countdown to disaster

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  1. It has finally happened. The city you once called home will be no more. You always knew this would happen. Refuges have been pouring in for months. Now an evacuation is under way. The wealthy merchants and nobles have commandeered every ship in the harbor to assure their escape. The orc army is only a few days away.
    This is an opportunity your guild can not miss. .
    "Time for one last heist!", you say to yourself as dress in front of a large oval mirror in your bedroom. What does the mirror reflect:
    1.A 70 year old man, bald, pale skin, quite skinny looking, medium height, has single amber eye and an eyepatch
    2. A 30 year old woman, long read hair down to her shoulders, pale skin, average built, quite tall, her right arm is missing, brown eyes
    3. A 15 year old girl, black hair in a pony tail, tan skin, quite short for her age, gray eyes

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