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Fantasy [CS] - Like the Stars Chase the Sun {reboot}



cursed with ideas
Character sheets are mainly to be useful as quick overviews and references for your character. If you want to go super in depth, feel free, but if you can include a tl;dr version that would help me out a lot when we get into it and I start forgetting people's names ╮(╯-╰);╭

Applicable rules/guidelines:
  • You can join as one of the king's men or a captured mage/fae.
    • I’m using the word “fae” here to mean any humanoid fantasy race, not just the Fair Folk or fairy type. Typical high fantasy races are all game - orcs, elves, dwarves, nymphs, etc
  • if you are going to play a mage character, do not go OP. You don't need to have every possible move planned out, but run the gist of the powerset by me and be okay with reworking if I say it's not going to fit. Magic skill roughly falls into major categories, with individuals through nature or study typically being talented in only one area. Usually an individual will focus even more closely on a specific application (more focus = more time to perfect it) but can dabble in anything in their larger category. The exception to this being elemental mages, who always stick to their one chosen element due to dangers associated with mixing them
    • A non-exhaustive list: Life magic, Mind magic, Elemental magic, Force-based magic, Spatial, Temporal
    • For plot complicating reasons I will not be allowing spatial or temporal magic unless someone can convince me it won't break things P:
  • If you are wanting to play a mage or fae - life would be very hard and dangerous within the kingdom, especially for those fae who would need to disguise their appearance. You'll need to be thinking about why it is that they haven't moved to friendlier lands. Maybe they have family here? They’re here on some kind of mission? Or maybe there is something on the outside that they are avoiding? You also need to think on why they would agree to this deal, I'd like to waste as little time as possible on the initial sorting out of the situation and move right into the rest of the story
  • If you want to play one of the Kestrels, they hate mages and anything at all inhuman. If they've been in this for very long, they have likely lost comrades to the fight, and since your character has stuck around through it, they believe in the cause. You should think about motivation for joining the organization - money, power, prejudice, family pressure, etc
  • We don't need to have even numbers of these groups. Everyone wants to play the magic people, I get it, it's perfectly fine! I actually originally wrote this to have everyone join as mages but thought that was a bit restrictive so opened it up. Write what makes you happy
  • I'm limiting players to max two characters each to start.

Character Template:
fc, drawing, and/or describe
Personality: doesn’t have to be in depth, we’ll see it in rp anyway
+Magic discipline: Single word descriptor if you can (eg. pyromancy, divination, etc)
+Special abilities: Any magical ability, skill, spell your character has mastered or is unique to them. You don't need to exhaustively say everything they can do. For example, if they're a wind mage you don't need to say they can control wind, but if they have a special air burst move that would be included here.
Background: How did they end up here, plus anything you think could become relevant. Can be as long or as short as you like. If there’s anything you’d like me to know but want to keep secret from the other players, feel free to dm it to me.

+ means only include if applicable


Adv. / Lit. / Multi-Para
Name: Riv'lea, Lea

Age: Old, but considered young to their own kind. Approx. ~20 years old when compared to a human.

Gender: Female; prefers she/they (she/her/they/them) pronouns. Accepts he/him due to her androgynous appearance, but may correct depending on the persons demeanor.

Race: Faefolk, Fairy

Height: 5' 7" | 170.18cm

Occupation/Title: Nothing official, but she considers herself an Illusionist. Unofficially, she thinks herself a martyr.

Appearance: Faceclaim - Ruby Rose [ see visual here ] ; Androgynous in appearance, lacking usual feminine curves (they are still there, just not as obvious). Pale complexion, angular facial structure, natural blond hair (that she changes OFTEN through use of illusions or natural dying methods). Hair is usually cropped short with even shorter side(s); think punk-like. Wings are delicate and translucent in appearance; theirs in particular would look similar to a cicada [ see visual here - both would be just as delicate-looking like the bottom wing]. Wings make no sound when moving; can only be harmed by magical means (the rest of the body is free game). Wings do have a physical touch like flower petals.

