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Cross Blades: The Divine Conquerors

"Now take it for yourself."
As the winds of the end times engulf the Farall dimension, the beings of countless worlds and existences are summoned by an elusive near all-powerful figure to conquer a world filled with magic and mystery. A high fantasy universe of Death Knights, Blood elves and kingdoms of sorcery and danger, this new world is named Valucia.
This powerful god-like being doesn't care how or who conquers the world, they just care that it is done. So if some inner power struggles occur and a group or two die out, no matter. They will simply summon another group of powerful beings to attempt the subduing of the world.
The world is engulfed in chaos currently, countless factions of varying beliefs and powers fight for dominance. Join with one or create your own and seize the lands of your opposition.

You have been summoned to this ancient shrine in the mountains near a small village on the road to the capital of this strange new nation.

Conquer it as a good man seeking to bring peace, or a tyrant wishing to bring all to heel, the choice is yours.
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A flash of light blazes over the horizon, a whirling rainbow maelstrom of unnatural colors and hues. The mountains silhouetted in pitch black, a man steps forth from nothing into the waters of the ancient shrine. Smirking, he lights a cigar before turning around to face dryer land. Puffing smoke from an ethereal face, the man from nothing claps his hands twice.
From absence suddenly there is matter, from void there is material. The moment the sound of his claps fades there is a small crowd of beings before him; Elsewhere across the many nations of the world known as Valucia, a similar double clap is heard and a similar disruption of reality is felt.
A crowd of warriors, all shapes and sizes, cultures and technologies are gathered before the one who seems not entirely a man.
Smiling widely with a face marred by scarring and implants of technology long forgotten, the man claps again, gathering the attention of the assembled mass.

"Welcome! Welcome my new subjects! This is Valucia! Your new home for the time being!"

The man gestures wildly in the varied direction of the many mountains surrounding them on all sides. Returning to his composed state, the being takes a long draw of his cigar not caring about the smoke filling his lungs in the slightest. There is no sign of exhale; Almost as if there was none. Gathering itself, the man then took a more serious demeanor.

"I do not have much time to explain much at all sadly. So I will give things to you in bullet format in a moment. Just bear with me as I explain a few things? Great! Okay, so all of you have been summoned to this new world right? Right. Now take a guess as to why youre here! Actually no thats a waste of time, youre here because I brought you here! All of you are from worlds that died mere moments ago, and I, the one and only SIN, am the one who saved you all. Now as to why I saved you? Youre here to conquer this world, as in subjugate it, conquer it, raze it to the ground and rule over yourself and ashes, that sorta thing. As for why? That's for me to know and for you to try and find out if you care to.
You may go about this objective however you wish, but I will be watching and if you don't take over, someone else will. I have saved many other beings and placed them upon this world, not all of them are good but all of them are powerful."

As the strange being spoke, a log, seemingly from nowhere floated over to the man, coming to a full stop right behind him. SIN, taking a seat on the log like it was a chair he had just pulled up, puffed on his cigar a couple more times before biting it and blowing an obscene amount of smoke into the air.

"Currently a battle is taking place in the valley behind me as some of you may have noticed. The two factions down there are The Red Eagle Shock Infantry of Nortestra and a division of Mollug's finest mercenaries. Neither side is particularly good or evil, but they sure are tearing each other to pieces like damn! Exciting! This is a good chance for you all to start gathering power. Or you could just ignore it? Or maybe just kill everyone there! Oh damn this is exciting! Now does anyone have any questions???"
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Explosions rocked the bridge of the ship as alarm klaxons blared in uniform intensity. Rushing through the hallways of the cruiser, a single hooded figure by the name of Ivan Federico had to admit; he was in very, VERY deep shit. The few other crew members aboard the ship were dead and gone or very close to it, and Ivan wasn't keen on joining them. He could hear laser fire behind him as the doors shielding his back were blown open. Skinny mechanical figures appeared in the smoke, holding circular weapons of unknown design. Out of the blaze and carnage rushed terrifying spindly figures on all fours, screeching in binary code for Ivan's flesh. For once, the gunslinger wasn't very optimistic about his chances; There wasn't really anywhere else to run, metaphorically speaking of course, as he was currently sprinting for his life from a horde of robotic devourers. Every other planet and ship in the system had been scoured of life, emptied of organic matter in the AI uprising. All were to be assimilated, including Ivan.

Taking cover behind some overturned crates at the end of the hallway, Ivan unslung his long rifle from his shoulder, the strange weapon glowing as he pointed it down the hallway at his pursuers. The weapon whirred and made an almost happy sounding chirping noise before an obscenely wide blue energy beam shot forth. The scuttling pursuers were instantly vaporized and most of what was left of the doorway he'd come from disappeared in a rounded flash. The whole hallway was scorched and liquified metal oozed from the ceiling to the smoldering floor like some old reopened wound. Ivan smiled, glad for his strange weapon's immense power, before groaning as more figures appeared far down the hallway; There was just no end to the horde. Shifting his weapon's form into a handgun, Ivan fired off several explosive projectiles toward his foes before turning back to his path. Suddenly a great cracking sound filled the air and Ivan could feel the temperature aboard raise as his path before him suddenly became just space. The whole front of the ship had been atomized in an instant. As he was sucked out into the void Ivan closed his eyes and sighed one last time, regret and annoyance filling his mind up unto the end.

Except, it wasn't the end.

Ivan found himself standing on earth, or dirt at least. A large and beautiful old shrine towered above Federico, A pool of water directly in between the construct and the gunslinger. The water wasn't the only thing before Ivan however, a figure decked out in strange cybernetic implants and cloth of the highest quality material stood in front of him in the small lake. Something was very off about this situation, this couldn't be heaven, this was way too specific and the man in the lake gave off a godly aura but not a benevolent-afterlife-is-paradise-aura but something else he couldn't quite put his finger on. There were other figures all about Ivan as well: Men, women, children, robots, and monsters of all shapes and sizes had appeared in the same clearing as Ivan.

The figure began to speak, explaining the situation they found themselves in with a tone that spoke of casual insanity. He had brought them here so that they could take over the world, and he wasn't going to tell them why. It was obvious this God-like figure was a being to be approached with immense caution as they didn't look all that stable. It sounded like the group was there for his amusement, but Ivan doubted it was all that simple. He didn't really care as of that moment however, he was alive! He had been on the verge of death once again! And like usual he had been saved at the very last second by forces beyond his control! He was grateful for the life he'd been regifted but Ivan was getting a little tired of the lack of control he exerted over his life, so maybe he would take this god's advice. This was looking to be some sort of fantasy world judging by the ruins the group stood among, so his gun would be one hell of an asset. Conquering the world seemed like an awful lot of work, but once it was done Ivan figured things would run a lil smoothly and he could just hire some corrupt advisors and live a life of luxury until he died of old age or some massive peasant uprising.

Raising his hand Ivan asked the one who had just introduced himself as SIN a question he'd had burning in his mind for the last several seconds.
"So uhhhh... are you gonna be watching us ALL the time?"

SIN replied near-instantly, shaking his head and admitting with a jovial tone, "I'll have somebody watching all of you most of the time probably maybe idk but I myself, personally, will probably be catching up on my fav TV shows. Nothing personal, they're just fascinating to watch! Of course, if you think about trying to take me out I'll probably know seeing as I'm sort of a GOd lol and then I'll have you vaporized!"

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Felicia El Freliti
Weary from blood loss and the countless wounds littered across her body, Felicia stared unrelentingly towards the cruel demon in front of her. Within the generals hands, lay a thick silver sword that pierced directly into her heart. She did not have much time left, but her eyes retained their fiery vigor, refusing to take a single eye off her killer. Crimson liquid trickled down her torso forming a pool of pure red beneath her feet, her once glamorous gown drenched in its fluids. Although she looked strong, deep within her heart was nothing but despair and regret. There were countless actions she could've taken to prevent this scene from happening, as she recalled her parents dying moments not too long ago. She sincerely wished she could just go back in time, and mend her mistakes, but it was much too late. Bloodied tears fell from her mismatched eyes, as her consciousness faded to nothingness.

