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Fantasy Creatures Of The Night (Main RP)

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RIP Avicii 1989-2018
Seraph Trinity sat down at her desk, staring at the clock with a gaze that could kill most people. Well, not literally, but she had been told her stares were severe. It was almost time for the night class to begin, and there was no one around but her and the custodians. She sighed and tore her eyes from the clock. Maybe there was no one this year. Maybe they decided to suffer through the prejudice of the main classes. Maybe they-

Her thoughts were pushed aside by a dull thump, as a figure slumped into a desk. “Oh, hello!” Seraph smiled brightly. The figure only grumbled, pulling a textbook out of their noticeably heavy backpack. The figure produced yet another thump as the book was moved to the desktop and flipped open. Seraph sighed. “Well, at least you’re here....?” “Orpheus.” the figure spoke in a soft, shy voice, unlike the exterior it came from. “Oh, Orpheus Underseer! Well, welcome to the night class!” Seraph smiled once again.

“Not to be rude, but you’re gonna blind someone if you keep doing that.”

Fred Colon

It was so much easier to blame it on Them.
Clovis rushed through the halls, his heavy backpack weighing him down, filled with books sized for human proportioned creatures. There were books made for people of his stature, of course, but they were inexplicably MORE expensive. Supply and demand, he supposed.

He skidded to a stop in front of the classroom and was almost overbalanced by his backpack. But he caught himself at the last.moment, and with a deep breath, put his hand on the door knob and pushed his way inside.

"I apologize for being late, Ms. Trinity!" Clovis said, giving the woman at the front a wide smile. "It's my fault. I thought I could get here faster than I actually could." But when he looked up he only saw one other student, and then he looked up at the clock. A minute late, but there was still only one other?

Clovis stepped deeper into the class room.
"My name is Clovis Andyre, if we've taken attendance already." He said, and sat down next to the only other student. After all, if it was only the two of them, that meant they were in this together. It was best to make friends. He stuck out his hand to the other student. Clovis wasn't quite sure what they were, an unsettling aura emenated from him, some sort of fear effect, but Clovis wasnt one to be daunted. He wouldn't be harmed by a classmate in full view of the teacher, now would he?

"Pleasure to meet you." He said, intending to turn back around and give his full attention to Ms. Trinity once the brief introduction was completed. There would be time for more later.


RIP Avicii 1989-2018
Fred Colon Fred Colon

Orpheus looked up from his book. Who was this.....oh, a halfling. Interesting. He stuck his hand out as well, shaking the halfling’s hand. “Orpheus Underseer. Biomedical major.” he introduced himself. Then quickly drew his hand away, turning back to his studies.

Seraph smiled widely once again. It was rumored that Clovis was quite the studious one, she assumed she wouldn’t have any trouble. And Orpheus.....well she’d have to work to bring him out of his shell.

“Alrighty then. I was sure there were supposed to be more students today. Lily Hart, Cassidy Falk, eugh these ones are hard to pronounce....” Seraph spoke aloud. The students would most likely ignore her, one of them seemed to engrossed in whatever he was studying to even bother.


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Shureina arrived at the school about an hour earlier than she was supposed to with the intention of wandering around and still make it to the first night of class. She can take her time to check out the layout of the school a bit before class, right?

Unfortunately for her, she neglected to remember the fact she has no real sense of time or urgency, resulting in this little stroll causing her to head to class late. She opened the door and was about to walk in casually, until she realized the other two students already there. She couldn't hide the clear confusion on her face.

She gave a soft, long drawn out whistle.

"Yiiiiiiikes. Now I don't mean to offend here when I ask this, but...am I late or am I early, I really can't tell. Oh wait, did I walk into the wrong class, or--"

Without even waiting for someone to answer, Shureina steps back out the door, only to come back after a few seconds. She did not look any less confused than before.

"Nope, unless my eyes deceive me, this is the right room. Did everyone else decide to walk around the school before class, too? I mean, I can't really blame them, this place is huge!"
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Before anyone could even respond to Shureina's question, yet another figure appeared in the doorway behind her. Bigger than the doorframe itself, a massive grin formed behind her as a large pair of hands approached. But what didn't fit this ominous figure's appearance at all, was the voice.

"Ohmygosh!" it cheered as its hands began patting at Shureina's hair "Just look at all this puffy hair she has, awwww~"

Dressed in colorful clothes with a head consisting entirely of a giant maw, Sephta laughed as she leaned down so she could fit into the doorway without smacking her immense head on it. Her fascination with Shureina's hair didn't last long, as soon her face tilted up towards the other two students in the room. Despite not having any visible eyes to speak of, the sight of the two made her gasp before leaning past Shureina to get a better look.