Personality: Energetic, Standoffish, Reliable, Rebellious, Determined, Mischievous, Independent, Impatient

Magic discipline: Light

Special abilities:
Light - Light magic is just that, light. Can create light (or numerous lights) at will, though gets tired from overexertion. Most powerful abilities are illusions, which is basically the fairy distorting light that enters enemies eyes to make them believe they are seeing something else. Small things, like color changes, require little effort. But large scenarios, like hiding a small area from the eyes of many (I'm thinking the size of a small house or campsite, kind of like Hermione's disillusionment charm in book 7 of Harry Potter), will very quickly drain them (~one minute or so, 5 max?). This is mostly used as a last ditch effort as it requires a lot of concentration. Being knocked unconscious cancels all effects.

Flight - Can fly for a distance if not carrying anything extreme (~10 miles), but can only fly a very short distance (~1 mile, ~1.5km) if carrying a lot of weight. Cannot carry anyone unless they are very small or weigh little. Can fly up to 50 miles a day with regular resting periods.

Background: Grew up seeing both the good and bad in the world, the bad being the most current and the thing she has clung to the most. The slaughter of magic users, particularly those of Faekind, caused her to become angry at King Maeleg and his people. Over the past 5 years, joined a party of Lúth-glad radicals that call themselves the Retributionists, who sought to build an army that would fight back against the Anti-Magic humans. It had yet to take off to be more than 30 members by the time of her capture. Her small group made it into Cantawar territory, just a few hours past the Lúth-glad border, but were found by a scouting party before they even had time to set up camp. Lea used the last bit of their magic to allow their fellow Faefolk to escape before she collapsed from overexertion.
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cursed with ideas
  • Name: Talia Soldati
    Age: 32
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’7”
    Occupation/Title: Captain of the Kestrels
    Appearance: Light skin, dirty blond hair twisted up at the back of her head, and brown eyes. Has a particularly nasty burn scar covering her left shoulder and creeping up the side of her neck. She’s almost never seen out of her plate armor, which lays over tabards of the royal colors of green and purple
    Personality: No-nonsense, concise, makes judgements fast and sticks to them, sees issues as black and white, fiercely loyal to the Kestrels and the king. People are tools, relationships are weakness


cursed with ideas
  • Name: Erik Graven
    Age: 27
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’8”
    Appearance: Dusty brown skin, messy black hair, grey eyes.
    Personality: Dismissive, sardonic, and blunt. Quick-thinking and adaptable. He usually comes across as rude as he hates formalities or trying to do things the diplomatic way


Name: Nina Simone Rivera

Age: Oh she's around 150 years old,

Race: Tree Nymph

Height: 5'2

Occupation/Title: Prisoner


Personality: She's a bit chatty and kind of awkward. She's the endearing sort, but she seems very naive. Especially for someone who just got sent to prison. Not exactly the most logical person. But hey, she's a sweetheart so that'll make up for it.

Magic discipline: Divination + Enchantment

Special abilities:
See thoughts: Nina can quite easily slip into the mind of others, sometimes she does it on accident or without meaning to. And she rarely uses it unless she's trying to help someone. (( her most common use of it is looking in someone's head for any memories or thoughts that are hurting them. ))

Forget: Nina quite often tampers with the memories of others, it's how she was able to survive so long without getting caught. She can make people forget her easily(or fail to notice her entirely). But making them forget anything besides her is much harder.

Comfort: Nina uses her voice to heal, her words a warm in like the comforting rays of the sun. This ability she has is usually used after she has looked into someone's mind and identified a memory or thought that was hurting them or weighed on their soul. She whispers comforting words to aid them and help them heal. It's like charmspeak but she's cultivated it to basically be therapy.

