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Creatures of My Creation - Wargoths


Kaerri's Man. =)
Wargoths are reptilian-canine-like creatures utterly devoted to the Zeki-Zentraedi like hounds to human masters. They are small enough to skulk unimpeded after humans through the air shafts of Zeki starships and loyal enough to have a bomb strapped to their back and willingly launch themselves off of the shoulder-mounted cannon on a Beastmaster Bio-mecha to kamikaze to their deaths against the Zeki's foes.

During Chapter Four: High Stakes, the Wild Cards have to fight these things. When the wargoth-missiles fire, they magnetically-attach (via specially-made footwear) to their target. Then, on their next action, they crawl up to the cockpits (or other weak spots) of their targets and detonate for tremendous damage.

One of these just attached itself to Toph's damaged Ajax and Mario shot it off. However, these things explode when destroyed. So, Toph has one chance - a saving throw (using P.P. bonus). If she fails the save, it won't be good.

But one thing is clear - the wargoths fanatically serve the Zeki unto death.

O.K. Who saw Ghostbusters? Remember the Zuul's Terror Hounds? You know... these friendly and cuddly beasties?

(Image credit: Ghostbusters Wiki - Fandom)

You may remember them from this little scene...

Now combine them with those loveable toothy mutant hounds from Fallout 4.

(Image credit: Fallout Wiki - Fandom)

Add a bit of mega-damage spiked armor like this...

(Image credit: Discover Movies to Pin)

...and add a few more amphibian traits like webbed feet and thicker toad-like muscles and there you have them...

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