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Fantasy Craving search!! Angels/demons


Socially awkward penguin
Hi hi! Feel free to call me Kendrix or Dawn. I'm new to this site but not new to role play by any means. I've been a role player since my teens and I'm now 27. I do work full time but am able to respond at least once a day if not more often. I'm in Florida if that helps reference my time zone availability.

About my style of role play
-style (looks of the tread) aren't too important. Right now I'm learning the site so I'm mostly concerned about content
-I will match what you put out content wise. You put 3-4 paragraphs I'll match that. I hate one liners though
-I am used to managing more than one character in a story.
-i play any gender and love lgbtq + characters.
-I don't mind getting to know my partner.
-I can play OCs or characters that already exist in the anime/movie/TV show
-I live for drama, backstory and romance

What I want in a partner
-I ask is you be honest if the role play feels boring, or if you'll be absent for an extended period of time. Please don't just ghost
-equal collaboration in ideas. I don't want to be the only one planning things.
-21+ of age. Just a preference. All my OCs are 21+. I don't play children unless they are minor characters
-spelling or grammar mistakes are okay. As long as I can understand it. I make mistakes too ahaha.


So ultimately I am craving a Lucifer role play. If not that I do have ideas for an Orginal Idea plot involving angels/demons/humans.

I have a few pairings in mind:
-Demon x modern day demon slayer
-demon x fallen angel (or regular angel )
-demon x human

Each I do have ideas for but rather go over via PM so feel free to reach out if interested

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