Background: Nina spent much of her life alone in the unclaimed wilds (Around Lúth-glad). She had sprouted from a willow tree surrounded by nymphs like her, they taught her everything. How to speak, eat, use her magic, and how to care for her portion of the land. They became her family and she would use her abilities to quell their hearts when they were in anguish. She loved her sisters, and the life they gave her. But she always longed for more. She wanted to explore! She wanted to meet new people and help them like she helped her sisters. She could hear the whispers of their suffering from her home in the woods and decided that she had to heed their pleas. So she left her home in search of these voices.

Nina found herself in Cantawar, during the mage cleansing. Reading the thoughts of the people, Nina was able to get a relatively good grasp of what was going on and quickly started helping mages escape. Everything was going well until a mage turned on her. Ratting her out in exchange for their own freedom. Nina had never been betrayed before, not in her entire life. She was able to read the thoughts of others, so she knew exactly what people were feeling and why. She later found out that they were given an amulet to block out her powers and she had never even questioned it. For her crimes of helping mages escape she was sent on her way to prison.
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A little Valkyrie of a healer.
Name: Petra Catalán
Age: Twenty-four
Human mage
5'8" || 173cm
Personality: Sensible and sincere, Petra has little taste for lies and deceit, preferring to speak plainly and honestly with those around her, all while keeping an air of serenity and a kind gaze. It's not uncommon for Petra to talk things over with her foes, rather than see the matter come to blows.
Magic discipline: Elemental Earth + Summoning - Jewel Guardian
Special abilities:
While Petra is a mage of the Earth, granting her both offensive and defensive spells to cast with the ground around her, she has a small preference to her Jewel Guardians, cast through various Gemstones (Which she seems to communicate with), Petra calls upon the spirits of the element of Earth to protect her and her companions. Most, if not all, of her spellcasting is through the many jewels and gems on her person, affecting the spells in their own way.

There are four major stones that Petra uses:
  • Opal: Using the Opal emboldens her spell, making it stronger at the cost of speed.
  • Spinel: Casting through the Spinel hastens her spell, at the cost of the spell's power.
  • Alexandrite: Using the Alexandrite doubles the spell cast, though halving it's effectiveness.
  • Onyx: Using the Onyx turns the spell into a shield for Petra, upon contact with said shield the spell triggers as a counter.

Jewel Guardian: Using her gemstones, Petra calls upon the spirits of earth to inhabit a physical manifestation of the respective gemstone, while they're no bigger than that of a human, they act as Petra's sword and shield. Calling upon one takes up a sizeable amount of energy from her, let alone a greater amount of concentration to maintain the golem, leaving her unable to cast her stronger spells in defense of herself.

Background: Petra was born to a family of mages, raised in Sentia, close to the border of Vaill, one of the first lessons taught to the young Petra was that of the spirits of the earth around them, and the reverence that was to be shown to them and their ilk. As time wore on, Petra was taught the magics that her family possessed, ranging from their ability to séance with the gemstones, gifting them the ability to call upon the spirits of the earth itself to protect themselves, or so she is aware. With the seasons change came more of the same for Petra and her family, living quietly upon the farm, tending to the lands with their guardians, and all remained silent, outside of a fox eating a chicken here, wolves eating a cow there, nothing too out of the ordinary for the family...

That is... Until the Cleansing....

Magic had become outlawed, with mages being hunted down with ruthless intent, none were spared when the Kestrels came. Fearing the worst, Petra's family quickly abandoned their farm, escaping through the northwest of Vaill, into the forests of Lúth-glad, hoping to live out the cleansing, praying to whichever god, spirit, or deity that would listen that the madness would stop, and Petra cold return home. Taking up residence within the smaller villages within the forest, Petra lived through the initial massacre at the hands of the Cleansing. However, as the years passed, she couldn't help but long for her home, pondering the fate of the farm she was raised on, and of the spirits that dwelled within the area. Were they satisfied with her family's departure? Did someone take their place in that home? Furthermore, were they tending to the earth spirits as well as her family had? It ate at Petra for the longest time, and she had to know...

What a mistake she had made... As she left the forest, Petra was beset with ill tidings, as the Kestrels were nearby, rounding up more mages, and she became one of them....