Her mind was numb as she floated towards her demise, but suddenly a great force pulled her very soul away from deaths door. Before she could even blink, she found herself thrown amongst a crowd of beings standing abruptly in front of a shrine. Unbelievably bewildered, Felicia slowly rose her head upwards and took a look at her surroundings. Immediately, she was alarmed by the lack of pain from her movement, and found all her battle wounds had somehow been erased! Her skin was as smooth as ever, as if there was never a battle to the death in the first place! Even her clothes were spotless! Did she ascend to the celestial realm? Although the environment she was in seemed quite peaceful, she could faintly hear the sounds of battle not too far away, throwing that possibility away. The beings around her were all incredibly different and varied, and she silently wondered what kind of mythical creature some of them were. However, her eyes shifted to lay upon the figure in front of her as he begun to speak.

...Conquer the world? Her world had perished? What? The last thing she remembered was dying with a sword through her heart, how had her world died? She knew her kingdom was no more, but what? Also conquer the world... she couldn't even protect her little kingdom what made this being think she was capable of conquering an entire world? She also deducted from his words that everyone else around her had come from a different world that had perished. Everything she knew was literally thrown out the window in a few seconds as she clutched her throbbing head. The conversation between another human wielding a large weapon on his back and the supposed God went large ignored by her as she slowly took all this information in. "Erm.. what happens if we fail to take over the world? Or if we refuse to? Will you kill us?" She asked somewhat nonchalantly after regaining her sanity, having already been at deaths door not too long ago and feeling numbed to it. Felicia understood that someone else may reign supreme if they didn't take over the world, but what did that have anything to do with them? Couldn't they just live a carefree life as a new member of this world?

Although largely confused, she found a sense of peacefulness looking at the little shrine in front of her, hoping to stay as calm as possible with this terrifying influx of information. She knew that she most likely would be forced to try and conquer the world, but was feeling at a loss of how such a thing could be accomplished. Heading to the battlefield might be the best chance of finding immediate allies with a faction, but she had a severe lack of knowledge of the world she was in. She would have no idea if the faction she just joined harboured ill intentions towards her, or had goals completely unlike her own. She pondered this on her own, completely forgetting about the other crazy beings around her that she could ally with.


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The god watched with an amused expression as all of the individuals he'd saved recovered from the sudden transition to their new world. He'd enjoyed selecting the members of this group. Ivan had been running from an AI plague that had devoured the whole of the Sol system. Felicia had been in the midst of a duel to the death with a demon general of her world. It was almost funny how much SIN could shape realities to his own image. Of course, their dimension's end hadn't been his decision, just the result of a divine mistake that snowballed into the equivalent of a universal suicide pact. They'd all died differently, but in truth, the mortal's old dimension had been long overdue for its end. SIN decided as he finished his thought that he wouldnt give any more exposition to the readers and turned to answer Felicia's question.

"Happy you could join us Felicia!" He said with a radiant smile. "As for your question? If you don't take over the world, someone else will, and once they do, they probably won't want rivals if you can understand what im getting at here. They'll probably kill you. That's what im saying. Of course, if you refuse I won't directly kill you, I'll let you leave and go off and do your own thing. Of course, carriage accidents are quite common in this universe, and buildings often just randomly collapse and kill people leaving no survivors. But I won't kill you haha, not directly, haha!"

"And to answer that other question I just know is burning at the back of all your minds, no; Trust me when I say this, but this is not Heaven."


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Tear Krux
"Ladies and gentlemen, today you will either witness my greatest experiment, or my last. Perhaps it will be both."

A laugh came from the audience, as Tear had expected. Tear had to admit, they loved an audience.

"What is this experiment, you ask?" They gave a grin. "I'm glad you asked! In this age of revolution, this age of technological acceleration, we find our sciences conquering more and more of this world's laws. We have technology that would have been called witchcraft when my father was a boy. We have medical machines that can save lives that we all thought belonged to God. And today, I'd like to take this a step further. I want to bring the fight to a foe that has long terrorized our lives. I want to battle the monster that has killed more people, more of our friends and family, more of our allies than any other beast! Today, you will watch me as I try to conquer old age itself!"

A murmur from the audience. 'Surely they had to be joking?' some asked. 'Can they really do it?' asked others. That was what Tear loved to see. The questions, their minds bursting into action, their curiosity. It brought a smile to Tear's face. With a grin, they snapped their fingers, and the curtain behind them fell to the floor. A great metal chamber came into view, with a black glass window and a thousand metal tubes and wires coming off.

"Behold, my newest machine, that I shall test now on stage!"

They listened to their audience's gasps with a smile as they walked towards the machine. In truth, Tear believe wholeheartedly that it would work. The machine had been tested before, and Tear knew what the missing piece was. It had been prepped for hours before coming onstage. At the very worst, it would simply give them a headache.

So they stepped into the machine. They stepped in with a smile, and looked at the audience through the black glass.

"See you on the other side!" They said into their microphone. And then, they hit the On switch.

The fact that everything went white was an immediate bad sign, especially when combined with the smell of burning flesh. The last thought they had before all the skin on their bones turned to ash was, Well, this is unfortunate.

They assumed that would be the end of their life. In a way, it was. A new life began for them as they awoke on a mountain shrine.

The first thing they noted was that for some reason, they had their FACE on their back. It was an odd thing to note, but they couldn't help but notice it. Did the afterlife need them to be armed?

The second thing they noticed was just how many people there were, of all shapes and sizes and species and genetic compositions. It was alarming, and all Tear did for a while was listen to the words everyone spoke to the strange being that called itself SIN.

Hecate shook the Mad King, who lay on his back, motionless and cold. "Daddy, wake up!" she said with a grin. There was no way that a group of lowly humans and an elf could slay him. Daddy must've been putting on an act! Hecate started shaking the Mad King's head, opening and closing his mouth. Her chest started to clench a little. "Daddy, this isn't funny anymore..." After shaking him again for countless times, Hecate wordlessly looked at the five silhouettes, as the throne room's torches had blown out. The elf was shouting something at the royals who the demons had failed to kill. Something about the Mad King's power being released, before the heroes ran.

The castle's main entrance shut itself, and no matter how much they rammed their bodies against it, it remained locked. "You took Daddy away from me..." the childish voice echoed as the other torches blew out, leaving them in the darkness. "I don't want to be alone!" she screeched. The royals were panicking now. Drellin, the elf, had one of them cast a sort of barrier spell around them as he worked on getting the door open. The barrier was struck by a flying sword, clattering on the floor after leaving a crack. Another crack, then another. Hecate sniffed, whispering in the silence, "Who's going to love me, now..?" A blinding light flashed from the throne room. The energy inside of the Mad King was released, and the heroes were vaporized.

For Hecate, she shut her eyes as tight as possible, curling up into a ball. She stayed in that position for who knows how long, then some familiar senses came at her. Blades of grass poked her skin, and the distant noise of battle came to her ears. She peeked one eye open, being met with a forest area. Hecate cautiously sat up, observing her surroundings. There were other people who looked rather... interesting. The first questions that came to mind were immediately answered by the man who called himself SIN. Hecate barely kept up with how fast he spoke, but she got the gist of it.

He wanted them to take over the world, a very similar plan to the Mad King's. Hecate hugged her knees, a "realization" coming to mind as her face brightly lit up. She pointed at him and said, "You're Daddy's second body! You never did die to the humans after all!" Hecate felt her vision go blurry, and she put two fingers inside her eyes, wiping the tears, a deathly black substance. She wiped her fingers on the grass, wilting the spot. "Don't do that ever again! I don't know what I would do without you..."

Hecate looked at the other people. How smart of the Mad King to have other Shade Lords ready! They must've been prepared even before the Shade Lords she knew of had perished. The Mad King still wanted his subordinates to rule the land they took, which was a pain. "Ruling is booooring!" she whined, eyeing the others. Her sight settled on the robed man with the big, black stick. Unlike the woman that reminded Hecate too much of the royals and the man or woman with lots of strange metal things in a blue coat, he looked like the perfect brute of a minion! Hecate skipped over to Ivan, having to look up as he was twice her size. "You!" she shouted while pointing at his face. "You're gonna be my loyal servant!"



