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Futuristic Cosmic Deep Lore Thread


This is the lore thread for the roleplay Cosmic Deep. Here you'll find extra info on the Avian Expedition fleet as well as different races/planets/colonies in the known universe (so far!).

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Cosmic Deep


The Avian Expedition is a fleet of starships with one common goal - to explore the hidden depths of space. It was funded and created by many contributing races and factions all throughout the known universe. Despite it's cooperative nature, there is also personal benefit to be gained through this expedition. Some call it the biggest space race in all of history. Everyone who contributes has the chance to gain untold amounts of wealth, power and new technology. After all, deep space is an unclaimed fortune of secrets.

There are many ships part of the Avian Expedition fleet. I will list the most notable ones here for now, however new ones will be added as the story progresses so be sure to check back!

Expedition Leader
Avian Expedition Space Ship (AESS) Condor
The largest ship of the fleet and the hub for all operations.

Reconnaissance Starships
RS Blackbirds Cry
RS Sparrow Wing

These ships have the very important task to scout ahead of the fleet and report back to the leader. They are often sent on intelligence missions.

Battle Starships
BS Golden Eagle
BS Black Kite
BS Grey Falcon

Ships equipped for fighting and protecting the fleet. Small, fast and nimble.

Cargo Starships
CS Sturdy Shoebill
CS Shy Cassowary

Large, sturdy ships hauling important materials, gear and commodities. They should have enough cargo to last a decade.

Research Management Starships
RMS Penguins Flight
Research ships have some of the best equipment of the fleet. They are the ones who are officially documenting the expedition, if you will.


Here will be the space for some of the currently known alien life forms, planets, colonies and their lore. Use this to create your character!

Home world - Earth
Humans are one of the most abundant and widespread races of the universe. Though they tend to stick to their home galaxy the Milky Way, they are able to thrive in most environments. Intelligent, adaptive and resourceful, Earth Humans have invented incredible ships and technology that are commonly used across the stars. They are known for being imaginative and ambitious, and as such were the first to create sentient Androids. Several of the human colonies include but are not limited to the Luna Colony, Mars Colony and Venus Colony.

Home world - Anywhere
Though sentient Androids were first created on Earth, they have become so widely made in all parts of the galaxy that their home depends on where they are first given sentience. Each race creates Androids in a different way and no Android is ever the same as another. Despite common fears, they apparently have no desire to destroy life, rather embrace it's chaos and beauty. Often found on starships for their multi-technical capabilities.

Homeworld - Venus
A sapient, parasitoid wasp which emerged within human colonies on terraformed Venus. It converts its humanoid victims1652111938868.png into living hives, producing swarms of drones to serve and defend itself while it acts as the brain of this strange, collective organism. Once feared as the bogeyman of human colonization, the Chalcidian's small population and unaggressive nature eventually earned it begrudging acceptance within galactic society, though tensions with its "parent" species remain palpable.

Homeworld - Sanmagela
Tiny creatures, resembling earth monkeys and standing little more than a foot in height. They are master engineers, constructing intricate mechanical exoskeletons the likes of which would impress even the most brilliant members of
other spacefaring species. They are also an incredibly warlike people, using their brilliant machines for brutal conquest, or to proffer their services as mercenaries in times when their immortal god-queen decides to take a vacation from the bloodstained sands of the front lines.​

Homeworld - Le Wrileen1652114198078.png
The Posonids are an aquatic people, made of many races that live on an ocean planet. Through many violent wars and strife they have become a unified planet, however most of the original cultures of each race were near completely erased to serve their greater nation. With no qualms about slaving and corruption, the Posonids are some of the least friendly races in the galaxy. Though they maintain friendly relations and trade with other races solely to maintain their own status as a galactic powerhouse.

