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Fantasy [CS] - Like the Stars Chase the Sun



cursed with ideas
Character Template:

Appearance: fc, drawing, and/or describe
Personality: doesn’t have to be in depth, we’ll see it in rp anyway
+Magic discipline: Single word descriptor if you can (eg. pyromancy, plant magic, etc)
+Special abilities: Any magical ability, skill, spell your character has mastered or is unique to them
Background: How did they end up here, plus anything you think could become relevant. Can be as long or as short as you like. If there’s anything you’d like me to know but want to keep secret from the other players, feel free to dm.

+ means only include if applicable


cursed with ideas
  • Name: Talia Soldati
    Age: 32
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’7”
    Occupation/Title: Captain of the Kestrels
    Appearance: Light skin, dirty blond hair twisted up at the back of her head, and brown eyes. Has a particularly nasty burn scar covering her left shoulder and creeping up the side of her neck. She’s almost never seen out of her plate armor, which lays over tabards of the royal colors of green and purple
    Personality: No-nonsense, concise, makes judgements fast and sticks to them, sees issues as black and white, fiercely loyal to the Kestrels and the king. People are tools, relationships are weakness
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cursed with ideas
  • Name: Erik Graven
    Age: 27
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’8”
    Appearance: Dusty brown skin, messy black hair, grey eyes.
    Personality: Dismissive, sardonic, and blunt. Quick-thinking and adaptable. He usually comes across as rude as he hates formalities or trying to do things the diplomatic way
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Dahlia Urog Smithson
Dahlia, unfinished.png
Artwork in progress ~

  • Race




    Her skin is a reddish-grey color; too grey to be Human, and too reddish to be Orc. Most of her features she takes after her human father, but her Orcish mother gave her all the differentiating features, including her pointed ears, her height and muscular build, and the two small tusks that poke from her lips. She has long, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and burn scars on her forearms.

    Dahlia is forbearing, reliable, and fiercely protective of those she becomes close to. On the other hand she is really slow to trust others, which can make her come off as aloof and unforgiving. When she still had her freedom, she enjoyed doing adventurous things, like exploring caves or cliff diving.​

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Name: Harlow Seaver

Age: 22

Race: human

Height: 5'2"

Occupation: Thief/Smuggler

Appearance: Harlow is on the shorter side with a bit of a stocky build, with a broad smile and shaggy dark hair. Her skin is a light brown and her eyes are almost black.

a harlow.png

Personality: Harlow is brash and friendly, but don’t mistake that for trustworthy or honest. She’s been looking out for herself for a while now, and that will always be her first instinct, not that you’d think so from her behavior. Irreverent and arrogant to the point of it being dangerous, she finds trouble wherever she goes, which means she doesn’t tend to stay in one place very long. While she can be the life of the party, she doesn’t let anyone close enough to actually know her. Irresponsible and hedonistic, Harlow does what she feels like and leaves the place a mess. Known for being blunt and occasionally crude, she doesn’t tend to show much restraint.

Magic discipline: N/A

Special abilities:
Inherent passive luck field-- gets her out trouble in technically possible but increasingly unlikely ways

Background: Harlow was born to a family of farmers deep in the Sentian countryside. She quickly grew bored working on the farm, so when a group of traveling merchants came through town, she saw her chance, running away, no goodbyes, no looking back. Young Harlow earned her keep helping the merchants display, transport, and maintain their wares. So it went for several years, until one night when the caravan was attacked by bandits! Recognizing there was no winning against the bandits, Harlow appealed to let her join them instead. Amused by the girl, the leader acquiesced, figuring she wouldn't last very long anyway. Yet the bandit leader was wrong, and soon observed for himself her "skill" (actually pure luck) in the field. Harlow soon rose in the ranks and became, if not infamous, then a regionally renowned outlaw. Though having no opinion on magic-users herself, she often smuggled magical artifacts across borders for various buyers.

However, Harlow's fatal flaw soon reared its ugly head: disloyalty. After a particularly lucrative raid, she took off on her own with the spoils, and the other bandits swore revenge. Even Harlow's good fortune couldn't save her with the law, her former gang, and her own arrogance working against her. She was caught by the Kestrels selling magical items just outside the capital, who she later suspected were tipped off by one of her old crew. Harlow was thrown into prison, yet she knew she couldn't be contained for very long. Right on queue, only a week after Harlow had been imprisoned, the king was killed and everything descended into chaos (just as she liked it).


Name: Nina Simone Rivera

Age: appears 19 in age, but she's much older. maybe around like- 2,000

Race: Fae, a spirit of sorts to be specific

Height: 5'2

Occupation/Title: Prisoner

Appearance: (( she only glows sometimes 🤠👍))1622412106607_image1.JPG

Personality: Kind, but a bit strange. She's the endearing sort, but she seems very naive. Especially for someone who just got out of prison. Not exactly the... smartest. But hey, she's a sweetheart so that'll make up for it.

