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Hello! I don't have any preference for genre, but lately I've been really into more modern-day action thrillers. With romance, since you can never go wrong with a bit of romance.

Corruption is rampant within the government and big cities are controlled by different sects of gangs. Kingston was the worst- the North, East, West, and South sides each taken over by different groups with the center of the city in a constant battle for territory. Fifteen years ago citizens who were tired of the corruption and collateral damage rose up to protest the tyranny of the gangs controlling their businesses and homes. It wasn't long before the peaceful protests took a turn for the worst and the citizens were disbanded in cruel and violent ways, many of them losing their lives. After the events the citizens became complacent with their lives, as much as they resented it. This caused many to try and fight back over the years, though they had little chance against those who weren't willing to give up the power they held in the city.

Plot ideas:

Plot 1: I'm Onto You
M/c is a freelance journalist who spends her time finding out secret gang information go release to the public, or other groups. M/c hears about someone quickly rising in status in one of the groups, and decides to look into it. Her research brings her to y/c, just a lucky thug, someone with familial ties, or someone really good at working for the gangs. M/c is set on digging up dirt and learning as much as she can about the suspicious person and bringing them down before gaining too much status.

Plot 2: There's a Rat
M/c is a freelance journalist who is set on digging up dirt on the local gangs and corrupt government officials. Things go wrong one night and a y/c notices the glint of a camera lens in the warehouse ceiling, where m/c was listening in and taking pictures. Disguised, m/c manages to slip into the night and escape, safely, for the most part, with the pictures she needed. Luckily, the following day offered a stress relief. A blind date. Although when m/c arrives to dinner and is matched with y/c, the thug she'd seen the night before, the night was anything but calm.

Plot 3: Love, not War
The East and North groups have been at odds for years now, fighting for power in the city. They'd gained so much power in the city that their only real threats were each other. In an attempt to put an end to this war, the group leaders agree to marry their children off in a forced peace. M/c and y/c hate each other, but have no choice and need to work together to keep the peace. Not only do they need to keep things cordial in their own groups, although other dangers lurk about that are looking for a way into the top powers within the city.

Plot 4: Help You, Help Me
M/c and y/c are both in trouble with different gangs in the city. While they're each on the run, literally running from thugs, they happen to run into each other. Both looking rather roughed up, they decide to help each other since they're both obviously in a bad spot. Safe for now- they need to figure out how to survive and leave the city, even if it means trying to turn in one another for a generous cash reward. As untrustworthy as they both were, a bond brought on by the stress begins to form.

Plot 5: Leave Me Alone
M/c is the daughter of the Eastern groups leader and y/c is the man's new second in command. Tension has risen between the groups to the point that m/c's father worries about the safety of his reckless offspring. M/c wants nothing to do with the gang wars and chooses to live her life paying little mind to it, regardless of the dangers that come. Y/c is tasked with protecting the bosses daughter, who was less than thrilled to find a bunch of her father's thugs positioned outside her home. It wouldn't be an easy job, and m/c would make sure of that.

Mature themes.
18+ only!
Semi-lit to lit, at least more than one paragraph.
Third person only.
You can never have too much detail.

Please message me if you're interested!!
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