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Roleplay Availability
I still need to update this, but right now I'm craving a delinquent m/m romance! I just really want to throw one of my boys at some delinquent with a soft heart who's looking for love!

I have a few roleplay searches already out in the wild, but I thought having one that condensers them all into one place might be useful. I'm interested in fantasy (classic, modern, futuristic, I'll take it all) and Naruto primarily. I tend to keep things overall light, while touching upon heavy themes for the sake of growth and recovery.


Bastion • Agender • He/him • 28
3rd person paragraph | 1-3 paragraphs​

Hey, I'm Bastion (DoodlerBee for art.) I'm unemployed due to disability and have difficulty leaving the house so roleplay is my main form of socialization. I love to talk OOC, especially about our characters and future scenes, but I also have a lot of difficulty initiating and making conversation. I promise I really want to talk to you, I just don't know how!

I check my messages almost immediately, although I may need some time to reply. Depending on my inspiration and energy levels I will reply several times in one day, or go several days before responding. I try not to go longer than a week, and if it's taking that long I'll let you know the issue. Typically it's either because I'm stressed out and can't think, or because I need some ideas for how to progress the scene. Talking about the current and future scenes OOC really helps me with my response time.


I am comfortable with any topic being a part of a character's story, provided the topic is handled respectfully. However, some topics can trigger a panic attack if they are depicted, while others simply make me uncomfortable. These topics may appear in the roleplay, but I ask that they not appear on-screen or in detail. The focus should be on coping and/or recovery.
  • Suicidal actions
  • Rape
  • Abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety


The following is required if you want to roleplay with me:
  • Acceptance of all marginalized people, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, disability, or other such factors.
  • Writes in 3rd person paragraph format, at least 1 paragraph per reply.
  • Will contribute to plotting and moving scenes forward.
Note: Although I'm willing to roleplay with those under 21, make sure you inform me of your age when you approach me, especially if you're under 18.


As I stated in the beginning, I'm really only interested in fantasy and Naruto. I will consider realistic modern on occasion, but only have... 1? character for it currently, and need a good romance plot to get me invested. I don't roleplay any fandom other than Naruto. I have no idea why, but it's the only fandom that's managed to inspire me enough to stay invested for years.

I enjoy romance a lot, especially fluff. However, I need more than A and B like each other to be interested. I like romance that's about people helping each other grow and overcome difficulties. I consider romance a secondary element in roleplay and rarely go in with the intent to ship. It's important to be sure the characters have a good dynamic before the shipping starts, imo.


Now to be clear, when I say D&D I'm not referring to the lore. I mean a setting with diverse fantasy races, where magic is prevalent, adventuring is a viable occupation, and technology is in a weirdly ambiguous state while distinctly lacking the modern touch. I have next to no knowledge of the actual D&D lore, and find what I do know to often be stereotypical or offensive.

When roleplaying in this kind of setting, I seek out adventure plots, usually of the small-scale variety. Things like rescuing a child who accidentally wronged the fae, helping a town with a dangerous beast, and retrieving a lost relic. I'm not opposed to epic quests to defeat the BBEG, but unless you have it all thought out it's not really something I can do.

I have a ton of characters for D&D and adjacent settings, but I'll limit this list to the ones I think I'm most inspired for. Depending on the plot, I could go with someone completely different than those listed here. If you're looking for a specific type of chatter to play against, feel free to tell me and I might just have the perfect one already.
El e' Therai | Aasimar | Trans male | Mid-20s | Pan or gay
El is charming and beautiful, capable of capturing the interest of anyone he sets his sights on. He can talk his way into or out of just about anything, which is great considering how often be gets himself into trouble.

Therai Domakos | Tiefling | Trans male | Early 30s | Hopeless gay
With his hulking figure, massive horns and claws, and spike covered tail, Therai makes for a rather terrifying sight. However, he has dedicated himself to helping others, while taking a vow of pacifism.

Val Samohain | Gnelf Living Ghoul | Cis male | Mid-teens (developmentally) | Romance unavailable
Val was born undead and has spent the decades since undergoing magical treatment to obtain the ability to grow and live. He now exists in a state between life and death, in search of an understanding of his own nature.
Honestly, I have a lot of trouble coming up with plots for this kind of setting. I love doing simple quests, but don't have much on deck. Please bring me your plots!
Lost Child

A child has gone missing in the nearby forest. Turns out they accidentally wronged a fairy and were taken to the Fairy Queen's court. Our characters must go to the court and advocate for the child.


When it comes to modern fantasy, I tend to focus on slice of life with magic thrown in to create excitement. The hidden supernatural world is a go-to for me, but I'm just as happy to have it be a modern setting where magic and fantasy races are just part of the norm.
I don't actually have many modern characters, but I'm happy to place just about any of my D&D characters in a modern setting.