Homeworld - Krostava
The Ensindijee are a tall ancient species of insectoids that dwell on a small world of massive rainforests. They are run by a big Empire ruled by a king and queen and live on the outskirts of known civilization. They are not known to fraternize too much with other races and many accuse them of 'harboring galactic secrets', a claim which none have quite denied. They are able to communicate telepathically with one another. Whether they are able to do so with other races is currently unknown.​

Star Child
Homeworld - ???
A race of mysterious cosmic beings that are birthed from a falling star. One day a meteor crash landed on earth and inside the rock, almost like a cracked egg, was a child unlike anything ever seen. A being made from the cosmos, without a face or a memory. Humans named them star children. They are navigational experts and have no need for space suits or other protective equipment. Not much is known about them as they are extremely rare.

Homeworld - Hephas
The Rindikan are a dutiful people, brought up to believe that they are each individually a part of the people's republic and that only together can they effectively defend themselves from the outside threats of the world. The Rindikan military, as such, is extremely powerful, and the Rindikan people in general have a strong moral philosophy. The Rindican are a species that has traveled far and wide before many other sentient races achieved space flight. They were especially enamored with the warrior cultures of Earth and as such have patterned much of their armor after that of Human warriors. The Rindikan's true form is likened to that of sentient-fuel, like a plasmic connection of brain cells. Upon birth, they are transported into custom made Rindisuits, large mechanical, armored bodies that they live within until the day they die.​

Homeworld - Vleebolai
The Vleeboes are a flea bitten rodent people native to Vleebolai. It is often rumored that they came upon interstellar travel as a mistake. They have no known government aside from disparate scattered clans whose members barely hold allegiance to one another. They live on taking odd, often dirty jobs. That of mercenaries, smugglers, slavers, and thieves. They make their homes in the seediest parts of the galaxy.

Homeworld - Varmasia
Originally considered a pest species, found aboard ships docking on the resource world of Varmasia. These odd lifeforms consist of a solid core surrounded by amorphous, shapechanging slime, and while initially slow, simple organisms, feeding on starship fuel reserves has caused them to evolve hyper intelligence, with many individuals constructing mechanical limbs for themselves so that they might mimic the humanoid forms of other spacefaring species. Modern Kalkins are dedicated wanderers, taking any job they can upon starships to fuel their insatiable curiosity and drive to explore the furthest reaches of the universe.

Homeworld - Marient1652116366337.png
They are a subterranean, slime-skinned race of people. They have no eyes but large sensitive ears like a bat and star-shaped snouts snouts used for finding their way in darkened underground tunnels via echolocation and smell as well as tusks jutting out of their lower jaw. They are quadrupedal and have massive claws on their feet for digging. The Engreint homeworld is inhospitable topside to living creatures. Only underneath the planet can any living species thrive, which is where the Engrients built their civilization.

Homeworld - Yal Yuan
Yal Yuan is one of the largest habitable planets in the universe, and as a result has the most populated race and most diverse biological make. They are said to be the first beings to discover space travel and are responsible for the very first contact with extraterrestrial life within the known cosmos. Rich, prosperous and greedy are good words to describe a Zonkoian. They thrive on Yal Yuan and are known to be extremely egotistical. There is a saying that states 'One Zonkoian takes the space of an entire room'. They will claim that the Avian Expedition was their idea.

Homeworld - Sanmagela
Reptilian people who live alongside the Zumolka. Despite their sometimes threatening appearance they are said to be kind and loyal, winning an alliance with the Zumolka through their charming wit. The Craedenese tend to live simple, humble lives and as such enjoy jobs in agriculture and the medical field. Most Craedenese are deeply religious and believe in the rules of their Craeden Creed. Uninterested in the politics of the galaxy, they are often mistaken as aloof loners, however their religion dictates that a Craeden must help any being that asks.
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Homeworld: Kas'kri'suu'li'li
Born to the floating islands formed in the upper atmosphere of a toxic gas giant, the avian Ji'ki'ko'kri'kan are an old race, well-versed in the importance of trade and discourse. They flew out from their world not only in search of more room to support their growing population, but also in search of new markets and commodities to thrill and excite them. To the Ji'ki'ko'kri'kan, the excitement of the bartering process and thrill at discovering a previously unknown resource will forever outweigh the value of any currency.