Wildlife Conservationist in the Making
Ashryn Venryl aka Ash
looks to be 20 in human years but, in reality, is 120
Woodland Elf - lived in Anhaga
5 feet 4 inches - small for an elf
Healer/Lady of Saram (dreams) - lived in Anhaga, Prisoner
Image credit goes to BloominStella on DeviantArt
Image of Ashryn
Ashryn is a woodland elf - she has platinum blonde hair which is wavy and falls to her lower back. Her eyes are stunning emerald green and she has ivory skin. Ash wears a green dress with golden embroidery. Her eyes are almond-shaped and her height is small for her species. She has a golden metal belt that twists in a delicate floral-like pattern.
Ashryn (keeping the name of course) is a very adventurous and loyal elf. She holds no ill will towards humans, but also is a very shy being. She is more half introvert and half extrovert (like me irl - it depends on who she is around and if she knows them or not). Very intuitive, curious and kind at heart. She can be extremely stubborn and strong-willed though.
+Magic discipline:
Life Magic
+Special abilities:
Aurora Pulse: Ability to heal small wounds without the aid of herbal remedies, this takes a bit of energy though not a ton and she is able to do so for a good 1-2 hours with this ability. Can heal larger/major wounds with this ability but it takes longer and leaves Ash very drained.

Aura Reading: The ability to sense auras. This allows Ash to sense emotions and health status. This ability can only be used for 20 minutes and needs a lot of focus. Given this need - if she is distracted Ash can be thrown into a dizzy spell.
Ashryn's parents were born in Lúth-glad. the two elves were highly respected elves, and one was a healer - much like Ashryn was. Life was peaceful and many species came to the two elves for good luck and they never turned anyone away. However, this was before the cleansing. When the cleansing began... life changed - and the views the couple shared ... well they just were not ideal. When the Lady Sielyr learned she was pregnant - well the two knew instantly they had to leave the place they so loved. It would not be good to raise their daughter in a place that wouldn't agree with their ideals. Knowing this fact - the two left and traveled to Anhaga. The two elves quickly got used to the nomadic ways and loved it.

When Ashryn was born there was a big celebration and the two proud parents adored their daughter. Given not many knew their status of highly respected elves - they kept it that way. Lord Neiren adored his wife and lifemate as well as their little Ash. Ashryn grew up in Anhaga, very much loving the way of life that was in the Anhaga way. She had a gorgeous black mare which she rode to gather herbs for remedies and travel with the nomadic group. Her mare was named Lieris. While the cleansing was in full swing - her parents went out and never returned one day - though their horses returned to them. When word reached Ashryn that Cantawar had no healers left - she dared to travel to the city ... only to get herself captured.


Adv. / Lit. / Multi-Para
Name: Illyrius "Lyr" Demol

Age: 17

Race: Human

Height: 6'1", still growing

Occupation/Title: Kestrel, Scout/Bowmen

Appearance: Jack Barton as Foldo. Tall, maybe considered a little lanky by some. Short brown hair and brown eyes. He wears the usual armor worn by the Kestrels, though does prefer his usual hunting leathers when he gets the chance.

Personality: Growing; can come off as really bi-polar with his clashing words and actions. Confused and sometimes reluctant. He despises magic-users and Faefolk because he was told to, not because he really understands the implications (though he has witnessed the execution of many). Magic causes him great fear because of what it can cause, but secretly does recognize the beauty within it. Equally fascinated. Obedient mostly out of fear rather than pure loyalty. Loyal, but can be a coward when cornered. Doesn't see the point in sacrificing himself to causes; his life is more important than politics, but he tries to get in the good graces of his superiors regardless. If he feels confident in a situation he may speak up more, but he tends to be a listener rather than a speaker. He does care deeply about his friends and family and does wish to be seen as an equal, which is why he joined the Kestrels rather than become a full-fledged hunter like his father; seeks to bring honor to his family.

Special abilities:
Tracker: Expert tracker despite his age; grew up hunting alongside his father when practically a toddler. Has a sense of understanding the land before him and can find disturbances even some veteran trackers might miss.