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Fire rained from the sky as Charon made a mad dash for where he had left his ship. Well, not exactly fire he noted, but rather high powered energy beams and missiles from a fleet in orbit. He didn't know, or care, if it was aliens or an opposing faction to the people living on this world. Nor did he care about the panicked cries and babbling coming from the man he had slung over his shoulder. All that mattered was getting him offworld so he could learn the barber's secrets. And it looked like things were going to work out the way he wanted as Charon reached the park where he had landed his cloaked ship, the landscape still in once piece and free of the chaos happening elsewhere in the city.

Or at least it was pristine until a single shot pierced the hidden vessel, causing it to explode and send bits of itself everywhere. Charon howled in annoyance as he came to a stop, dropping the man as he shook his fists at the fleet above. Moments later he detected a missile heading in his direction, a strategic grade weapon that would destroy the entire area. "Well, that's awfully inconvenient," the android remarks right before the explosive impacted the ground.

Next thing Charon knew his systems were booting back up, his timeclock suspiciously restarted and thus leaving him with no idea how long he was offline. His audio and visual sensors came online just in time to catch what SIN's announcement and the follow up comments and questions from the various other entities in the area. The android raises a hand before speaking.

"I've got the most important question of all. Is there a top-rate barber, a genius or savant, who could teach me new ways of cutting hair?"


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SIN was having a good time with this group. He'd only known the crowd of warriors, mages, robots, and demons for 15 minutes plus the time he'd spent analyzing their backgrounds and families and family trees. They were so inquisitive and the scientist who appeared looked entertainingly delightful.

"I'll be watching out for you Tear, don't think I don't know about your already burning curiosity. One doesn't need to be a god to understand that that scientist is gonna wanna know everything about me and this world. I'll have to be careful with my responses to him."

Drawing another breath of the cigar into his divine lungs, the God looked towards Hecate the young girl/Demon/Ghost thing or whatever he'd chosen from a Fantasy world on the brink of economic collapse with a demonic virus speeding like a freight train to join in on the misery. He smiled and responded to her in a cheerful tone with a bit of fatherly love thrown in to boot,

"Yes, of course, my second body! You're so smart, what an intelligent girl you've grown to be. I could never be killed by humans silly, they just ain't got the right stuff y'know? They ain't go the moxie necessary yasee, yahear me?? Ahhhhh but that explosion at the end was brilliant wasnt it? What a way to go out? Just how Id imagine mine if I weren't a god and all that. Not that I've thought about dying before that's ridiculous why would I do that?"

She seemed to think that SIN was her father. Not great really considering she just asked him to stick around. SIN was no father figure, he couldn't handle the stress and responsibility of raising a child, at least... not alone. With the end of that thought, SIN made a mental note to get back into the dating scene and promptly tossed out the idea of ever vacationing in the Everglades. As he pondered the thought of being alone in life, he turned and assured Hecate that he was very busy nowadays and she had to learn to do things on her own, though all the others he'd summoned would totally be around to help guide her or whatever. "Good choice of servant haha, hes a real fighter that one, died a really violent death in the vacuum of the Heavens AKA space or that big empty place way above you. I hope you dont mind Ivan." They said with a big imploring smile, puppy dog eyes and all, if you could call them that considering they were both robotic in design.

Groaning, Ivan took the girl and put her on his shoulder saying "Yeah servant aint gonna happen but uh seeing as you're a kid Ill help deal with ya till we can find a good home for ya aight?"

SIN watched the exchange with amusement, hoping one of them would die later on because a plot twist like that would crush the god, and provide him something to complain about to his work buddies later on. The drama of a friendship like that ending in tragedy twisted SIN's heart deliciously.

Turning to the Barber robot he'd enjoyed watching die (Mostly because of just how comically close he'd come to getting away to continue his hilarious quest, I mean cmon how is that not funny) named Charon, he answered his question quickly and curtly before pointing in the direction of the distant capital. Under siege of course but definitely filled with masters of the hair cutting arts. Only about a week or two away on foot, those poor peasants.

"Yeh who do you think we is mannnn cmon of course we got barbahs! Plenty a good ones out there in the world ya can go to. Even some geniuses wit hair im thinkin, like of course we got Barbahs sheesh! This place even got dem good ole magic barbahs!"

An explosion rumbles in the background as he's responding and a renewal of the battle can be heard, the neighing of horses and screaming of men echoing through the valley and carrying almost softly to the ears of the newly arrived adventurers. Fire spells in rapid staccato form can be seen flying through the distant trees and up into the sky reflecting shadows in quick dancing patterns throughout the rocky and forested terrain. Almost like a light show, the mages of the opposing sides pause for nothing in their intense duties of pyrotechnics. The forest itself burns in many spots red and yellow flickering like angry spirits of the dead and damned. SIN sighed wishing he could be witnessing the fighting with his true form. Another time perhaps?

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Hans was at death's doors. Crawling out of pure desperation from the approaching party of adventurers. He knew it was hopeless, he had no mana left nor was he in a fighting state, especially with his legs broken.

Suddenly a flash of blinding light engulfed the crippled trickster. When he opened his eyes, the first thing hans noticed was that he was completely healed. He even felt his magic fully restored. He quickly to a good look around him, only to see many different individuals, each stranger then the last.

He also noticed that they were all in a seemingly mountainous region. With the sounds of battle seemingly being fairly close by. Hans paid no heed to this, for his full attention was directed at the self-proclaimed god;SIN. This deity proceed to explain his reasoning for bringing them all here.hans simply attempted to think of any plan of action. He sadly could not however. For how can he make an action when all is foreign now?! He merely sighed at this realization and continued to soak the information given.

A couple of individuals asked various questions, one even claimed that SIN was her father!
If true he could perhaps convince this child to join him. For a child of all God certainly must have grand power. One of the other individuals asking for information seemed to have a air of noblity. Or perhaps even royalty, he honestly wasn't sure. Then again didn't this God proclaim all who were summed to be very powerful?

He then decided to approach the front where SIN was speaking just to make sure that he doesn't miss the smallest of details.


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As soon as the direction of the city containing barbers was pointed out the android turned to face that direction. The last word was barely out of SIN's mouth before the android took off at a sprint, plumes of energy bursting from his back giving him an initial burst of speed. Anyone, or anything, in his way would be rudely shoved to the side, he had a siege to break and barbers to save! Though, as Charon ran, he realized he had a problem. After he saved a barber or three and learned anything they had to offer that he might already know, what would he do next? He had a shop to run but no way back to it! That thought caused a distorted noise of annoyance erupted from the android's speakers as he started processing this issue, an issue he suspected that he wouldn't have an answer for a long time.

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Sack of Silly Smiles
Tear Krux
Tear Krux spent the next few minutes sorting the truth from the lies. Supposedly, this being, calling itself SIN, was a god. Additionally, this being claimed that Tear's previous world had been destroyed. Tear deduced in a minute or so that both of these were lies.

A good start was with SIN's claim to be God. Tear had never been religious, but they hadn't not believed in God. But this being was covered in cybernetic parts and wires, some of which were undoubtedly running calculations beyond Tear's imagination - which was quite an achievement. SIN was obviously powerful, but Tear knew that they were but a native staring at a blimp or a tank. It was a machine beyond their understanding. And the same was true for SIN.

And I will understand you, Tear thought. Somehow, someway.

The other claim just didn't follow. Tear had a thousand sensors in their old lab, and none of them hinted towards a doomsday end of the world scenario. If something were to end the world, it would make large enough readings to alert Tear. The answer was simple, SIN didn't want them trying to escape this place.

Tear looked at the battlefield below the mountain. It looked like they were using some kinds of cannons... or was that magic? Limited magic had existed in Tear's world, but it was never on such a scale as this.

Tear pulled out a small recorder and held it up to their face. "Day one in a new world," they began, as they started to walk down the mountain at a leisurely pace. "I have been told to conquer this place, to make it my own, by SIN... who I will describe in greater detail at a later date. My first goal is to find supplies, which I plan on doing by looting the battlefield. I shall update later. End log."

Tear didn't know what they were doing in this world yet. Maybe they would conquer it... but that didn't feel like their style. They existed to better worlds! To build for them! To expand their horizons!

But to do that... to get the materials they needed... would they have to pick a side?


