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Fandom Crystal Hearts - Kingdom Hearts RP

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One Piece Lover
I really want a kingdom hearts RP. This Kingdom Hearts RP is different, I do allow other series. Anime, other video game series. Cannons are welcome. We need them.. Same with the Crystal Hearts holders. You can make up your own crystals for your OC. This a Crossover RP also.


Two years have passed, since the fight between the Heroes of Light and Organization XIII. Sora, Riku and Kairi returned to the Islands to have a normal life. But this normal life did not last long when they discovered a bottle washed onto shoreline of the beach. Inside was a letter from the King...

Dear Friends,
I apologize for disturbing your peaceful days of bliss, but I once again need your help to save the universe.

I have discovered seven new girl's / guy's with extraordinary powers, called 'Crystal Hearts Princesses / princes'. These girls /guys are different then the Seven Princesses / princes of Hearts. Their hearts have crystals in different colors and shapes. Each crystal has its own incredible power. In fact, I have been unable to lock down their abilities. As far as I can tell, the power of the crystal depends on the heart of the Princess / Prince.

If the Princess / prince wishes it, they could create a miracle. If their crystals go missing at best the girls / guys will become slaves to the one who stole their crystal and wields its power. At worst they'll die. In what might be our only stroke of luck though, the women / man all have birthmarks on their bodies to help identify them. They will be images that are unusual for a birthmark.

I wish that were all my news but it is just the beginning. With new temptation comes a new threat. The original Nobodies have appeared from the darkness and are now hunting down the girls /guys. I can only assume what they wish to do with them should they acquire them. Limitless power, and the ability to create miracles is tempting for even the most unmotivated of Nobodies.

Please be careful my friends! And please make haste. Time is always against us when it comes to finding women / men of power.

Your Faithful Friend,
King Mickey

Note: This take places in between KH2 and KH3

Crystal Hearts Holders
Moon Crystal - Taken

Canons - Kingdom Hearts
None Yet

Canons - Other Series
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