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I'm Araellion, but most people call me Mike. I've really been craving stories about Angels and Demons and possibly with some humans involved as well, so that's what this thread is about!

But first, some technicalities to make sure we fit as partners:

+I'm good with writing about all relationship types, but not all of my characters are even remotely interested in romance. A good platonic story or enemies-to-friends-to-something-like-lovers would be ideal. Then again I'm likely to make new characters for every story so if you want romance I'd be happy to oblige—provided it's a very slow burn that happens naturally.

+I'm looking to write an lgbtqa+ centric story just because that's what I enjoy.

+18+ please.

+Communication. Both during the setup and after we have started the RP. Let's continue talking about new things to add and include.

+Length. I don't expect a lot, really. Different circumstances in the story require different post lengths after all. That said, I lose interest very quickly if I'm only given a few sentences all the time. I myself will write 100-1000+ words per post depending on what's going on in the story.

+My reply times vary a lot. I can reply in 18 minutes, I can take a week to reply. It depends on a lot of factors. So if replying every day without fail is a deal breaker for you, well, here's your warning I suppose XD

+Detailed. Now what I mean by that is that I love reading all the small things. Body language, thoughts, are they fiddling with anything, etc. What I don't mean is that you have to try and artificially cram in really redundant details, because that can become a tad tedious. Balance. I have already read Victor Hugo's two longest books and really don't want more stuff like that X'D

+I really enjoy adding more characters as we go along to flesh out the world and give us more to work with.

+I am good with any mix of fluff and angst. If you don't want angst at all I'm good with that. If you want pure angst...why? And also, hell yes XD

+Feel free to ask for a writing sample if you want, I have a few I can send over ^^

And now, to the ideas!

First let me start out by throwing out some pairings. These are meant as springboards for ideas, not necessarily to serve as romantic pairings. So if you aren't interested in any of the plots in this thread that's fine, we can plot something better together.

Demon x Angel
Demon x Demon
Angel x Angel

Also open to poly pairings like for example Angel x Angel x Demon!

I am open to human x angel/demon ideas if you have any, but I'm not interested in writing human mains right now.

Righty, now for some plot ideas!

Any of the plots can be combined with other plots too ^^

Celestial beings aren't meant to have soulmates, it's a purely human thing. And yet here they were with a soulmate mark anyway.

This works with any of the above pairings and can be either platonic or romantic. Here's a list of of soulmate AUs to give you some ideas ^^
A demon/angel goes undercover in heaven/hell to gain information on the enemy.

Will they be found out? Find an unlikely ally? Find love??! I don't know. Let's plot!
Look I'll be honest, I don't have a specific idea for why any celestial beings need to pretend to date, but I love this trope so much and I'm sure that with some brainstorming we'll come up with something.
Both heaven and hell have agents on earth to make sure plans are executed smoothly and to keep an eye on the humans. They are both also supposed to influence humans slightly towards good or bad, but one demon and angel figured out that their actions cancel out, so they make a deal to simply not bother.
A fallen angel needs help navigating their new life in hell.
An angel is in the process of falling. A demon who really doesn't want to see any more lives ruined helps the angel get back on the right track.
A bored demon thinks it would be fun to harass a poor angel but it somehow turns into flirting instead.
While working on earth an angel happens upon a badly hurt demon. Taking pity on the poor creature, the angel is determined to help, whether the demon likes it or not.
Right, so I'm thinking a demon and an angel meet on the wall of Eden and from then on their fates are intertwined—Good Omens style. I want to follow their developing relationship through biblical and historical events.
A demon and an angel get matched on a dating app. The angel thinks the demon will be cruel and cold, while the demon thinks the angel will be all holier-than-thou and self-righteous. They are both surprised when they meet and are both proven wrong.
Demon works as a human bartender, an angel keeps coming in to drunkenly complain about stuff. Things escalate from there.
An angel teams up with the human police to catch a suspected demon serial killer. But is there more to the crimes? Maybe the demon is innocent? Or maybe they aren't.
Not exactly a demon/angel thing, but rather two beings in charge of delivering judgment. Humans come in, get judged by both judges, and move on to wherever is the most appropriate.

If you're interested in doing world building and combining slice of life with the above premise in a kinda episodic manner then this is for you!
Somehow, no matter the time period, they always end up pretending to get married for one reason or another. It's just practical really. It opens up more connections for both the demon and angel, and if any humans looks at them with suspicion or with intentions of finding gossip, then they are more likely to gossip about the marriage rather than look too close at the beings not being human.
It is highly discouraged that angels be anything more than coworkers. Office romance can be a nasty thing after all, and friendships all too often lead to gossip and a lack of productivity.

Too bad for higher management that some rules are made to be broken, even by beings that for all intents and purposes shouldn't be able to break rules.

I will most likely add more plots later and if you have any ideas send them over! I'll most likely absolutely love them because as long as demons and angels are involved I'm not particularly picky about the specifics.

Please send me a PM if you're interested, don't comment here
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