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-The Siege of Castellan-

Castellan, Capital city of Nortestra and home of the old and fabled August Battalion: A large and experienced army of elite SpellSwords. At war with the Dark Kingdom of Mollug for the past two centuries, Nortestra at one point ruled over the people of Mollug, that was, until the discovery of the Jaded Tome, a grimoire of powerful shadow and fire magic. Mollug found independence through trade several decades after the tome's discovery and in the time afterward the power of Nortestra waned. Mollug seeing an opportunity declared a dark crusade on the kingdom, calling the acolytes of the Jaded Tome and it's many followers to serve Mollug's High Council. Nortestra and Mollug have fought bitterly ever since with Mollug slowly but surely gaining ground on the wasting kingdom of Red and Gold. Countless innocents have died and the battles fought are innumerable, and at this point, many believe the Mollug High Council simply maintains the war to satiate the bloodthirst of the many warriors who have found a home in Mollug.

Castellan has been under siege for the better part of three years and thousands upon thousands have died within and without its walls. Its people are hardened and in despair at the countless warriors who besiege their nation. The garrison and the army are running low on bodies to maintain the walls and the defense of the city both physically and magical is faltering. Mages have become rare in the once gleaming capital, the near countryside is poisoned and empty save for roving bandits and the soldiers of Mollug. The few cities that remain are either under siege or recovering from it, unable to send reinforcements to the doomed capital.
The people await a hero, or perhaps a group of them?

To be entirely honest however, Mollug aint too happy about the endless war either, but yknow they're dressed mostly in black and red and are on the offensive so they must be the bad guys right? They'd definitely reward whoever can end the siege, but so would Nortestra. Decisions, decisions....

Currently, only Charon is headed in the direction of the capital.



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Felicia El Freliti
Felicia immediately paled at SINs obvious threat. Although he looked relatively harmless, she felt that his languid demeanor could not disguise his power. How else could he have pulled beings from vastly different worlds to gather in one place? She nodded her head politely in response, a little worried about incurring his wrath at the time being. Although Felicia was inherently arrogant from her upbringing, she was by no means foolish enough to antagonize someone she could not beat. Immediately a childish voice rung through her ears, calling the powerful being before them as 'Daddy'. Seeing as SIN did not refute her words, Felicia immediately felt she must not make this child her enemy. Seeing as she had already latched on to the human who asked the first question, she sighed inwardly in relief.

Before long, she found herself gazing upon the distant battlefield buried within the valley behind SIN. The illuminating spells of fire immediately brought memories of her lost home to mind, particularly of her mother who would frequently show off her fiery talents to her as a child. But her home was no more, and she had to create her own one from now on. Burying the wave of melancholy washing over her, she abruptly noticed a metallic figure burst out from within their little group towards the capital. She also saw another figure with strange metallic contraptions on their back heading towards the valley. It seemed it was time to make her move. Compelled by the sounds of battle, she also began heading towards the depths of the valley, wondering what awaited her over there, and whose side she'd choose.

Seeing as the battlefield was still a relatively substantial distance away, she decided to probe into the fellow with the same destination in mind. "Good evening, may I ask your name?" She inquired politely, her regal aura showing through every step she took. She understood that every being summonned here must hold substantial power, and she did not want to make an early enemy through being unneccessarily rude. "I am known as Felicia El Freliti of the Frostfire Kingdom. Where do you hail from?" She asked additionally, regardless of what their response was to her initial question. Her eyes often drifted to the strange mechanical box attached to their back subconsciously, her curiosity exposed a little too obviously for her liking.

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Bleeding and alone, Orobo coughed as he lay on the floor, the tiles of the floor and ceiling stained with blood, gore splattered across the walls, bodies scattered about the hospital hallway and throughout the building. Blood leaked from the corners of his mouth, eyes, and nostrils; scars and gashes covering his ruined face and body. Everything else in the building was dead, there was no help coming, he had been abandoned and this time he couldn't fight his way free. Rain dripped from the sky slowly, drop after drop only a couple at first and then drizzle and now it was coming down in weight. Almost as if the sky wished to clean the destroyed temple of healing, drenched in the remains of monsters, slaves, demons and soldiers.

"Fuck... Is this fucking it? It's fucking cold godammit... I cant feel my legs, I don't think I even have any but I can't even look. This isn't how things should've gone, It's not fucking fair... I didn't ask for this, they fucking left me again... goddamn, it hurts but its starting to go away... I don't think thats a good thing is it? Not with these wounds most like... Oh fuck, I don't wanna die no no no please."

His life was fading fast and all Orobo could think of was how unfair it was. He'd never had a choice, never had any power, a slave to a hellish war machine and an even worse conflict. For god's sake, he'd only seen ice cream on television, how was that right at all. He'd fought to survive his whole life, extended way past what he should've lived to and the whole time had been spent in conflict. If he ever had another chance, he wouldn't allow things to end this way, he would obtain that rare find known as happiness. He would do it and none would stand in his way. HE would be King! Free to act as he wished, free to live as he desired and free to eat ice cream!
But none of that would happen now, now he would die, alone and bloodied, hate and hope filling his heart.

Except that's not what happened.

What happened was Orobo woke up the moment his eyes closed. Breath filled his lungs and pain disappeared from his mind, and Orobo's eyes opened; He was laying on the grass surrounded by other figures in front of a strange shrine of sorts. He was alive! He was getting another chance! He'd get to eat ice cream! Orobo was getting a second chance to live and he decided as he sat up and gripped the grass in his palms, that it would not be wasted.

Standing up shakily, Orobo began to examine his surroundings better realizing a man in the shrine pond was speaking to them and was wanting them to ask him questions. They were in a world named Valucia apparently, and this guy wanted us to... take it over? Orobo shook his head slightly at this almost smiling at the request. He'd been going to do that anyway. This SIN was beginning to unnerve the Summoner now, so moments after the strange robot looking fellow blasted off, Orobo began moving in the direction of the battlefield. The nearby carnage put Orobo into a relaxed state as when in battle, the summoner was home. Jogging in the direction of the battle without much regard for the others around him, Coltsin went through the list of spells and incantations he might need. Heat resistance looked to be important judging by the flame spells lighting up the sky and the violence beneath it; Orobo hardened his skin at the conclusion and summoned a third arm on his shoulder before sharpening his right arm into a nasty looking jagged bone sword. His energy was at a peak, he hadn't felt so invigorated in a long time, he hadn't felt so damn good since... ever! He wasn't a fan of his mutation abilities oftentimes but right now, the summoner felt like he could take on the world! And with time, maybe he would.


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-The battle of The Ebon Shrine Forest-
The forest was burning. The ruins and trees were alive with flame and the struggling bodies of Nortestran warriors and Mollug skirmishers. Ambushed in their camp near the main shrine, the Nortestrans fight a desperate struggle for survival against a force of superior numbers and morale. Blood and gore stain the ancient ruins from countless other past battles, and once again, its cracked stones and vine-covered steps taste blood. The skirmishers fight as a contingent of mostly elves, goblins and humans whereas the Nortestrans have a number of giants and half-giants along with dwarves, orcs, and humans.

The Red Eagles fight under the command of a savage and powerful warrior named Forsith, a multi-armed half-giant known for his surprising agility and dual golden blades. Striking with ferocity and passion he leads the struggling Nortestran soldiers from the front line. "As long as Forsith lives the Red Eagles live!" He roars at the nimble skirmishers of Mollug. Bashing one ill-equipped goblin to the side with a quick swipe of one of his golden weapons, the howling creature is nearly bisected as it bounces off an old pillar. The raging warrior then turning seized another soldier, this one a dark elf, by its twirling spear; Forsith yanked the spear with an abrupt violent motion from the elf's grasp before smashing its head into the same pillar with a quick spin and two of his extra arms. The massive red-clad warrior howled once more as knights behind him rallied to his side, forcing the Mollug troops back and into a slight retreat. Their commander was directing the skirmishers from the back with surprising skill and Forsith recognized what needed to be done if victory was to be seized. Gathering his forces, Forsith and the Nortestrans prepared a desperate charge.

