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c. decay

c. the speed of light
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Hello! I'm C. and I'm 21 years old. EST. Thank you for taking a look at my RP search!
I'm currently a part-time college student so I will be a bit busy but will have more time than the average full-time student to tend to RPs.
This thread might update frequently because I'm forgetful. Any questions just ask!

I'm literally so desperate to write SOMETHING pls throw me a bone here.

I am open to trying new things!
✩ After reading if you have a fandom I'm not in that you think I'd be interested in, Id' totally be down to learning more about it to RP. Same goes with genre that is not listed.
✩ I can RP here or on Discord.
✩ I am ditch friendly, so if you stop replying after an extended period of time I'll assume the RP is done, but am willing to resume if you ask.
✩ I do prefer CC/CC, but am open to doing CC/OC, or OC/OC. Doubling is not necessary, I don't mind only doing CC/OC for you!
✩ I do prefer OOC chat, as I like bantering, sharing new ideas, memes, and even playlists and moodboards, but it's not a must.
✩ Must be LGBT friendly! I can do any romantic pairing (MxM, MxF, FxF, etc.)

However, there are some guidelines I tend to follow and am not willing to compromise on. Here they are:
Length preference: Absolutely no one-liners. I tend to prefer at least 2-3 paragraphs.
Brainstorming: I really like brainstorming and do not want to be the only one coming up with new ideas, planning, or moving the plot forward. I'm always down to negotiate different possibilities to steer the RP in.
Age Requirement: 18+. I want to explore darker themes in writing that I would not be comfortable doing with anyone much younger than me.
POV: 3rd Person POV. (Any tense is fine.)
Romance: Slow to Mid-burn. I don't like instant romances! Give it some time to feel genuine.

Onto the good stuff!
*** = Craving!
--- = Not currently invested, but willing to try.

Video Games
Dishonored (series) *** (this is the only fandom where i have fleshed out OCs)
Modern Warfare 2 (2022) ***
Cyberpunk 2077
Prey (2017)
Red Dead Redemption (1 & 2)
Disco Elysium ---
Resident Evil ---
Silent Hill ---
Bioshock ---
The Witcher ---

TV Shows
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
The Walking Dead
The Witcher ---

Dark Fantasy ***
Low Fantasy ***
Urban Fantasy ***
Alt. History

Urban Fantasy
Sci-Fi ***
Slice of Life

tropes, themes, etc.
Angst, Passion, Blue & Orange Morality, Greek Tragedy, Slow Burn, Heartbreak, Death, Found Family, Locked in One Room, Near Death, Pining, Tender, "wont admit they're in love"
(will likely add more, when i can think of them.)

Golden Solitaire

Fandom Trash
I would love to plot MW2 (Doubling OC x Canon if you're down for it) with you if this is still open! I've been dying to write it for a while!

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