Kei Nakahara | Japanese Human | Cis male | Late-teens to early-20s | Gay
Kei has an apathetic attitude and a tendency to tempt fate. Between years of social isolation and losing the only person he cared about, he's lost any desire to live, but can't bring himself to attempt suicide.

Blair Day | Witch | Cis male | Early 20s | Orientation unknown
Blair has a quiet, mysterious air, that hides his socially awkward personality. He overthinks every interaction, which often leaves him silent and gives the impression that he's aloof.
I don't really have much in the way of plots for modern settings. If you've got ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Taking in a Dangerous Stranger
hidden supernatural world
Kei finds a man bloody and beaten on his way home one night. On a whim, he brings the stranger home and patches him up. He knew he was inviting danger into his home, he just didn't know how.


When it comes to Naruto, I have a bit of a weird relationship. I love the setting, but I'm not very informed on the lore. I adore the characters, but desperately wish the girls had been given agency and influence. Whenever I write for it, I either ditch the canon characters, or give Naruto a family of some kind and alter the timeline in a way that almost always results in Sasuke sticking around.

If you're looking to roleplay something following canon, then I can't help you. I will only play canon characters if they're for my AUs since I'm insecure I'll portray their canon versions correctly. I really prefer playing OCs myself, but I'm happy to play against canon characters as long as the story isn't sticking rigidly to canon.

Let's make this easy on myself. Here's a thread with a handful of my Naruto OCs. I have many more.

I'll probably add short versions to this thread later, but it's 4:30am and I don't know why I'm up writing this.
Like every other time I've listed plots, I don't actually have much in the way of ideas. If you've got a plot, I'm happy to discuss it with you. For the most part, I prefer Naruto plots to revolve around missions that require extended interaction between characters, such as acting as protection for a traveler.
#Give Naruto a Family
I have several AUs where I give Naruto a sibling or guardian, take your pick.
  • Akane AU (twin sister): Kushina lives, Naruto's status as jinchuuriki is hidden, Uchiha slaughter never happens, Naruto is a bit of a loner due to parents pressuring their kids to be his friend for influence, Naruto is taught to control the kyuubi from a young age and befriends it, Akane is taught Kushina's chakra chains and replaces Sakura on team 7.
  • Nanami AU (twin sister): Naruto doesn't seem the approval of the village due to having a twin who cares about him, Sasuke is forcibly befriended after the Uchiha massacre through dinner, Naruto para the graduation exam and doesn't learn the shadow clone technique until later, Sakura actually plays a party in the team as the strategist.
  • Masao AU (big brother): A stray surviver of the Uzumaki clan is found and adopted by Kushina and Minato, Masao is around Itachi's age and so Kushina and Mikoto make sure they're friends, Masao raises Naruto and he plays with Sasuke growing up, they take in Sasuke after the Uchiha massacre, Naruto learns shadow clone early from Masao to help with managing his chakra and graduates fine.
  • Maki AU (twin sister): Toxic dependency to the max, twins don't even accept Iruka's kindness, Naruto graduates due to Maki cheating and doesn't learn shadow clone, Maki replaces Sakura on team 7, Sasuke is isolated.
  • Higan AU (caretaker): Guy who's been saved and taken in by Kakashi (ship ship ship) ends up meeting young Naruto and looking after him once he finds out he's asking, eventually properly adopted by Higan and Kakashi, Sasuke gets adopted after the Uchiha massacre, Naruto learns shadow clone from Kakashi to manage chakra.
Different Figures
The Naruto world without any canon characters, the change either being to the entire timeline or just the point where Naruto would have been born. I love creating an alternate timeline based around what could have been, but I'm just as happy simply playing out the canon story with OCs.

If you're interested in roleplaying with me introduce yourself first. Tell me the basics and a little something about your life or interests outside roleplaying.

Also include some ideas for the roleplay. This should include who you'll play as well as your ideas for the plot. If there's a specific character you want me to use, tell me. Also, even if you want to go with one of my plots, you should bring some ideas of your own for what can happen.
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Roleplay Availability
I have a vague idea for a post-apocalyptic fantasy scenario, where the world is a wasteland. I'm not sure what the story is exactly, beyond I'd be playing sometime known as the Plant Doctor who can revive plants, and their undead assistant.


taking a break from this site
Roleplay Availability
I really need to clean this up and add more details, but bumping anyway :P


taking a break from this site
Roleplay Availability
I still need to update this, but right now I'm craving a delinquent m/m romance! I just really want to throw one of my boys at some delinquent with a soft heart who's looking for love!

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