-Forsith, Arch-commander of the Nortestran Red Eagle Shock Infantry-
On the other side of the battlefield, the Mollug Dark Knight Cassandra fights for her life, her unit split off from the other skirmishers by a returning Red Eagle patrol. Swinging her zweihander with a two-handed grip, the Death Knight split the skull of a Dwarf berserker before shoulder-bashing the dying warrior down the steps he had been ascending, bashing a human Fire mage off the stairs. A half-giant began to ascend to the portion Cassandra and her remaining twenty skirmishers defended and she rushed away from the ledge right as several fire mages opened up. The exploding flame burst the stones of the top apart. Three of her javelin troops rushed over and began raking the half-giant with spears. Pinning him with seven before the bastard fell. Two of them didn't come back from the steps, slain by arrow and spellfire. Her troops were few, 18, 17,16 now; They needed to find a way out of this situation or they would all find themselves dead and rotting. "Damn that bastard Zygo, he did this on purpose!" she thought to herself as the Nortestrans climbed the steps of the ruined temple. There were fifteen, and now fourteen of her men left including her, and the odds looked grim.

-Cassandra, Dark Knight Inquisitor of Mollug, assigned to Zygo-
In the rear of the Mollug line, a pale and slender Myrmidon named Zygo smiled, leaning on his massive enchanted blade Ullyses; The battle was going as planned and victory would soon be his. And that damned Dark Knight would be out of the way with her sneaking about and "Assuring of loyalties." So what if he had been a turncoat several times in his career, Zygo knew a winning battle when he saw one and the Nortestran/Mollug war was as good as finished. Besides, who hadn't turned on their fellow man a few times in the heat of battle to stay alive. In the thick of things, life was different and sometimes it was kill, get someone else killed, or be killed. Zygo wasn't the type to do the dying, subordinates existed for that; plus, Zygo was a far more effective commander from the rear and the strategy worked. His soldiers were organized and resupplied often, Zygo made sure to keep as many alive as he could whenever possible. Just because the soldier didn't want to fight at the front didn't mean he was a fool or a coward, he needed his men as much as they needed him. Damn that Mollug high council with its inquisition and excessive detective work. Those warmongering bastards could rot for all he cared. They had started this war and Zygo didnt plan on being a casualty of it.

-Zygo, High Myrmidon in command of the Mollug Shadow Hawk Infiltration Battalion-​

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Sack of Silly Smiles
Tear Krux
Tear wasn't the most observant when they were in their own head, so they didn't immediately notice the woman walking besides them. But as soon as they noticed her, they knew she was a princess. They'd met royalty before when demonstrating their technology. There was a way nobles walked that was unmistakable. They kept their chins upright, their backs straight, they walked gracefully and elegantly, and their tone of voice was as smooth as sugar. So when Tear saw her, they knew immediately what her background was on her own world.

"Good evening, may I ask your name?," She began. "I am known as Felicia El Freliti of the Frostfire Kingdom. Where do you hail from?" Tear swiveled towards her with a grin, and gave a low bow, and then kissed her hand. They knew how to treat royalty, after all.

"It is a pleasure to meet you!" They announced as they stood upright again. "I'm known as Tear Krux," they said as they continued their walk. "Though you may call me Tear. Kithera is where I came from... but I can only wonder if that matters anymore." As they walked, they pulled a pair of binoculars out of their FACE and looked at the battlefield. The binoculars in question did more than just show more detail, as it also displayed temperature, time... and magical readings.

Naturally, the sensors were going insane.

There were smaller sources of magic all over the battlefield. There were various spellcasters that were displayed as weaker sources, the entire mountain behind them was displayed as a massive red blotch... but the largest single source they were seeing belonged to the woman walking besides them.

"I'm willing to bet you're a spellcaster, Felicia?" Tear asked casually, their eyes still scanning over the battlefield through the binoculars.


The ice spirit watched through a clear patch of ice, acting as a sort of spy camera, the last living family. They wore their thickest coats, but were still a pale blue to the bone. Their entire house, furniture and all, was covered in frost. Small icicles hung from under the table, and the pantry was entirely frozen over. The family of three sat together on the floor. One of them, the only child, stopped shivering all of a sudden. The young boy's eyes stared motionlessly ahead before the mother wrapped her arm around him tightly. Skathi looked over to another ice patch, and through it he saw the entire capital city. The buildings were covered head to toe in ice, the only color being blue and white as snow blasted sideways in a indefinite blizzard.

The spirit lowered the stairs of ice he stood on, using a small Glacier to traverse the castle halls. They led themself down to the treasure room, feeling the breeze blow by with the sharpness of the cold nipping at the spirit's physical body. They stopped the Glacier at a protruding figure on the wall. "Reya, how are you, old friend?" the spirit asked in a whispered voice of a female child. They looked up at the corpse, frozen to the wall with petrified expression of fear and agony. A large icicle pinned the elf woman to the wall, and now she was a darker blue than the ice itself. "Still hanging on, huh?"

Skathi entered the treasure room itself. A light orb sat in the middle, the surrounding area being the only place without frost. On the walls of the treasure room were his old allies, now strung up like hunting trophies. They walked over to a million shards of ice, set up to make out the faint figure of Telder, the wizard. "I shouldn't have shattered you to pieces; it was agonizing to pick them all up and sort them like this... Looks pretty, though." Skathi said this in the voice of a young adult man. They walked over to another display, a woman with ice sprouting through her nose, mouth, and eyes. Skathi remembered pushing the ice through from inside, and the grotesque display that provided. "I didn't mean for your demise to be that awful, Malc, but you forced my hand, there." Skathi wandered to the last one, a young man who's eyes and mouth were shut, and his body up straight with his hands over his chest. They placed their hand over the Hero's corpse. "I hope you understand, Hero. Everything will fix itself over time..."

Skathi rode his Glacier up to the ice patches. The family was still, and the frost was setting in. They sighed, the breath clouding up before quickly dissipating. "Why are humans so fragile..." they wondered. Skathi rode Glacier over to the treasure room once more. The orb had the power to reverse everything, and he had no intention of wasting it. However, who's to say that they would go back to before the Demon Lord was defeated? Skathi wanted to relive the time of ruling a world, no matter how short of a reign it would be. The orb came into view again, and they outstretched their arms. Before they made contact with the orb, though, a brilliant light blinded the spirit. They yelled a mix of childish, female, and male voices.

When Skathi opened their eyes, it was sunny and warm. They hated it. "Did it work..?" they asked themself, looking at their limbs to ensure nothing was damaged. It was then that they realized the other beings. They came in different form and size, some that looked straight out of a clockwork dungeon. One of them, a hovering man who introduced himself as SIN, began to explain everything. Disappointment grew inside of Skathi, and they fell to their knees. "Why... Why did you take me away? It was so... perfect..." they said in a childish voice. The spirit stood up, glaring (their eyes looked angry) at SIN, who ordered them to take over the world. "Isn't that just what I did? Before you ruined my plans?" they said in a low, menacing tone.

The others brought by SIN were already making alliances and talking with each other, but all Skathi could think about was if he had to redo all of his hard work for a second time.


The whole continent--no, the whole world was coming to an end. That much was evident. From atop a grassy cliff where some workers built a gazebo, Yamiko and her five followers sat cross-legged. They watched the oni and corrupt yokai rampage through the city, slaughtering the citizens mercilessly. Some spotted her up at the cliff, and tried shouting and waving for her to come down and help. If she heard it or not, it didn't matter, as they were quickly cut down, and Yamiko abstained. She stood up, her followers rising shortly after. Yamiko walked away from the city, descending the cliff wordlessly. At least, that's how it would've been if three oni didn't block their path.

Oni didn't think, nor were they smart enough to back away from Yamiko. They attacked first, forcing Yamiko to summon her two katanas. In less than 30 seconds, the oni were cut down. She and her followers wordlessly continued, sheathing her katanas. They wandered deep into the nearby forest, slaying the occasional oni or yokai that dared to block Yamiko's path. Some were aware enough to avoid her, and they were spared. In the heart of the forest was a barely lit shrine in a small, cleared out area. Yamiko sat cross-legged in front of the shrine, her followers kneeling behind her. Yamiko was engrossed in her meditation as her followers unsheathed a shorter blade. They dug the knives into their guts, cutting across the stomach and spilling pools of blood. Without even making the smallest of grunts, they collapsed, dead.

Yamiko summoned one of her katanas, putting it in front of her, the blade facing to her stomach. Perhaps she thought that this was the best way of escape during this time, or maybe she knew that something greater would happen. Either way, nothing happened when she shoved the blade through. She was now in a bright plains, where the grass was green and the sun radiated down its warmth unlike the dreary night of her world.