Gulu Brulshiya

Homeworld: Ahnba Degota
A hulking, muscular race, looking like a cross between a gorilla and a bison. They lack any form of centralized government, dwelling in small nomadic clans. Though quiet and pious by nature, many gulu have been abducted from their worlds for use as mercenaries and laborers. Those who travel the stars willingly do so most often as scientists, or as pilgrims on the search for spiritual enlightenment in other stars.​


Homeworld: ???

The Ythpiiron are a far-reaching but incredibly rare race of beings that appear across many worlds in mythic or deific roles. They always seem to take on the shape of great monsters (Earthborn would perhaps draw similarities to dragons or other legendary beasts), but depending on the world they inhabit, often look quite different from each other. Despite their differences, there are commonalities shared between the creatures.
First, Ythpiiron are gargantuan in size - depending on the environment of the world, they can be bigger or smaller, but always are the largest creature on the planet. Second, Ythpiiron are sentient and have telepathic abilities, although they do not often deign to communicate - those who have actually spoken with these legendary beings believe that this is not due to arrogance but rather a desire to remain neutral. Third, they wield tremendous power, and feed off the energy of the planet or closest star.
The Ythpiiron believe themselves to be guardians, although what they are guarding is a mystery, as is what they are guarding it against. The progenitor of the race has been named as Oyrcthae, and is said to float the space in-between spaces.

Although there are a half dozen worlds known to be home to a Ytthpiron, it is believed that there are less than a thousand of the beings in total, spread across the near infinite cosmos. Thus seeing a Ytthpiron, let alone meeting one, will perhaps forever be nothing more than a flight of fantasy for poets and dreamers.


Capital City: Veneralia Orbital Complex
Significant Settlements: Vinalia Urbana, Vinalia Rustica

When most refer to "visiting Venus", what they are really refering to is the vast and beautiful Veneralia Orbital Complex. The crown jewel of space station engineering in the Milky Way galaxy, and seldom equaled outside it, the Veneralia Orbital Complex (or simply Veneralia for short) is an expansive leisure resort, catering to both humans and aliens alike. It is a technological marvel, with vast nature preserves, amusement parks, and even sandy beaches, making one forget they're on a station at all. It also hosts countless casinos and bars, and it is a rare day indeed when one struggles to find red-light ships in its docks.

The surface of the planet is perhaps less inviting. The population of Venus proper is largely contained within the colony of Vinalia, split between the metropolitan Urbana and agricultural Rustica rings. Despite the ever bustling Veneralia above, the planet itself remains to this day largely undeveloped beyond scattered, independent settlements. Though the colony has bounced back from the Chalcid panic of centuries past, deep scars still remain. Many Venusians feel as though they were abandoned by Earth's government during the crisis, having been violently quarantined with any ships attempting to flee the colony being summarily shot down by the blockade circling overhead. The eventual construction of the Veneralia leisure resort over their own atmosphere has also done little to ease tensions between the two planets, and as a result Venusians remain among the staunchest proponents for separation from Earth's central government in the entire galaxy.
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Grade A Bitch

The Helios was nothing special, a small freighter that served a dual purpose of cargo ship and cheap passenger transport. Outfitted with a mess hall, small barracks and common areas, and five separate cargo holds. The Helios could carry 70 passengers and 15 crewmembers, and while an outdated model, it was reliable. In it's 30 years of service, The Helios only suffered three major issues.​
  • Running out of fuel on the fringes of the Andromeda system​
  • 15 minute main computer shut down during the emergency maintenance on the life support system​
  • A crash landing on an asteroid after getting mixed up with an unexpected military training exercise​
A near spotless reputation that gained the trust of the countless people looking for a cheap ride between the colonies. The Helios had all the permits, never made headlines, hell, if you weren't poor in some way or another, you probably didn't even know about it until it was suddenly the hottest thing on the news about 20 years ago. It was a standard trip, Stopping at the Luna Colony to pick up 32 passengers. They would stop at a fuel station orbiting Earth for a day before continuing on to Venus. However, they wouldn't make it. Among the passengers they had received, were 6 Androids. They kept to themselves, acting a bit odd when anyone approached them, but there were no immediate red flags. Three days out from the Venus Colony, The Helios suffered an odd power surge. It was not entirely uncommon in the older ships like this, but a system wide check was necessary for the safety of everyone aboard. According to what was recovered from the security cameras on-board, one of the crew members was preforming a check too close to one of these...strange Androids. It attacked, killing the crewmember almost instantly before turning on the passangers themselves.​

