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Realistic or Modern Craving zombies like they crave your brains.


Magic Eight Ball
Hey, I stole my cat's name for my site name. He doesn't mind, so you can call me Murdoch. đź‘Ť
I've been RPing for several years and am 21+. I've got a couple of good RPs going right now but I'm really hankering for a zombie apocalypse RP. So file this under 'modern' and not 'realistic' 'cause I don't think the big Z is coming for us any time soon.

I'm a multi-paragraph RPer depending on the situation. Sometimes the pacing is quick and snappy and large posts don't suit it, but for the most part, I do multiple paragraphs. I would prefer the same style in return and not just quantity but quality. A long post doesn't help if there's nothing to respond to in it. Typically, I play male characters and I also like to throw in side characters as well to make the world feel more alive.

I enjoy OOC communication so that the RP/plot can be discussed and changed up or ended if someone isn't feeling it but no pressure if you aren't the chatty type.

Feel free to post here or DM me if you're interested. I have a few plots/intros in mind for some of the above and I have no problem brainstorming with others. :)
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Lookin' for one or two more buddies to get set up with. ^^ Edited the main post to add a bit more info and explain some things better too.

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