Yamiko pushed herself up from her seated position, taking in the new surroundings. Alongside her were figures that varied widely in appearance. Some had what she thought was possessed metal built on their bodies, while she felt a strong magic radiating from others. The man named SIN had brought them here for the sole purpose of taking over the world. Then you brought the wrong person, Yamiko thought. The man was absurdly powerful, but she didn't believe him to be a god. He was unlike the mythical beings in her world with the strange metal, the lack of oriental design, and just the tone of his voice. The sound of the nearby battle raged on, which SIN pointed out.

At first glance, it would seem that Yamiko was entirely unaffected by the sudden transportation, and they were mostly right. Any underlying questions she had were answered almost immediately, and no matter the place, Yamiko still had her guidelines to live by. She didn't particularly trust any of the other beings brought into this world. Maybe the different eye colored princess, or the person that she was currently speaking with, but overall she doubted everyone could fit her criteria of followers.

Yamiko walked over to the valley that overlooked the distant battlefield. It was a scene she was most familiar with. She sat cross-legged again, about two or three feet away from the princess with different eyes and the person with the metal contraptions. The eyes of her mask flattened out in a serene state. She watched the unfolding battle, observing each side's battle tactics and spirit. "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."


Ruler of the Sky
Felicia El Freliti
Felicia was somewhat startled by the sudden show of courtesy, not expecting anyone to actually treat her as royalty once she arrived here. In the first few seconds of her summonning, she had already thrown her past title away and was ready to be treated as a peasant.

"It is a pleasure to meet you too Tear, I have to admit I was not expecting anyone to show me such courtesy anymore." She smiled softly at the long haired fellow, as their last few words silently reminded her of the past they had all left behind.

Out of the corner of her eye, Felicia noticed a cloaked figure dash calmly towards the battlefield. She noticed his silhouette shifting from a distance, and what looked to be a new arm sprout from his shoulder. Although she had already seen many out of this world creatures from when she first arrived in Valucia, it was still rather alarming seeing such crazy abilities.

Felicias mismatched eyes sparkled as she watched Tear pull out some sort of dual-telescope contraption from their strange backpack. She was wondering what kind of clairvoyance magic was cast upon it for them to be able to focus so intently through its lenses, when they sudden asked her a question.

"Indeed I am. How about yourself?" She responded simply, her eyes still filled with curiosity. She wondered how much information they had gathered through those lenses, perhaps her mana levels? Or her magic type? She was secretly a little worried that they had already found out more about her own magic than herself. That last thought suddenly renewed her determination to master her own powers and bring them to new heights.

Bringing her attention back to the battlefield before her, she suddenly stopped abruptly in her tracks. When she first saw the blazing fire spells soaring above the darkened sky, she thought for sure both factions fighting had mages of fire amongst their ranks due to the shear amount of flames in the air. To her surprise, it was only one side that could wield flames, at least in large numbers. And that same side was being suppressed! Judging from the layout of forces, she assumed that the fiery side was defending and the dark-armoured side was attacking. As she watched the fire mages being cut down mercilessly, her eyes gradually blazed with pure fury.

Perhaps onlookers may think that she was just feeling a sense of comradery with the fire mages, but it was so much more than that, since she had seen this horrific scene before. On the last battlefield, where her kingdom made their final stand, her mothers clan soared like a raging phoenix to help defend their homeland, but the enemies were just too overwhelming in numbers. She watched her aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and even grandparents perish in the most gruesome ways possible. The fact that these mages looked so similar to the ones from her past was too painful to bear. Felicia knew deep down that this group of fire mages were not the same, and never will be, but she couldn't bear to watch it any longer.

"Hey Tear, sorry to cut our conversation short but I... have to protect them." Her expression was solemn but beneath those eyes one could see a smouldering flame just itching to be released. "Whether we are friend or foe in the future, it was a pleasure meeting you here today." She smiled slightly before dashing off towards the battlefield, her magic boiling and bubbling within her waiting to be unleashed.

Recklessly jumping off the mountain side, flames swirled around her body to condense into a ball of rippling energy within her hands. Thrusting her palms forward, a blazing inferno tore through the back line of dark knights giving her a straight path through to a collection of suppressed fire mages. Panting heavily from the sudden outburst of magic, unaccustomed to using her powers in such an explosive way, Felicia dashed through the split path as she forced down the feeling of nausea.

A sword forged from flames slowly materialized within her left hand, as she helped battle against the dark troops. She silently prayed that that blast of fire was enough to show her sincerity to the side of fire mages, and that they wouldn't just stab her in the back as another threat. She knew she was being stupidly reckless, but the scar from the people she lost was literally given to her less than an hour ago. Perhaps everything up on the hills thought she was much too dangerous to have an ally, but she couldn't care less about that at this point. Fortunately, Felicia wasn't stupid enough to just throw everything out the window. She did not reveal her ice magic at all, partly because it would be idiotic to use ice in this flame filled battlefield, and partly since she could use it as a trump card. Although that sudden outburst of energy from her fire blast had caused her uncomfort, she was not low on mana. It was purely due to not being familiar with using her magic in such a destructive way that she felt nauseous.

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Kezathal Tur'othi
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The Commander stood within the heart of the infestation. His warriors, the few trusted elites who remained, perished around him. He raised his Needle Rifle, firing off crystalline shots into the darkness, the purple lights impacting upon shell and flesh, bursts of energy tearing apart the creatures that swarmed his position. In the far distance, he could see his objective. The High Queen, the insectoid leader of the Swarm's Hivemind. They moved her, all of her fetid children, carried her living carcass towards one of the Swarm's portals. They would carry her to another Hive World, and rebuild, just as they had done before. He could not allow it to happen. No evac could reach him or his few remaining men down here. No means of escape for any of them. He knew what must be done.

He raised the Needle Rifle again, turning about, firing a few shots into the cranium of a Tank-Worm that crawled over his western fortifications, devouring dozens of his men. The shots exploded, but did little to the creature. His time was growing short, as swarms of creatures followed the Tank-Worm over the wall, bringing the fight to his warriors within it. The Commander lowered his weapon and turned his gaze skyward, mandibles spreading, closing, as he took a few, deep breaths. Although he was deep underground, he looked up through the hole that his ships had bored through the Hiveworld's crust, a tunnel to the sky above. And up there, in that orange-tinted sky, he saw the graceful, oblong silhouettes of Xelithid ships. He knew the weapons they carried, how they must be wielded.

"Fleet Admiral Talzaru, bring all Incineration Beams to bare. Aim at the coordinates my helm transmits to you. Fire on my word. Maintain a concentrated barrage for exactly three minutes, before firing a salvo of Longspear Missiles as deep into this crust as you can. Do not stop until this planet is broken, every bug turned to ash." The commander's words were direct, his tone without emotion. Although his people had long left their warrior past behind, he remembered the old saying. Through acceptance of fate, peace.

"But Commander, that wou-"

"I am aware. This must be done, Talzaru. For the good of the Xelithid. For the good of distant Jaltuvar. We must cut out the heart of the Swarm before they take it to another world for hundreds of thousands of our people to die on."

"As you wish, Commander. The Incineration Beams await your call."

The Commander tossed his Rifle aside, pulling instead his Energy Sword, as the creatures converged on him. He stepped forward, remembering his long-past training. He thrust out with his right hand, leading into the motion with his step forward. The glowing blade pierced the shell of the swarmling, its screams echoing through the tunnels as the putrid stink of its melting flesh assaulted him. He reached forward and shoved it off his blade, turning where he stood to scythe through another of the foul creatures, melted chitin dripping from its corpse as it fell. He looked up, seeing the massive, bulging shape of the Queen being moved along, edging ever closer to the portal, ever closer to the weak point his engineers had identified in the Crust. He could hear its chittering, its constant screaming and howling, an uncounted horde of insectoid monsters swarming it, carrying it off into the dark.

The Commander had never been superstitious, but he wondered now, if somewhere, somehow, his fallen brothers watched him. Here, and now, the menace of the Swarm would end. And at last, his people would find peace. He had done this all for them. Fought for three decades, seeing countless good men and women fall to be devoured, entire worlds destroyed, picked apart. His homeworld had been one of them. Even now, he remembered the faces, the fires. Remembered leaving Zaigar behind, a beautiful world of oceans, left now a mess of smoldering ruin. Never again. Not one more world.


