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Fandom creepypasta ccxcc/ocxcc mxm literate rp


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Hello! I’m looking for literate adults (18+) to roleplay creepypasta. NO minors, I’m not flexible with this.

So I’m looking for someone to rp creepypasta with. I like the canons, and my main muse is ticci Toby. But if you wanna be him that’s fine, I can also be a handful of others as well. But since Toby is my favorite I’d like him and the other character we pick to be the main focuses. I would like to pair him with someone and we can pick together.

I like the idea of the mansion, and we can add some cool side plots. Please note though I don’t do f/m. Please don’t ask for this. As for ocs, I enjoy them for this as long as they’re not uwu Mary/grey sues. I also like the darker side of the stories, so I don’t wanna make them uwu soft. These are killers guys. 😭


I only roleplay with adults. 17 and under DO NOT interact.

I’m looking for people who are literate! One-liners and small paragraphs aren't something I’m looking for.

I expect you to be active. Of course, we all have lives but being completely ignored is never fun. I get if you gotta do something, just please let me know.

Be lgbt+ friendly! The rp won’t be straight and I want my partner to be comfortable with that.

Looking for people who are okay with playing more than one character when need be.

Hope this interests you, feel free to reply if it does.
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