The other Androids followed suit shortly after, attacking whoever was close by. The engines stalled about 25 minutes after the attack began, the Androids breaking through to the flight deck and killing the captain and first mate. The passangers and crew members were all in a state of chaos, and the partially destroyed footage made it hard to pinpoint an exact timeline. It's believed however that over the course of two days, the Androids systematically hunted down the remaining organic life forms. A majority of which were killed upon discovery, but a few (one man and 3 women) were kept alive. Shortly after the Android's rampage, a small craft docked on The Helios and members of The Crimson Thorns (a now defunct cartel) boarded The Helios. When military frigate, the SS Roosevelt, finally received the SOS transmission from The Helios, they came to the conclusion that they had been attacked in order to scrap it. This was a theory that was disproven a few days later.

The SS Roosevelt put it in high gear and was on top of the Helios witin 17 hours. The small ship was still docked, and wanting to catch the bandits in the act, Major Paul Hart and his ground squad consisting of three soliders, a hacker, and a medic would board the Helios. It smelt of death and munitions, niether of which the team was new to. But bloodshed of this level would bother even the most hardened of veterans. They made their way though the holds, one solider and the hacker breaking off to find the flight deck and hopefully the black box. The rest of them pressed on further bad would eventually find the largest of the five cargo holds. It was infested by the bandits, and the soliders wound up in a firefight that lasted nearly 2 hours. It ended with the final three bandits surrendering. Once they were in cuffs, the soliders could finally explore the area. They of course found the few survivors, definitely worse for wear, but still alive. Not only that, they found the Androids. They had been killed, and staged as if it had been in a fire fight (though they had clear execution style head wounds which destroyed the memory banks for these models).

After a bit of pressing, Major Hart learned that the Thorns intended for it to look like the Androids had snapped and attacked. The few survivors were being beaten, drugged, and threatened until their minds broke so they couldn't recall anything useful about the attack in order to make it more believable. The Hacker at about this same time, found the real ledger which showed a large amount of illegal items, ranging from drugs to weapon mods. Each different category was hidden in a different cargo hold, and the bandits had hardly made a dent in what they wanted to recover. Using the ledger, the soliders would work through The Helios and each cargo hold to find the items in question. Which of course, led them to the hidden children.

It was a major bust which not only began the hunt of The Crimson Thorns, but revealed a smuggling ring that took an additional five years to dismantle once it was discovered. The Helios was the ship that also started a long list of different regulations and laws for small passanger ships, known as the Helios Doctrine. Said doctrine required small passanger ships to join an official agency, be open to random inspection, and have bi-weekly check update of their floorplans among many other changes. The Helios is now an infamous name among the humans, many of them blaming it for things they can no longer get away with, completely ignoring how many lives were changed that day 20 years ago.


Europa is known as Jupiter's ice moon for a reason. It is a vast landscape of ice and snow, covering a deep black ocean. When humanity was first moving to the stars, Europa was one of their first stops. Creating a home on the ice planet proved difficult but not impossible, and its location in the solar system made it a good staging area for a spaceport.

Today, Europa is one of Earth's largest colonies, and the spaceyard and spaceport encompass a large area nearby Europa. Ships carrying valuable goods come and go almost constantly. The Europan Police Force, though not strictly an army, keeps the peace in this area. Although most of their budget goes to fighting piracy and smuggling, they also manage local investigations.
RS Blackbirds Cry
courtesy of the one and only DarKnight36

Engines & Flight:
The Blackbird's Cry maintains three engines - one on each wing, and one on the central frame. The central engine only engages during faster-than-light travel, or emergencies. All three engines have compartments that run along the length of the ship, which open up for cooling or to help with maneuvering. The wings on the Blackbird's Cry can extend outwards for water or surface landings, but generally remain closed.