The commander turned his gaze upwards, as a second sun blossomed beneath the hull of the Xethilid Flagship, and Kezathal did not hold his breath.


Yet, it was the next breath the Xethilid Commander took that surprised him. He looked back down, only to find himself in a completely different location. He looked around him, at all the various figures, and activated his blade. The blue light seared to life, as Kezathal looked around him. "Who are you?" He demanded, eyes blinking repeatedly in the light. A bright temperate climate, grass, trees, and strangers. A cyborg that spewed delusions of grandeur, that commanded them to conquer. Kezathal owed loyalty to none but the Empire. He would form his own fate, not be commanded to any goal by anyone, much less a 'God'.

Wielders of magic, technology, beasts and spirits. He was caught up in a nightmare. He heard combat nearby, and turning his yellow-eyed gaze outwards, he saw it. Men and fantastical creatures fighting, pink-skinned beings everywhere. They all fought with primitive weapons and magic, things that were confusing, yet still easier to understand than the mess he stood before. Children with dark eyes, shapeshifters who grew blades of bone like the insectoid menace from the stars. Ice and fire, guns and magic. For once, the Commander was out of his element. He needed to adjust, and fast.

Ignoring his designated 'companions', the Commander walked away, heading towards the distant forest and the sounds of battle within. He enabled his Active Camo, light bending around his armor as he nimbly strode past the others walking off intheir various directions. He dropped off a ridge and jogged down the slope towards the forest below, easily sneaking past soldiers on both sides, his eyes following them. Eventually, the Xethilid found his way to an ancient ruin, upon which a small contingent of men and women fought. They were all aliens, with soft skin of pink and green, clad in ancient armor and wielding blades. A pink-skin with long, white hair stood at the top of this ruin, and he knew the aura she put off to be one of command.

Flame arced in the sky above as he stepped upon the ancient stones, ascending this pile of rubble. He saw men of pink skin hurling balls of flame at the encircled group in dark armor atop the temple. And, somehow, he was reminded of his own last stand only minutes before. This last stand would end differently. From the shadows, his energy sword surged to violent life. To those who watched, a magical blade seemed to appear behind the mages, wielded by a spirit that seemed almost to dance between them, cutting the magic-wielders down with one swing each, the blade scything through their robes, burning closed the wounds it created. In but a few seconds, the fire mages were dead, and the blade deactivated. Kezathal uncloaked and looked up at the remaining black-clad soldiers, and ascended the steps towards them. "Who clashes upon this field of battle?" He asked, mandibles moving with his words. "I would wish to know."

The commander kept his weapon in hand, although the blade was not on, only the metal rod held in his fingers.


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As Charon sprinted through the woods, he became aware of several groups of fleshies in the area, some fighting each other, others just moving around. Most were of no interest to the android, until a group of a few dozen Mollug soldiers entered sensor range. He almost ignored them as well, but something about the soul of the one on horse back drew his attention. A deeper scan of the soldier's soul revealed that it had been tainted by greed, hatred, and cruelty. There were traces of other influences upon the soul, but those three were enough for Charon to identify the soon to be unfortunate man as being 'evil', or at least evil enough to satisfy his programming, and thus a valid target. Scans of the other soldiers showed that their souls had various levels of the same kind of 'evil', possibly caused by influence of the horserider. Coupled with the fact that they seemed to be following his directions meant that they were also about to have a very, very bad day.

Adjusting course, the android rapidly closed the distance and upon entering visual range music started playing from his external speakers. That drew attention of some of the soldiers in his direction and they drew weapons among shouts of alarm. Their preparations and change of formation to intercept Charon would only prove to be useless however. The Partisan of Conviction formed in the hands of the sentient machine and he raised it up as if he was going to jab it down upon someone. Instead, much to the surprise of the soldiers, at the last second he used it to pole-vault over their heads, the weapon vanishing as soon as the android was airborne. Using his Energy Thrusters, Charon was able to clear the front lines and increase his speed as he stayed on target with the commander. With a sickening crunch of shattering metal and bone, the android impacted the Mollug soldier with enough force to tear him off the horse and both of them landing together in a heap with Charon on top.

The foot soldiers could only watch in horror as a scene straight out their worst nightmares unfolded in front of them. The strange metal man stood up, now covered in the gore from the broken body of their commander and his yellow eyes blazing more brightly than earlier, before shouting in a deep, booming voice "IT'S HUGGING TIME!" for all to hear. Reaching out, the attack grabbed an unfortunate soldier in a bear hug and almost immediately there was screams of pain and terror as the man's bones broke, organs ruptured, and his skin finally split before he was dropped to the ground. With the end of that horrifying act, the remaining troops were finally able to make themselves move again, shouting in fear and anger as they moved to mob the giant. But despite their bravado, each one knew in their hearts that they would not survive the monster among them.

The man with the big stick picked Hecate up and put her on his shoulder, an act that made her puff her face in annoyance. "I'm not a baby!" She didn't jump back down, though, nor did she protest any further. She was confused what he meant by "home." On her original planet, she was always moving around and had things to do. There was never time to settle down in one place, not that she wanted to. Hecate awkwardly tried to stand on Ivan's shoulder, pushing her hands down on his head to try and maintain balance. She looked towards the battlefield, where a ball of fire demolished a line of dark nights. "Woah... so cool!" she squealed. Hecate sat on the back of Ivan's neck now. "When she's done, can you capture her and make her my minion? Pleeeaaasse? We can get behind those fire people and kill people who see us! It'll just be like hide and seek!" Hecate pointed at the battlefield of blood, death, screams, and destruction. "Charge, my loyal steed!"




Yamiko watched as the princess burst into a ball of flames, recklessly charging into the battle and destroying the black-armored knights that stood in her path. She wasn't stupid by any means, but to let emotions get the better of her... Yamiko couldn't help but recall her younger days, before she transcended to a yokai. Emotions controlled her life, digging her life in history as a mad oni. How stupid she was, back then... She shook her head. She should not concern herself with the likes of suicidal fools. Yamiko passed by Tear without batting an eye. If this was to be the new planet she lived in, she might as well continue her old life of forever wandering the woods and gathering a few followers here and there.

But even in the woods she could hear distant battling. Normally, she would stay away from such disruptions, but Yamiko felt that she needed to get at least a general idea of the forces at play in this world. She cleared away some foliage and found herself behind the apparent "mages" dressed in red and orange. They rained fire down on the ruins of a temple, making her shake her head in disdain. Before she could say anything, though, one of the other summoned beings jumped from a shadow far from hers with a glowing sword, cutting them down like a ballerina.

When Kezathal took himself up the steps of the ruins to meet with the black-armored warriors. Yamiko sat down cross-legged for the umpteenth time. She could feel his distrust of his designated companions, and she didn't feel like bothering him by showing at this moment. As she meditated, Yamiko shrunk down, her body shaping into that of a dragonfly. To the fighters, it would just seem as if a dragonfly had chosen to land for a rest. Instead, Yamiko was now eavesdropping on the conversation.



Four is the Best
Ullis Hrundu

The night was calm and even the creatures that normally brought life to it were silent. Something was definitely not right, but Ullis was already tired from the day. He had just recently had one of the largest amount of customers arrive at his restaurant and may of his employees had been fired due to their incompetence in the kitchen. Though right now Ullis wasn’t worried about that, he was tired and simply wanted to go to bed.

With that thought alone, Ullis entered his house with all of his clothes and gear on. Walking across his house he could see all the decorations in it: bones of the many creatures he hunted, their pelts and furs, even some exotic stuff, and though Ullis loved admiring them everyday, today was not going to be one of those days, as just as he neared his bed, Ullis collapsed on top of his bed, his leather armor and clothing still covering him, with his father’s sword in his back, unsheathed unless purposefully removed, and his bag of holding making his life thousands of times easier.

