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Fandom Critical Role, Star Wars, and other fandoms!


Hey, y'all! My name is Noam. I've been out of the roleplaying game for a while now, due to various life circumstances, but I'm looking to get back into it! I love the entire process of writing and character creation, and I love sharing it with other people. Specifically, I'm looking for science fiction and fantasy RPs.

Some of the things that I enjoy in RP are world-building, found families, actual families, epic quests, less-than-epic quests, fight scenes, horror, historical settings, creating our own magic systems, definitively non-human aliens and monsters, ominous dreams, ominous crows appearing at the window, Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, and unrepentantly cheesy high school AUs (but where there are still aliens and monsters, because come on.)

I'll try anything once but will say up front that I'm not particularly interested in writing smut. Mostly because I'm fifty-shades-of-grey levels of bad at it. I'm generally okay with darker themes/content, but I'll always give you a heads up if I'm gonna drop something messed up into my next post. I will also say that I'm twenty-three and work a full time, VERY demanding job. Much as I love RP, I don't have the time to devote to it that I once did. I post once or twice a week. Ideally, I'd like a partner in the same age range and with the same schedule, or at least one who can hang with mine.

I'm gay, trans, and extremely LGBT friendly, bring me your trans characters, we will build an empire.

***Critical Role***

Critical Role! I am caught up on Campaign 2 and loving the Mighty Nein and their dumb antics. I have no idea how much of an RP community there is for this fandom, but I will love you forever if you want to do this. I would be happy to play Molly, Yasha, Beau, Caleb or...anyone, pretty much! I'm not at all familiar with Campaign 1 (there are guns???) but would be fine with you playing a character from the first campaign, or one of your OCs!

-Mollymauk Tealeaf wakes up with no memories, no jacket, and a note telling him to go to Zadash and meet some people who are, apparently, his friends. When he arrives, he finds just one member of the Mighty Nein, who explains that the others are in mortal peril, and that they need Molly's help to rescue them.

-The Gentlemen wants the Mighty Nein to guard the incredibly elaborate party that he's throwing. And he wants them to do it subtly. Like, undercover. As fancy party guests. Absolutely nothing can go wrong here.

-Any other plot you want??? We can brainstorm

**Star Wars**

This is my forever fandom, and I'm p much never not interested in RPing here. Rogue One and the sequels are my jam, but I also like the OT and Solo. I'll play Luke, Bodhi, Jyn, Cassian, Rey, Finn, or Poe, or we can create some OCs!

-[Vague TLJ spoilers] In the wake of the events of The Last Jedi, Rey and Finn are sent out to recruit allies for the Resistance—after all, a budding Jedi and an escaped Stormtrooper make for one hell of an advertisement. As their legend spreads, they’re contacted by someone who believes that they may know the truth about one (or both) of their families.

-The crew of Rogue One survive the Battle of Scarif by passing themselves off as Imperial officers (thanks, stolen uniforms!). Now, they're spying for the Rebels from the inside while also recovering from their injuries (both physical and mental) and figuring out how to get home.

-A young moisture farmer's life is turned upside down when they find a badly-wounded Rebel/Resistance spy on their property, putting them in grave danger.


Comics or movies. I'm mostly interested in OCs for this one, but also play Cyclops, Scott Summers, and Laura Kinney.

-An established member of the X-Men is tasked with finding a newly-manifested mutant and getting them to safety. However, they're not the only ones interested. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants/human supremacists/Mr. Sinister are also on the hunt for this new mutant.

-In the Logan timeline, a group of surviving mutants band together and attempt to free the children that Alkali-Transigen is holding captive.

-Someone in New York City is killing mutants, and the NYPD's only mutant detectives are on the case.


Another forever fandom that probably doesn't have much of an RP community, but I'm happy to play any of the Animorphs.

-The Animorphs are contacted by the Yeerk Peace Movement, who want to work with the “Andalite bandits” to bring down the Empire once and for all. With the intelligence that the YPM have gathered, and their access to Yeerk bases and ships, the war for Earth could be over inside of a month. However, the YPM know of the Animorphs’ brutal reputation, and demand a show of trust to ensure that they’re not all slaughtered. If the Animorphs want to work alongside the Yeerks, one of them will have to become a Controller…

Swan Van Gogh

Hey there I would love to do the first Star Wars plot with you and I have an oc as well who can fit that plotline.

Rusty of Shackleford

EIght Thousand Club
Hey! I have a few pseudo-OCs character for that first Star Wars plot that you have! (They were part of the old EU, but I'm remaking them for the new canon, basically.)


Marvel's Minon
Noam Noam I could do a Star Wars rp with you! Do you do oc x Canon? Or do you keep them separate? I’m ok with whatever I just figured I would ask. I like your ideas for plots as well! Pm me?

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