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Fandom Criminal Minds is a helluva good show [MxM] (looking for a Hotch)

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Magic Eight Ball
Hey everyone! I'm back again with another request, this time for the show Criminal Minds. I started watching pretty recently but I'm totally invested. Before I get into what I'd like here are some quick rules you should keep in mind;
  • Please be patient when it comes to response time. Though I tend to respond at least once a day (usually more), I am a college student with classes and work. Sometimes life gets in the way.
  • I'd prefer my partners be 18 or older. I really don't want minors in my inbox, it feels creepy.
  • Remember that quantity isn't everything. Just because a reply is long doesn't mean it's interesting. That said, I'd like if my partners are able to write at least a good paragraph per reply, as I can go upwards of 1,000 words if I have enough to work with.
  • I don't care about your gender, just about the fact that you'll play a male character for this rp.
  • I'm totally willing to double up, as long as my pairing stays M×M
And now that that's out of the way! On to the RP-

Like I mentioned, lately I've been craving a Criminal Minds rp. As of now I'm cool to deal with concepts from season 1 to season 6, since anything after is a spoiler to me. I'm mainly looking for someone to play Hotch. I have an oc in mind to play and I think they'd vibe pretty well, or at least make a really interesting plot. This'll hopefully contain a bit of romance as well as heavy violence, so be prepared for that!

If you're interested feel free to send me a pm or add to the thread, I'm happy with either (though I am a bit new to this, so discord is a viable option as well).
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