"Now let's see, let's see." she lifted a long, manicured finger to point to each of them "We got us a creepy boy, cute. Tiny guy, adorbs. And-"

The giant head gasped upon spotting their teacher, Slipping past Shureina to place her elbows on the desk. She leaned forward to examine her, cooing the entire time.

"Awww, look at you at ya little desk~" she sang to herself before, leaning up and whipping a hairbrush from her purse "Oh you are just the cutest wittle assortment o' sweeties now aintcha?"

Saying that, she spun around and leaned against Trinity's desk whilst brushing her own multi-colored hair, "Why I could just swallow up all o' you lil' delights in one gulp! Hahah!"


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Lily HartLily's hooves clicked lightly against the floor tiles, falling like little rapid raindrops as she hurried through the halls. She didn't run, because frankly that was embarrassing and she didn't want to upset any teachers... even if she was pretty sure there was only one in the school right now. Even still, she limited herself to an awkward half-jog and hoped that Mrs. Trinity was nicer than she feared.

What if she shouts at me? Lily thought in a rush of dread. What if she kicks me out of the class and I can't come back? I was only in the library! Surely she will understand? But what if she thinks I'm lying? I can't believe I almost forgot about night class!

Finally, she rounded the final corner to the class's hallway, but her previous hurry was halted. There in the hallway was a giant girl with a face made of teeth. She heard some students talking about her earlier, saying that she eats people like snacks! Her hooves skidded on the tiles so quickly she lost her grip and fell over, dropping her book bag.

"Oww..." Lily winced, opening an eye to see that a few pencils and books had fallen loose from her bag. This is what she got for packing in a hurry. "Oh no, now I'm going to be even more late..."

Lily glimpsed nervously up at the really tall girl, who thankfully ducked into the classroom. For a moment, she wondered if she should skip night class entirely. What was worse? Embarrassing comments or a scary girl? She couldn't be that bad right? Lily picked up a book and stared down at it nervously. But what if the people in the night class were just as bad as the people in the day classes?


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Shureina's hair felt rather strange, more like soft velvet than actual hair. She didn't flinch at the sudden hands petting her head, but did look rather confused. She looked over to the incredibly tall girl, raising an eyebrow at how energetic she was, casually stepping aside as she moved past. She could already tell this is going to be a rather odd bunch she'll be spending this class with, but she'd take an odd bunch over risking getting into it with the day class people. She didn't come here looking for serious trouble, but it didn't take very long for the day folk to get under her skin.

Her sensitive ears twitched a bit when she heard the sound of something heavy falling in the hallway. Another student, or something else? She glanced back over to the scene in the classroom before ducking out the room to investigate. She was already late, and she knew slipping out like that might not be a smart idea, but curiosity always did get the best of her most of the time. She scanned the hall until her eyes stopped at another girl, her eyes brightened a bit at another new face.

"Oh! Was that you or the backpack that dropped like a bag of wet cement?"

She fully slipped out the door, walking over to the girl, tilting her head curiously as her eyes scanned the newcomer. Her expression was hard to read, but it didn't feel as though she had bad intentions. More like she was trying get a feel for the girl before continuing a converstion.

"I'd give it a minute in there, that last girl that came in seems like a bit of a lively one. Nice enough, though, kinda reminds me of someone I used to know a looooooooong time ago! Oh uhhhh...I guess since we're here and gonna share a classroom for a while, I should introduce myself. The name's Shureina, also go by JayCee - don't ask, just roll with it. I'd shake ya hand, but I usually reserve that for folk who want wishes...unless ya got a wish to make, that is."



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Cassidy's converse made light noises as he quickly through the halls but not fast enough to raise suspicion that he was unintentionally late. His wings lay fairly limp at his back, the strong muscles aching painfully from the 4 am out of the blue test that only he had to do. His cheek having gauze tapped to it as well as both his knuckles being bandaged from the knuckles up to past his elbow. The pain of both his split knuckles and cuts throbbed lightly as he walked. His lateness caused by his quick medical work on himself.

He absentmindedly adjusted his skirt as he walked, the mornings rush making it also a little dishevelled like himself. As he was adjusting his skirt he felt his shoe make contact with a soft object causing him to land on top of something. Or well, someone. A tiny yelp escaped his lips as his wings fluttered out behind him, a few feathers falling loose as his satchel yoinked the feathery limbs.

"Who the hell is just laying on the ground and why," he spoke annoyed as he rubbed his head. His voice didn't even help give away his male gender, it managing to be high enough to pass as a girl's voice naturally. definitely more gender beautiful but who is going to tell a girl her voice is deep? His eyes turned to a glare as he stared at the succubus who had been the one to cause him to fall.
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