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Fandom CREEPYPASTA RP- a bit complicated (srry)

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Action, Adventure, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Supernatural


Levi's Wife 💅
So for this role play you can do OC and real (canon??) characters. If you want to do an OC I would like to know if you can do a canon character with them. I would be playing my OC: Cannibal Caroline, Slenderman, and Zalgo. The characters below will be either taken or are still free to rp as. You have to be one of the Slenderman Team and one of the Zalgo team and if you choose to an OC, if you want you can be more but whoever isn't chosen I'll rp as them...

(Slenderman Team)

EJ or Eyeless Jack-

Jeff the Killer-

Ticci Toby- TenshuZninja TenshuZninja

Ben Drowned- TenshuZninja TenshuZninja



Spider Eyes-

(Zalgo Team)

LJ or Laughing Jack-



Kagekao- raven flame raven flame

Smile Dog-

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Levi's Wife 💅
Ya know what, I wouldn’t minds but I don’t really know much about the zalgo team, would anyone care to enlighten me?
honestly there wasn't any zalgo team I just put other creepypastas in the team so...not really sure what to say exactly..but what i would do is a bit of research for the one you don't know(if you don't know them already) srry

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