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Fandom Creature's Cravings and Curiosities (Always Open!)

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Friendly Neighborhood Creature

Hello there and welcome to yet another thread of mine. This particular thread is where I will posting about what subjects I am most interested in RPing. Just a fair warning though that most of my interests will pertain to various fandoms or existing works. So, if RPing fandoms is not your thing then this may not be the thread for you. This thread will also be subject to change as my interests do and thus will be updated accordingly. Of course, what I post here are not the only things I will RP- Just what I crave most. If you have a question about what else I'm interested in, then please ask! I'll be happy to provide a list. Down below you will find information about me, my preferences in a partner, and finally my RP interests. I hope we can create something together! 😁

-I am 18+ and attending a community college. I am not quite a full-time student yet, but I am working my way up towards it. My schedule depends on what days I have class and how long each class is. As of right now, I will be starting an online class since all face-to-face classes were moved back or cancelled due to what's happening with COVID-19.

-I have 6+ years of RP experience and consider myself to be semi-literate to literate. Unprompted, I can do anywhere from 3 to 6 paragraphs (if not more). I prefer to write in third person and in past tense. Though I tend to mirror however much my partner puts, I refuse to do one-liners. I'm sorry, I just can't, I'll lose muse too quickly that way. 😬

-I have very few triggers, thus darker/mature themes will not bother me. However, I will draw the line at underage and non-consensual stuff.

-I am open to talking OOC and actually prefer it. So if you want to talk, whether it's related to the RP or not, I'll be more than happy to!

-I have a Discord for those who'd rather use that format. However, I'd like to have a plot establish here before I make a server.

-I'd like for you to be either semi-literate or literate. I prefer to write with those who are on a similar wavelength as me, that way we are both putting in equal effort. It's not fun typing out a couple of paragraphs, only to get one line of dialogue in response. Not everything has to be a novella, but please be willing to give me something that I can work with and I'll do the same for you.

-Please be active and capable posting once or twice a week. If ever you should become busy or not have as much muse, then please tell me. I'll be willing to put the RP on hold until you're ready to get back to it. However, if you are just no longer interested in continuing then I'll understand. Just let me know so that I know not to post anymore.

-Please be 18+. I have nothing against the minors of this site and I'm sure that many of them are talented writers and storytellers. However, I am just more comfortable writing with those who are closer to my age.

-If possible, be open to talking OOC and contributing to the RP. I love to discuss things with writing partners and would prefer if you do too. If you have any ideas or things that you'd like to share, then please do! I promise that you don't have to worry about overwhelming me. As someone who becomes enthusiastic when talking about a subject they like, I understand the concern one might have. But truthfully, nothing makes me happier than knowing that you're interested in the RP or want to talk to me.

-If you have read through all of this, then please tell about your favorite animal! That way I know that you know my preferences and information! 🐯

☠= No longer craving
👍= Yes, I'm open to this!
🧠= I have a plot idea!
♥= I really want to do this, please!

-Don't Starve ☠
-Knock-Knock (The Game) 👍
-Cuphead ♥
-Edward Scissorhands ♥
-ParaNorman 👍
-Gravity Falls 🧠
-Bendy And The Ink Machine ♥🧠
-Who Framed Roger Rabbit 👍
-Sonic The Hedgehog (Games, Ova, 2020 Film) ♥🧠
-Invader Zim ☠
-Pokemon (Sun/Moon, Sword/Shield, & Let's Go) ☠
-Green Eggs and Ham (Netflix Show) ♥
-One Punch Man (Heads up that I have not finished
the anime yet) ♥

(Check out my other thread!)
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New Member
I would be interested in a Don't Starve RP...DS Together is my current favorite survival/crafting game.
What kind of story were you thinking?
I am waaaay 18+, also in community college coincidentally, and highly literate (i.e. prone to writing a LOT though I try to keep it under control lol.


A beautifully corroded nightmare
Finally!!!! Another dbd fan! Lol I was beginning to think I was the only one! Id be willing to plot some dark story with ya on this one.


Friendly Neighborhood Creature
XanesFox said:
Finally!!!! Another dbd fan! Lol I was beginning to think I was the only one! Id be willing to plot some dark story with ya on this one.
Hey there! That's great, would you mind if I sent you a PM?


Friendly Neighborhood Creature
tabbybutnotacat said:
I'd be interested in an rp, but I'm not familiar with any of the fandoms listed, perhaps we can figure something out?
Sure, we can try! How about you PM me with some stuff that you're interested in?

The Stolen Relic

"There Are no Men Like me."
Hiyah @CreatureFriendly I see your list and I find we have a lot of common interests. But at the moment I have re-found my love for the Sonic Series and If I ever have an opportunity I love to take it. I do have a few ships in mind (My favorite Being Shadamy). I actually Have a full list on my Profile page if you'd like to see the ones I'm open to roleplaying in particular. I can roleplay both Males and Female characters, Im not sure if this was something you have an issue with though I know some people feel comfortable in the shoes of their own Gender when they role play.

I consider myself to be extremely literate but I can often mirror my partners at times if its easy for them. Im 20 years old, just working part time right now Until I figure out what im doing for school (hoping next year) . Im looking forward to roleplaying with you! Im free either here or via discord! Just let me know~

Hi there! I would totally be up for a Invader Zim, Gravity Falls or Cuphead roleplay over on Discord. If you’d like to plot one out, please let me know! ❤🙌🏻


a white butterfly
If your still open to it, I’d love to write some Pokémon S&S with you! Let me know and I’ll reach out!


New Member
Hey! I was wondering if you would be interested in an original modern fantasy plotline? (ie. Monsters and humans)


100 HP and Ready to Brawl!
Good morning! Also, I can definitely do Don't Starve or Cuphead!
I might have late replies but that's really the only problem I might have.


Friendly Neighborhood Creature
Hey there! I don’t mind late replies. I’d definitely be interested in plotting with you! Would you mind sending me a PM so we can plot since I’m on mobile at the moment?

Stitches and Patchwork

count all the sand in this desert omega
Heyo! I’m planning to get Sword and Shield for Christmas but if you want, I’m up for a Pokemon roleplay with OCs just traveling together and going on their own journey (perhaps with varying motivations like one wants to become a Professor while another wants to be a Coordinator. Heck one could be trying to become a Pokemon Detective) and am fine with spoilers if you want to do it in an existing region


Friendly Neighborhood Creature
Sure! I may have an OC in mind. Would you be okay with sending me a PM so we can talk more? I’m also sorry about the late response.

I would probably end up using an OC. But I’d be willing to play a few canons such as Leon and Bede.

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