It didn’t take long for Ullis to sleep, even with all the things he was wearing. Though just as he fell asleep, his dream felt, odd. The dream felt more like a memory, a memory of a group of adventurers asking if he could join them to stop some bad guy from ending the world. Ullis didn’t accept as fighting wasn’t really his favorite, even though he could become the best at it, he never truly found it like something he should waste time on, and instead decides to expand his skill in cooking even when he is recognized as the world's best. But even then, a part of him is afraid that because he didn’t accompany the adventurous, that the world was about to end, but Ullis knew that wasn’t the case, he knew it's alright like the hundreds of times that have been, but his dream said otherwise as suddenly the ground below him crumbled and began to open the ground below him causing him to fall and wake up.

“Fuck me, those dreams are so dam annoying, I always end up waking back up at a-” Ullis stopped as he realized he wasn’t laying down in his soft mattress and covered by his smooth bed sheets, but instead found himself laying on the ground. “What the fuck, where am I?” Ullis asked with a lot of confusion in his voice. In that exact moment the only thing he saw was a beautifully built shrine, but architecture wasn’t his things and decided to explore. “Hello, is anyone there?” Ullis asked out loud, hoping to get a response.

Interactions: @Snackofthefuture , anyone still in the shrine (he's a bit dazed and waking up, so he could miss people infront of him)


Lazy Waste of Oxygen
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The Dark Lord stood atop his high tower, casting his gaze out over the lands that were now his. Even his eyes could not perceive the boundaries of his domain, for there were none. As of yesterday, this world was his. Abara had fallen to Lord Malagar, the last of its free kingdoms squashed beneath his iron boot. They had resisted him for three decades, a time of endless war. But now, order could be restored. His reign would be absolute, eternal. He had conquered death long ago, and stood now, as the world's iron ruler.

He turned, boots thudding against the black stone he carved his tower of. He approached the ritual circle at the center of the stone disk, and outstretched a gauntleted hand towards an onyx orb at the center. It pulsed with strange energies, and the Dark Lord pressed the pointed tips of his fingers against it. All across the world, his new servants knelt to their new Lord. Once, their feeble nations had fought, and fought, and fought. No more. No more, would the greed of nobility waste the labor and blood of its subjects. No more, would arrogance rule. Now, only might. When he left his body of flesh behind, he did too his arrogance, his greed. Now, he was Iron. Now, he was Might.

The Dark Lord tightened his metal fingers into a fist, casting his glowing, red gaze down upon it. He set his hand against the orb once more, casting his gaze now out into the dark beyond. The Veil must be torn, expanded, a portal created. His legions would march between all realities, subjecting all under his hand. This, is what he had always worked for. Even then, the cast out son of a mage and a tavern girl. He knew he was meant for more than life in some backwater village, neglected by those of power, its people left to suffer. It all would change, and change it did. No Knight, no Lord, no King, no Emperor. None could stand before him. Elf or man, construct or undead. All fell before him, all kneeled. Some respected him, most feared him. Ultimately, it made no difference. One day, all would reap the rewards of his triumph, and he would be their hero, where their forefathers once snubbed him as Tyrant. This mattered not. None of it did. All would be brought to order. Bandits and vagrants, con-men and fiends, all were no more. The Dark Lord had even marched into Hell, his final conquest. Now, even the Demons knelt before his tower, feared his name. He remembered even now, the end of his conquest. His final victory.

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The Lord Malagar walked towards the gates of Hell, the portal roaring behind him. His armored feet tread the path of decayed bone and flesh, ash clouding behind each of his heavy steps, his army, soulless and silent, marching behind him. He had many mortal servants, and every living mortal in all Abara to call to him. Yet, he did not. For in truth, he did not need them. Their minds could not handle a descent into the pits, or their bodies a battle with the Demon Lords. Malagar however, had abandoned mortality long ago.

The Dark Lord stood before the runed gates, casting his gaze at the great skull that hung above the gates. Floating obelisks hung above a palisade of bone, a moat of flame blazing before those walls of flesh, bone, and malice. These such things, this uncontrolled rage, they were no match for the raw might of his domain. No demonic flesh could withstand his iron fist. They sent a Champion to face him. Towering, infernal. His face was wreathed in spike and horn, his eyes burning with hating flame. Malagar was Iron. The two strode towards one another, and Malagar unsheathed his blade. He recognized this demon. Aborax, the Dread Lord of Eight Circles, Herald of Wrath.


The Demon only snarled, charging towards him. Their blades met in a clash of steel and sparks, magic surging around them. The demons were powerful, but predictable. As their blades met, the Dark Lord surged forward, pushing the demon back. The Demon faltered, before its rage grew. Malagar knew that any pain made it stronger, And injury regrew in an instant. Aborax was nigh invulnerable because of this. Malagar already knew the Demon's demise. Aborax surged forward, a wall of muscle and fury. The Demonic Lord lunged, swiping the Dark Lord's weapon aside, and moved to headbutt Malagar. The Dark Lord saw this coming, and his eyes flared with wroth. The Demon Lord was sent sprawling back from the powerful magic, and stood once more. It roared at him, screaming threats and vile promise in its putrid tongue.

It stepped towards him, swinging its blade with no finesse, wielding it like a cleaver of flesh. Malagar blocked each strike, his glowing blade alight with the fel magics within. The Dark Lord took steady, easy steps back, allowing the Demon to press forward. The Demon, wild in its blows, swung, and swung, until it had knocked the Dark Lord's weapon aside, and both Lords knew it was their moment. As the Demon prepared his blade for the killing blow, Malagar took one swift, step forward, seizing the Demon Lord by the neck.


Malagar's movement was swift, and with immense strength, the Dark Lord crushed the Demon's throat. Blood splattered from the creature's lips. Blood that would burn a mortal man. Malagar was no mortal man. Bone shattered beneath Malagar's grip, ragged gasps and the wheezing of a dying fish filling the hellish air. Malagar wasted no time, for even now the Demon healed. Malagar made no sound, stepping back and pulling his blade to him with magic, as the Demon Lord fell to his hands and knees. The Demonic creature snarled and hissed, even now, this wound repairing itself, before Malagar placed a titanic boot upon its back, and pressed it to the ground like a mere insect. Malagar turned the blade about in his hands, and plunged Soulrender down into the Demon's heart, killing it.

Malagar reached down, and grasped the Demonic Lord by the horns. With a foot still on its spine, Malagar tugged, until with the brutal sound of a snapping spine and tearing flesh, Malagar tore the head of Aborax from his body. Malagar raised it up, clasped by one horn, the Demon's sightless eyes staring down his own citadel, what remained of his throat hanging from his bleeding stump.


This void echoed out, a challenge and a promise. It travelled throghout the whole of this realm, magically projected. He knew the other Demon Lords would not surrender willingly. He counted on it.

The Dark Lord found himself upon the tower once more. The conquest had been bloody. The Demons had been forced to kneel. Now, all of reality would. And so, he reached out, and clasped the orb in his hand. He looked to up the horizon, and shattered it. A Darkness erupted, and all the world turned black.


Malagar awoke before a shrine, alone and notably weaker. He stood before a God, a man of metal and flesh and madness. The Dark Lord paid heed to his words, but did not speak. He towered above the others present, sparing them only glares through his iron helm. Men, women, spirits, machines. All would serve him in time. Yet, this was all wrong.

The Dark Lord conquered for order, he conquered for Might. Yet now, to conquer as an Order? To dance to the strings of this one? All that he had made had been stripped away in an instant, and now he stood, taking orders like some common soldier? It was unfathomable. The Dark Lord stepped back, hands at his sides. He would not form an army. Not yet. There were yet things to be done, things to be learned. If all that he had built, if all the blood he had shed, if it all meant so little, perhaps, the Dark Lord would have to... reexamine some things.

He stepped forth, boots sinking into the soil, leaving deep prints. He left the Shrine and its mad god behind, descending towards the valley below, towards the familiar call of battle. He saw now, mages and beasts on both sides, fighting, fight. The meaningless petty conflicts that had scarred his home world. This new place, this... Valucia. He would learn of it. Then, if it was needed, he would make it kneel. But for now, and so out of place, he would obey no command. One day, this 'SIN' would pay. One day, this 'SIN' would kneel. No one, not even the Gods would resist his dominion.

He walked farther towards the distant siege, passing by the forest skirmish. Mortal quandaries were meaningless, but in them, perhaps smaller answers could be found. Where he was, who they were. What they could offer him.

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