their crests not of Samanova's - a black iron cross brandished on their scabbards and livery. Their accents had strange lilts and an cryptic, sophisticated, metropolitan feel surrounded them. Watchers, they called themselves. Enzo did not understand what they meant by this, but he didn't let that stop him from crossing the unspoken boundary between their camps to train and learn everything he could about the outside world. In return for their teachings and company, the young Lycan native used his experience to teach them how to survive his harshest little corner of the dominion, forming a discreet, unexpected camaraderie.

This bonding drew the disapproving anger of Enzo's eldest brother, though with their father's stepping down and his newfound duties as the Alpha of the Northern Saoul tribe, this would only ever stay as an occasional point of contention between the brothers. An uneasy tension began to simmer as brother began to distance from brother, worsened only when by chance, Enzo came across his brother with an unfamiliar figure in the woods. When questioned on the identity of the figure, his brother's only response was,
"An ally."​
Weeks after this encounter, the war howls are sounded; a grand Harbinger army had gathered and infiltrated into the Ma'el tribe's territory, launching a terrible attack upon their settlement. The time to act was now. The Fourth Karelian Daemonic War had officially begun.

The trek nearly killed him. Still, by some miracle of the Great Lupine, he carried on. Day and night, he carried on, with death on his tongue and memories swirling in his mind. He carried on, for as long as his aether permitted him.
Samanova. He needed to tell her. She needed to know about the betrayal, about the coming carnage only she could stop-

They had called it the Battle of Soulwater, named after the small sacred spring the conflict concluded near. Almost no one survived, earning it a reputation as one of the deadliest battles recorded in the Fourth Daemonic War.


They told him he had a gift. The scar proved it. A usefulness, a purpose, an enduring aptitude. "Karelia needs good soldiers like you," Samanova had told him, placing the medals and newly-pressed Karelian military uniform in his grasp. But there was no place for him here, if there ever was one to begin with. Karelia was done with him, and he was done with Karelia.

But he wasn't done serving.

And Samanova wasn't the only one who had made an offer.


Class | TBD
(brief summary of class role)





Direwolf's Bite

Weapons Proficiency (TBD IN MORE DETAIL) | Broadsword
Familiar with most basic firearms. Expert handling of certain types of advanced groznium-powered guns.

Crow's Edge


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