Weapons & Shielding:

The Cry's weapon systems contain both high-intensity beam tech and the more outdated kinetic/ballistic tech. The older weaponry is more easily replaced and stocked; the Cry maintains an impressive arsenal of 550 missiles and torpedoes of varying sizes and payloads. The ship has four missile ports located just above maintenance, and can be quickly loaded during battle to fire 360 degrees around the Blackbird's Cry.

The beam weaponry has sixteen firing ports located around the ship, most near the top where the armor is thickest. These fire high-intensity short bursts that are designed to bolster ship defenses over offensive actions. Each cannon comes equipped with what amounts to a battery pack: these packs are non-rechargeable but can last up to 2500 shots each.

Shield technology is designed to withstand kinetic weaponry just like it would withstand a collision with an asteroid. Most shielding can be overwhelmed given time, but in general, the larger the craft, the bigger the shield and the longer it can withstand punishment. The Cry's shielding is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is able to withstand up to five hours of what is considered "normal" bombardment. To bolster this further, the beam cannons are able to pick off incoming kinetic missiles and destroy them before they reach the craft.

Since shielding does not stop the lasers fired by the beam cannons, thick armor plating is used to diffuse any offensive use of lasers. To breach the hull of most standard craft, a charged shot is required - charged shots drastically reduce the number of shots available however, and can be hazardous to the health of the beam cannon itself.

As something of note, the ship is designed to be unable to enter faster-than-light travel without its shielding available. This is to protect the ship, as without shielding, even a tiny object could do incredible damage.


Upper Deck (Level One): Main Bridge / Captain's Room / Navigation & Conservatory
- The Main Bridge is located at the peak of the ship, at its fore. It is usually where you will find the Captain, unless she has business elsewhere. The Captain's Room is located behind the bridge, accessible from either side of the elevator and stairs. This is a private room used by the Captain for short meetings with officers or other personnel.
- Navigation is found to the aft of the upper deck. It also functions as the records room. Although navigation generally remains on the Main Bridge, the Navigation Room has more functions available than upstairs allows.
- The Conservatory is found on the opposite side of the aft upper deck from Navigation. It is mostly used for stargazing and relaxation.

Crew Deck (Level Two): Secondary / Crew Quarters / Recreation / Dining
- The Secondary Bridge is used in emergencies if the Main Bridge has been compromised. The Secondary Bridge is considerably larger than the Main Bridge, as its main intent was to be used as a large conference room. It is located midships.
- The fore of the ship is mostly allocated to Crew Quarters. Rooms are shared except for the Captain and First Officer, whose rooms are a bit smaller to compensate.
- Recreation & the Cafeteria is found at the aft of Level Two. A large tree is in the center of the Cafeteria, and extends upwards into the Conservatory. Recreation has a small gym and an indoor track, as well as a few other rooms that can be modified for various sports or games.

Technical Deck (Level Three): Science / Medical / Security / Engineering
- On each floor is a security storage room, for quick arming of personnel, although its headquarters is on level 3. All personnel are required to be at least trained in simple combat, but a small elite guard police the ship. The headquarters for Security is found midships.
- The Science Wing & Medical Wing are both found in the fore of level three. Science maintains a shipping elevator into the hangar below that allows them to transport new discoveries with the lowest risk of contamination.
- Engineering offices are found in the aft of level three. They also have a small stairwell that allows direct access to the engines.

Storage Deck (Level Four): Hangar / Storage / Engine Access

- The Hangar is a large area at the fore of the ship. It can open up to allow quick loading & unloading of goods. It also doubles as storage.
- Another storage area is found midships. This houses mostly food & water.
- Engine Access is the very aft of the ship. Engineering maintains this area.


Straight up, having a good time.
The Model S Tactical Android

Manufacturer: Altis Corporation

The Model S is a general purpose combat android designed for force augmentation of police and security teams, and more recently military combat units.

