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Futuristic Cosmic Deep

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Long ago we took to the stars and discovered what was once thought to be unimaginable - alien lifeforms. Not too far from our own galaxy lies a plethora of life just like ours, a universe so strange yet so familiar. With this first contact came conflict, and the ending of conflict brought peace. Now a new age has come, one of fragile order and wavering prosperity. A golden age of discoveries. It is time for you to join the greatest space race the universe has ever seen.

Welcome to The Avian Expedition

You are a new recruit embarking on a journey to discover what lies beyond our known cosmos, an expedition so grand that no being has ever attempted such a feat until now. This is an expedition that has been decades in the making. Each galaxy and race has contributed technology, materials, money, manpower and time to achieve a common goal: to explore deep space and uncover the secrets lurking within. This expedition has birthed some of the most impressive technology ever seen. Ships are faster, stronger and better than ever before, now able to withstand the crushing devastation of a black hole. What might await us in the sea of stars? Incredible power? Riches? Perhaps something more. What is certain is that there is still so much we do not know, and so much we cannot prepare for…


RS Blackbirds Cry

You have joined the crew of the RS Blackbirds Cry. It is a reconnaissance ship, meaning it's purpose is to gather intelligence for the mothership AESS Condor and the fleet. This means that it is small and fast, ready to jump in and out of danger at a moments notice. It is able to scout ahead of the fleet and relay information to communications. The ships crew must have varied specializations in order to cover every basis for a mission, both on and off planet. On an RS (reconnaissance ship) you may find a colourful cast of characters, however getting along is imperative to the expedition. We must survive and discover.





Chief Medical Officer




if there is a role you want to fulfill that isnt here just let me know and ill add it when i approve your character!


Hello everyone! This is a fantasy/sci fi/cosmic horror/pretty much every genre roleplay created by a big group of friends and experienced roleplayers called The UO. As we do with all of our rps we are welcoming to newcomers, however this is a pretty big project of ours that could be years in the making if we aren't lazy! With that in mind please consider if you will be dedicated to this for the long term before joining. Rather than a roleplay we see our projects as big collaborative novels. If you think you can vibe with us please feel free to show interest and make a cool alien, android or human to join the RS Blackbirds Cry!
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Thanks for the interest everyone! I have added the character thread so go make yer characters! Just be mindful of what roles people have already posted. First come first serve kinda deal.


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Hmm I am intrested in playing an A.I.type maybe not a full on Android but ship a.i. that or something weird and wacky race

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