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Multiple Settings Cravings | Updated 6.24

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you are gold baby. solid gold.
Hello everyone! Belle again

This is going to be my cravings thread. A place where I post my cravings (duh).

So lately, I've been in a RP funk. Sorry to anyone I haven't responded to, I promise I will get to them. Lately I've been looking for a certain type of roleplay, and that's what I've been focusing on. So much that I seem to have lost my muse for other types. So first of all, this roleplay will be taking place here on RPN, or on google docs. Those are the only places I roleplay. I do have and love to use discord for ooc chatter, so just message me for my username or send me yours!

Second, I need someone who can write. I'm not trying to be judgmental or anything, and I'm also not saying someone who can write 10,000 words. I mean someone who can write quality posts. Give me a reason to respond. Tell me what your character is thinking, doing, feeling. And please please please, no one liners.

Third, don't bug me for a response. I'm a full time nurse who gets busy and (like others) loses her muse. It happens, and the more you bug me, the more I will not want to respond. So please give me that courtesy. Also, right now, I am mainly looking to play female roles. I can double and would love to do so, and will probably still bring in side characters.

Also these are not the only things I will do. My main thread is
here, and you are always welcome to suggest other things.

I think that's it, really. So, onto the cravings.

Labyrinth (Looking for Jareth)

kidnapper x kidnapped
Vampire x human

Good boy x bad girl
The Devil x human
something super fucking angsty slice of life-y


My Brother's Debt
[MC]'s brother is in debt to a local gang, and he's the only person who knows just how far in debt he is. [YC] is the leader (can be second in command or something different) and he, along with a few other members, come to collect his debt. MC comes home just in time to see them beating her brother to within an inch of his life, and before she can stop herself, she throws herself in front of the only family she has left. In exchange for clearing his debt and his name with this gang, she gives herself to YC, to work for him/do what he wants for x amount of time (determined by us).

aka I'd love you forever if you played one of these for me:
(I do return the favor)
-Andy Black
-Stephen James
-Teddy Sears
-Ronnie Radke

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