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Fandom Critical Role RP! Any and all characters welcome


Hey y’all! I got into Critical Role this past year, and it’s currently my number one fandom. If anyone else is as fond of the Mighty Nein as I am, I’d love to do a CR roleplay! I’ve only listened to Campaign 2, so those are the only characters I’d be able to write, but if you wanna write someone from Campaign 1, I’m down. OCs are also welcome. :)

(These are just ideas, so feel free to suggest changes, or something else entirely!)

-The Mighty Nein have been assigned an unusually easy task by the Gentleman: deliver a box to his ally in the north. The only limitation is that they can never, ever open the box. Sounds simple enough, right? Once on the road, however, it becomes clear that some very powerful people want what they’re carrying—and it might just be tied to YC’s past.

-Mollymauk Tealeaf is back from the dead (again) and only slightly worse for the wear. Following the letter left in his pocket, he returns to Zadash to find the so-called Mighty Nein. Only one of them is waiting, however, and they explain that everybody else has been captured and is in grave danger. Now, the two friends have to race to free the rest of the party.

-It’s the end of the world as we know it. No, actually, the world is ending, and the most powerful wizards in Exandria have convened to ask for divine interference. When they ask the gods for help, however, the only ones who answer and volunteer their champions...are the Traveler and Uk’otoa. Like it or not, Jester and Fjord (and their friends) are going to save the world. And to do so, they’re going to have to confront their worst enemy...the government.

-UNREPENTANT HIGH SCHOOL AU: There aren’t a whole lot of magic users at Soltryce High, but the ones who ARE there keep causing problems with their out of control magic. The solution? An after school club, under the supervision of Mr. Pumat Sol (and Mr. Pumat Sol, and Mr. Pumat Sol, and Mr. Pumat Sol). The Nein and company convene every Wednesday to attempt to master their powers. Also, Beau keeps showing up to steal their snacks.


-23 years old.
-Gay, trans, and generally LGBT friendly.
-EST, semi-active. I have a full-time job AND I’m a student, so while I try to post every day, I might miss here and there. I’ll let you know if I’m going to be gone for longer than a couple days, though.
-Literate, usually posts 2-4 paragraphs.
-Loves cheesy tropes and AUs. Single parents? Lay em on me. Arranged marriages? HELL yes.

ABOUT YOU: (hopefully!)
-Over 18! This is a must.
-Active/semi-active and willing to put up with my schedule.
-Literate. I’m not asking for perfection, and don’t be afraid if English isn’t your first language! Just as long as I can read what you’re saying without too much trouble.


I love action and adventure stories, with plenty of room for travel, character development, and some good old-fashioned angst and drama.

Romance is fun but not a must, and all ships are welcome. (Except Caleb/Nott, they are forever siblings in my mind.)

I can and will happily write pretty much any member of the M9, so if you’re looking for a particular character, hit me up! My favorites to write are Beau, Molly, Jester, and Fjord. :) You’re welcome to play any canon character you want, or an OC! I genuinely love meeting people’s OCs and will probably draw them if they’re cute enough.

Let me know if you’re interested! And, of course, is it Thursday yet?
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