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CS Protip ft Carl Sagan

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Howdy everyone it's me Carl Sagan. JUST KIDDING but I had you goin' there, didn't I?

Oh yeah so there's this cool tip that I wanna give when writing a CS. You may find that oftentimes you can't finish a CS and just leave it posted on the thread anyway as a WIP or you make the leap to finish it but don't like how your character turned out later. If it's the former, it can get overlooked by GMs because they don't get updated when you edit your sheet so you have to nag them to check out something they've already half read.

It doesn't seem right. You don't go around showing people your tar-stained teeth before dental surgery, that's just counterproductive. You want people to see the full picture, not keep showing them lil bits that you keep gluing together.

That's where this magical place comes in: The Private Workshop!

Yeah, that's right. The thing you saw on the main page and never used once. Welp, unfinished CSs or even RP drafts are great to use in this place, and there's a couple of benefits too,
•GMs and pre-signed players don't skim through your work after they've seen the unfinished version!
•Nobody sees anything cus it's a private workshop, eh?
•There's a sort of 'scrapbook' effect where you can look back on RPs you've joined and what kind of characters you've already created!
•You can post edgy memes for snooping mods which they can't do anything about!
• No more catching up after GMs when you edit a WIP!
•Gluten free! (may vary)

So yeah that's it, thanks for reading and remember to Carl Sagan.

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