Magic discipline: Divination + Enchantment

Special abilities: See thoughts: Nina can quite easily slip into the mind of others, sometimes she does it on accident or without meaning to. And she rarely uses it unless she's trying to help someone. (( her most common use of it is looking in someone's head for any memories or thoughts that are hurting them. ))

Forget: Nina quite often tampers with the memories of others, it's how she was able to survive so long without getting caught. She can make people forget her easily(or fail to notice her entirely). But making them forget anything besides her is much harder.

Comfort: Nina uses her voice to heal, her words a warm in like the comforting rays of the sun. this ability she has is usually used after she has looked into someone's mind and identified a memory or thought that was hurting them or weighed on their soul. She whispers comforting words to aid them and help them heal. It's like charmspeak but she's cultivated it to basically be therapy.

Background: Nina has wandered the land for ages, dedicating herself to helping others. No one knows why, not even her, it's just a compulsion she feels. Perhaps she tired of hearing the anguish in people's mind and dedicated herself to quieting their pain. Perhaps she was just simply, kind. No one knows, and no one ever remembers her after she's done helping them.

She was drawn to Cantawar in the times of the cleansing, the cries of the mages and her fellow fae being driven out and slaughtered rang through her head. She knew of the danger and stayed hidden, helping many mages and fae escape from the shadows. She would be a guide to groups of those wishing for escape and lead then to safety, anytime they were spotted she'd make whoever saw them forget. She became a figure of hope to mages and Fae. "The Ghost of the Spire" was a nickname given to her. Her actions were never truly forgotten, she was one Fae, and could only do so much. But she did enough to ensure her safety.

Then she got an idea. She wanted to help the mages already in the prisons. She could help them, she started with a human girl named Nina. that's right, you heard me. However the task grew to be too much for her. She couldn't make so many guards continuously forget her and the locks combatted all types of magic. She could not help. And the guards ended up letting the human Nina starve to death down in that cell.

And then they managed to get her, she was already exhausted from making the guards forget constantly and she couldn't fight well. She would be killed. She knew the guards would kill any fae on sight. So she used the last ounces of energy she had left to steal the human Nina's identity. She changed her physical body to resemble the dead human girl and made the guards forget she did it. She was thrown into the cell again and couldn't find anyway out. How lovely.

house elf


  • Name: Eadri Orien
    Age: 21
    Race: Avian
    Height: 5'1"
    +Occupation/Title: Assassin /Spy
    Appearance: fc, drawing, and/or describe: Her skin is naturally light brown but has been darkened by the sun during her time in the mountains. Her eyes are a piercing white and her feathers and wings are a blueish-black. Most of her body is fairly humanoid but her feet and wings give away her avian heritage. Her black talons are roughly the size of a human male's pinky and extremely sharp. Her right wing is a bit crooked due to a bad injury as a teen and it never healed correctly. As a result, her flying has been affected. She can't fly for too long without pain and her flights are a bit wonky.
    Personality: Her job requires her to be secretive and so it represents her personally as well. She's not exactly drawn to conversation or people alike. Despite working in the more underground part of the city, she does enjoy having a name for herself built off her hard work and successes no matter how grisly they are. She maintains a serious persona for her work since she dabbles in serious matters but she's still a very young adult, especially for an avian. She's naturally curious and at times prone to emotions especially when her ego is bruised. Her time in the dungeon has hardened her and the loss of her only living family member has made life seem like a very unappealing task of late.
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Potentially a person. Not sure yet.

  • Name: Naja Syva
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’

    Personality: Shy, very easily bribed with money. Puts herself before others, but still willing to risk herself for those who she truly trusts. Doesn’t trust Kestrels.


There are some who call me Zyn

  • Name: Irie (Eye-ree)
    Age: 50 Race: Fae (Homonculus)/Artificial Humanoid
    Height: 5'5"
    Occupation/Title: Ranger/Tracker/Mage
    Personality: Doesn't much like being the center of attention, but a generally helpful person. She's rather easily trusting of people, but if her trust is abused, getting it back is rather difficult. While she's not quite literal, she doesn't much 'get' social cues or figures of speech. Believes in life being sacred, and avoids taking the life of another humanoid even under the most dire circumstances.

Stern LuLuLu

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Name: Seto Luzon
+Occupation/Title: Laymen/sellsword

Personality: An enthusiastic fellow. He can be a bit out there when he talks but he always means well for people. He can sometimes get under people's skin without trying to. An will often go out of his way to help those who need it. People who share baked goods with him just earned themselves a friend.

