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Hey there! You can call me Angel! My pronouns are she/they mainly but he/him works as well. Whatever you prefer honestly XD. I'm 18. I work mostly full-time as an Inventory Associate.

I am looking for any roleplay interests we have in common. I'll be listing some fandoms below after I get past my rules and all that.

Out of the fandoms I list I can play most of the characters. If you have any original thoughts for a roleplay or characters I am more than happy to work with what you've got. No hard feelings if we don't get along just please don't be rude.

(I am looking mostly for a Gravity Falls roleplay and we can deffo discuss details.)

I have a few rules meant to keep us safe and happy.
1. You do have to be 18+, no exceptions. However, your gender, sexuality, and race do not matter. This is a hate free zone.
2. I am LGBTQ+ friendly. Meaning, mXm, fXf, and fXm are all welcome in our roleplays.
3. If we roleplay on RPNation we will be sticking to their rules. Meaning any steamy parts will be skipped over. However if both parties are comfortable discord, snapchat, etc are all open for that kind of thing.
4. Please do not control my character. If you do this more than once in a roleplay it will be grounds to end any further communication.
5. If you do not want to continue a roleplay for ANY reason don't hesitate to tell me. I can take it like a big kid. I understand sometimes the way two people roleplay just doesn't match up, but please TELL ME.
6. Communication is KEY. You want a specific plot? Tell me. We can make a script or freestyle the roleplay but make sure to tell me if you want something specific to happen.
7. This is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. All body types, sexualities, genders, and colors are welcome here.
8. Again, this is a judgement free zone. If you want mushy gushy, angsty, romantic, hardcore, dramatic roleplays. Those are welcome here for sure. Anything goes.
9. I can roleplay with almost anyone. However you do need to know the difference between, there, their, and they're. And the difference between you/you're. Decent grammar is a necessity. You don't have to be a professor about it but periods, commas, and quotes are mandatory.
10. Patience is a must for both parties. We both have things going on. Again, just communicate about them and we can work things out in the end.

I have a lot of fandoms so I'll write down as many as I can think of. If you want to roleplay one that is not on the list don't hesitate to ask!

Criminal Minds: I'm currently up to season 8 and I'm getting near the end of it. I can roleplay any of the characters (some better than others), and I am happy with any pairing. OCs are totally fine for this one.

Gravity Falls: I would love to roleplay Gravity Falls!! I think it would end up being a really great roleplay if we make our own plot lines. OCs would work best for this one. I'm happy to play a character from the show though if you will too.

Sherlock: I have seen every episode and season, including Elementary. I can roleplay either version with no issue though I would need to read through the plots and get a refresher.


Again, these are just starting fandoms. Don't be afraid to ask about anything! I do movies, shows, and animes. I've seen more of the mainstream animes though.

I am an avid lover of horror. Any horror movie/show that you have seen and you want to roleplay we could probably figure something out for it. No biggie.

Please, please bring me your sweet ideas! I can do almost any genre though historical/steampunk genres are probably not the best for me. I am okay with talking about plots and tweaking them so we both love them. Never feel afraid to sound stupid, ask questions, or be over the top angsty and dramatic. I will match the hell out of your energy.

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