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Multiple Settings Cross Blades: The Divine Conquerors

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Cross Blades: The Divine Conquerors

"This is the new world, and I want you to conquer it."


"It is my gift and my revenge."


"Now take it for yourself."

As the winds of the end times engulf the Farall dimension, the beings of countless worlds and existences are summoned by an elusive near all-powerful figure to conquer a world filled with magic and mystery. A high fantasy universe of Death Knights, Blood elves and kingdoms of sorcery and danger, this new world is named Valucia.
This powerful god-like being doesn't care how or who conquers the world, they just care that it is done. So if some inner power struggles occur and a group or two die out, no matter. They will simply summon another group of powerful beings to attempt the subduing of the world.
The world is engulfed in chaos, and countless factions of varying beliefs and powers fight for dominance. Join with one or create your own and seize the lands of your opposition.
You have been summoned in the middle of a blood-ridden battle; between rampaging armies and the capital of this strange new nation.
Conquer the world as a good man seeking to bring peace, or a tyrant wishing to bring all to heel, the choice is yours.

This RP is a direct continuation/reboot of The Divine Conquerors which began back in 2019, now with many previous issues addressed and more organization, and we are accepting new players! The story follows a group of adventurers, sucked out the ruin of their old dimension and brought to a new world. They will be ordered to seize control of it, no matter the methods. Expect combat, romance, adventure, and drama at each turn. The RP will be part sandbox for you to develop factions that may eventually become kingdoms, and part GM-driven story arcs to move the plot along and get everyone associated with the Valucian factions.

  • Make as many characters as you like so long as you can take care of them all.
  • You can create most any race you want for this RP and have them be geared out in pretty much any genre's equipment like Sci-fi, fantasy, cyberpunk, steampunk, whatever you want really.
  • Swords, lasers, bullets, magic, demons, aliens, vampires, zombies, werewolves, summoners, barbarians, snipers, it's all good!
  • You can make your character a tough bastard if you want, but try not to be too overpowered, remember to write them well and don't make em a Mary Sue.
  • You can pretty much create whatever lore you want for this RP you just have to have it okayed by me and the majority of the members of the RP: Kingdoms, weapons, magic, religions, ancient enemies and heroes, whatever you want.
  • You can also gain subordinates and conquer kingdoms/nations if you like, it's all good, just don't be an asshole to other RPers.
  • It's very open-ended for the most part, so help to develop it and all is appreciated and wanted!
In terms of requirements there aren't too many but please:
- Get along, please, and try NOT to stir anything up OOC
- Be available to post as often or rarely as the RP requires
- Have more than decent grammar please. Your writing doesn't need to be awesome or complex or whatever but it needs to be understandable and edited.
- Again, please DON'T pick fights OOC and stir up drama
- Posts are expected to normally include more than one paragraph
- Be able to run more than one character
- If you really want to argue, at least do it in PMs, else you'll be thrown in one of four of our Discord's big COCs (Cool Off Corner)

This Requirement is really important: Must be prepared and ready for a long term RP with many characters and many interactions, if you want to become a part of this RP be ready to get invested. Also we are only accepting 4 people.
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