+Magic discipline: n/a

+Special abilities:
Sol Luna
In the light of the burning sun, he becomes faster and vastly improved stamina.
In the light of the cooling moonlight, he gets stronger and becomes more durable.

Background: Seto was raised by a clan of nomads with his father where he learned to fight and adapt to new places and people. His mother would go out to make deals with merchants for food when there was nothing around to hunt with whatever goods they found in their travels and Seto tagged along often. One day when his father and mother were away, the place where his clan had a made camp for the night a starved-looking beast that lost its home because of the Cleansing. In the middle of the fight with the beast, the village was hit with a huge flood leaving him and the beast as the last survivors. Both with life dying the beast used the last of its power to make sure it would live on in some way giving it's the ability to the unconscious Seto. His father and mother came and found him all by himself and took him to the nearest city which was Vaill. Where Seto decided to find a way to get revenge for his clan. Seto's mother was able to get a place to stay a layman friend of hers. Seto asked them to train him. They agreed after hearing their story. In which he did extremely well maybe with heth the help of his unknown ability. Seto continued to Believing what he would meet the beast again one day. As he goes through training and adventuring to hone his skills and gain more world knowledge so he will be prepared for their next encounter.
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Name: Valleni
Age: 34
Race: Human (originally)
Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Personality: Having been mostly cut off from civilization for just over a decade, Valleni is longer used to dealing with people. As such she has become quiet and withdrawn compared to how she used to be.

Special abilities: While Valleni has no special powers of her own, she is able to draw upon the spear's power to a limited extent.
Cursed Body: In addition to changing her physical appearance, the spear's curse has strengthened her body, giving her an increase to speed and strength. While it helps offset her lack of training or experience with the weapon, its not enough to let her match any of the more veteran Kestrels. In addition Valleni has increased resistances to curses.

Return to Me: The spear does not tolerate being away from Valleni. When separated from her it manipulates things to return to her. Often this is a simple compulsion that will drive whatever person or animal that comes in contact with it to bring it to her, but sometimes it manages to close the distance to her via unknown means.

Healing: Due to the curse, Valleni can't be healed by holy means.

Curse Eater: The spear is able to devour curses for its own benefit. The process generally takes some time, and if Valleni would attempt to draw a curse out of a living thing she must stab them with the spear and leave it there until the process is complete, a rather painful event to say the least.

Monarch's Demise: A curse that consumed an ancient monarch. While active, the spear deals additional curse damage with every strike and grants her the ability to temporarily assume a more ghostly form, gaining resistance against physical attacks and allowing her blows to bypass mundane armor. However that form is exhausting to maintain, limiting its use to a few minutes at a time with a lengthy rest period.

Dormant Curses: There are two other notable curses contained within the spear, but Valleni does not know about them and can not draw upon their power yet.

Background: Lived in a village in a forest, largely forgotten by the larger world. Life was rather normal for Valleni until she ranged further than normal foraging for berries and other edibles where she found a small cave. Curious, she ventured inside and found the ancient remains of some kind of humanoid creature, its hands grasping a spear made out of some kind of dark colored metal. Thinking it could be sold for a good amount of money to the traveling merchant that sometimes came through, she brought it back with her. As planned the young woman was able to trade it for a sizable sum. That was the last the village ever saw of that merchant.

Months later the body of the merchant's guard was discovered nearby, mauled by a wild animal and the spear laying nearby. Since then Valleni would always find the spear nearby, no matter how far away it was taken or how the village tried to seal it away, it would return to her by means no one could figure out. The other villagers began calling it cursed, and fearing what might happen to the others if it stayed nearby, she eventually left her home, carrying only what she could carry and the cursed weapon. For years she lived in isolation in the wilderness, only rarely coming visiting a town or village for information or supplies, and it was on one of those visits she learned about the Cleansing. While at one point she would have gone to them for help, the spear's corruption had started to warp her body and she was concerned that they would simply kill her instead. As such Valleni withdrew even more from society, actively avoiding people to live completely in in the forest.

The peace she found living alone would not last. Eventually the Kestrels tracked her down, how she did not know, and lacking any real experience or training with the spear she was easily captured. Despite her pleas that she was a victim of the spear and begging them to find a way to destroy it, Valleni ended up being locked in a cell. Fortunately for her, she was only there for a few days before the assassination of the king happened and a chance for freedom was presented to her...


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  • Name: Elena Dunn
    Age: 87
    Race: Fae (Baobhan Sith)
    Height: 5”6”

    Personality: Likes to avoid any sense of confrontation, can be rather noble sounding and stuck up once comfortable


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