Bowman: Due to his hunting background, it was imperative he learn how to use a bow very young. While not an expert archer by any means, he holds vast potential to become one of the best bowmen in the Kestrels given enough time and training.

Background: Illyrius was born like any other peasant in Danach to Alycie and Onias Demol. He quickly learned to listen and work hard, as survival was everything. He fell into line behind his father and elder brother Leontis of three years as he learned to hunt and use a bow. When he was 4 years old, he became the middle child when his parents had a daughter, Liana, and he couldn't be happier. When he turned 7, the Queen was murdered, and he witnessed the rounding up and murders of hundreds of magic-users. His family tried to keep him out of trouble and away from the gruesomeness that was the Cleansing, but the boy watched and learned. And grew fearful. If magic could take away the Queen, it could take away his Mother, Father and siblings. When their his youngest brother Danielus died to sickness before he was a month old, he was the first one to blame magic for the cause. His parents didn't dissuade him, nor did they reject the idea. It seemed they continued to live their lives and avoid any of the Cleansing trouble.

When Illyrius turned 15, he went out and started to apprentice under one of the Kestrels with the inclination he would join them in the future. While his parents were neutral about the idea, his two brothers and sister had mixed reactions. Leontis was so very pleased with him, clapping him on the shoulder with a force that nearly broke Lyr's knees. His younger brother Lorencin got angry, accusing Lyr of abandoning the family. His sister was, as always, gentle. Even at the tender age of 11, she was already as charismatic as a queen would have been, encouraging him to follow his dream, but reminding him that becoming a Kestrel would inevitably put blood on his hands.

He didn't understand it then, but after he joined a party to round up a hidden human mage and watched as the Kestrels were forced to end his life during the siege, he understood. The blood of the mage was on his hands, and not just literally.

"You've done well, boy. We'll make a Kestrel out of you yet." He had no idea who said those words as he was frozen in sheer panic. He stared at the dead body of the cryomancer before him. He had lunged at the mage when his back was to him. He never really thought about killing anyone...he simply wanted to protect one of the Kestrels.

He wanted to leave then and there, but fear kept him going, training with the Kestrels until he finally was accepted into the ranks as a Scout. His first official Kestrel mission brought him close to Lúth-glad where they managed to capture one very feisty fairy before joining with the others. And now he rides with the prisoners in tow, unknowing of how the world was to be soon undone.


Serana Sylvania
  • Age: 191 (looks middle-aged, by human standards)
    Race: High Elf (Dór O Aglar pureblood)
    Height: 5'11"

    Occupation(s): blacksmith, enchantress, entrepreneur, but is pretty much a grifter these days

    AppearanceSerana lacks the stereotypically slim, lithe elven build. She's a blacksmith first and a mage second, so her considerable curves hide an unexpected amount of muscle mass, especially for someone who often seems so... umm... "idle" at the best of times and outright lazy other times. She has sharp features, with high cheek bones, intense pale blue eyes, and long, dagger-like ears, which gives her face a distinct v-shape. Her black hair hangs nearly to her waist when left undone, but is usually braided or tied back. In the past, she would often dress in the finest fashions money could buy and adorn herself with jewelry, gemstones, and gold, but recent events have forced her to sell or stash most of that. These days, she typically settles for "well-dressed," but not nearly as flamboyant as she once was. Even while living as a fugitive, her pride won't allow her to be seen in rags, if she can help it.
    PersonalityHaughty, proud, sharp-tongued, and too smart for her own good. She is deceitfully honest; brutally precise; patient, but doesn't like to have her time wasted. Serana believes she is objectively superior to those around her, which leads to many contradictions. Even at times when she is clearly at a disadvantage, she doubles down and commits to the con. Her poker face is god tier, fueled by delusions of grandeur. This 'confidence,' for lack of a better word, has served her well in the business realm, but can definitely rub people the wrong way in casual settings. Despite all of that, she usually means well and is (almost) never intentionally malicious.

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