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Traditional Crayons' Scribbles


Here's a really polished one.
This was a commission from a friend of his RP character (the ogre)
and our other friend's character (the lady) enjoying a cup of tea at his cave.

Original print size was A3 (420x297mm)
Traditional lineart, digital painting using CSP

(I hope a topless male ogre is OK to show here ... he is wearing a loincloth XD )



A very big boi

Such good art style BTW, I love it.


Here are some sketches in pen and toned with grey markers.
Most of these were using Kuretake Zig Mangaka Flexible pens for the lineart
and Promarkers for the grey tones.

Interesting* fact: Although I drew these at all different sizes, when resized in Photoshop the lineart is all a similar width,
which I was not aware of when drawing them. I guess this means I have a "style".

Clockwise from top left:
Aya Mutsumi (RP character), Satoru Nanase (RP character), Erika (unused RP character),
Cassie (comic book character), Kaito Asakawa (RP character)
Three out of the five are for Naruto universe. XD

*No refunds if you don't find it interesting.


Here are a few traditional sketches.
I use Kuretake Zig Flexible pens for the lines
and Promarkers for the colours.


My Viking druid, raven-shifter
and magical pathfinder, Isgerd.

She enjoys boardgames, travelling, and has a big crush on the Tain's daughter,
which certainly doesn't stop her fooling around with anyone else she takes a fancy to.

She once knocked herself out flying into an invisible magic wall and almost drowned in an icy lake below.
She got off lightly with a broken beak/nose.



And on the corvidesque theme, here is my girl Crowfeather.
She is a feisty pacifist, fletcher and crafts-elf.
She is from an Elfquest RP.
Her notable achievement is getting accidentally punched in the face
by her will-they, won't-they, on-and-off again lover,
while trying to stop a fight between him and her current BF.
(Pacifism can be dangerous!)
She would love to start a family of her own but mostly looks after everyone else's children.



And here is a random elf with blue hair.
Maybe he could be a character some day.


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