The original Model S is capable of fulfilling the role of any team member in any security environment, and has a reputation for durability. However, these early units had notable shortcomings in adaptability.

The Earth Defense Force Future Soldier 2355 Competition:
In 2355, the EDF began looking into acquiring highly sophisticated androids, in numbers never attempted before. The goal was to create infantry battalions of fully mechanized soldiers. This move drew wide criticism, as robot armies had been tried before with mixed results.

The EDF sought entries from several of it's close defense industry partners for this endeavour.

The MEV (Modified Export Variant):
Altis Corp submitted a heavily modified version of its Model S security android for the Future Soldier 2355 program. The Model S served as a base, but was almost completely redesigned for this competition. All modifications were centered around survivability.

The first change came to the power supply. The Model S was equipped with redundant rechargable batteries with a dedicated charging station and a solar panel backup. The MEV would have its electrical system completely reworked, and would be powered by an atomic battery with a tritium core. The tritium core has a 24 year lifespan.

The next upgrade was to musculature. The original electric drive motors were replaced by a pressurized oil hydraulic system. By some standards, this was an archaic design choice, but in testing, Altis discovered that a hydraulic system was 75% stronger and was infinitely more reliable in adverse conditions than an eleltricly driven system. This was also a necessity in order to reduce strain on the Tritium battery.

Anti-cyber warfare hardening:
In order to deter the threat of cyber attacks, which had been the Achilles Heel of most android soldiers, all interface systems would be removed from the MEV. It would not be capable of wireless signalling and all hardwire dataports were removed. The only way to "takeover" an MEV is to carefully remove the units Ring Laser Core, reprogram it, and reinstall it.

The Ring Laser Core:
The RLC is a laser-moderated, lightweight, sixth-generation AI core with significant growth capability. It had already been in development for years prior to the MEV program. It is not designed for sweeping high-bandwidth calculations, but extremely high-speed realtime data-processing. It's like a human brain, with some quirks. Ultimately, this feature would be the death of the MEV program due to its high cost of development.

The RLC remains highly-classified and its inner-workings have been kept secret. Only one of the three MEV prototypes has been equipped with the RLC.

MEV Cancellation:
The Altis corporation would cancel the MEV project a year into protoype testing. Ostensibly, this was due to cost overruns of the project. However, no official reason was given for the projects cancellation. But rumors have been circulating after the Earth Investigative Agency raided Altis' corporate office on Luna.

No one knows how or why Altis' landed in hot water with the government. But some have noticed that many security firms have suddenly begun pulling their Model S' off the line.

Lord Saethos

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p069v5xs.jpgOriginally, the area immediately surrounding Neraeis (a debris field speculated to have been a moon or other celestial body that was shattered millions of years ago) was used for mining operations, but after it was discovered that the planet of Neraeis itself was capable of sustaining life, efforts were made to colonize the planet both for its resources, and to more easily supply the surrounding mining operations. What the colonists failed to realize before setting down was how truly hostile the planet was. It had suffered its own equivalent of a Climate Crisis, and it teetered on the brink of a complete ecological collapse, even before human settlement. Nonetheless, the Neraean Settlers did what they could to make it somewhat habitable, even simply using the existing atmosphere to live and build without need for space suits.

For a time, this worked.

PA030036.JPGHowever, 300 years ago, something happened to the planet. The crisis had unexpectedly accelerated to near total hostility to life. The soil dried up even worse than before, sterile and incapable of hosting any plant life beyond weeds and mold. Massive flooding filled plains and valleys, often times with water that was filled with disease, poisonous elements, even parasites and funguses. Forest fires erupted across the planet, scorching what little plant life was left and creating vast tracts of ashlands and ashmires, with many areas still to this day burning (possibly fed from underground coal fires). The skies across the planet are filled with smoke, blotting out sunlight and leaving areas with either an eerie grey coloration to them, or a foreboding reddy-orange color. And that was just the start of what was occurring with the climate. Massive Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, and more, cracked, scarred, and and bled the surface of the planet.

Today, the planet continues to be hostile to all but the most resilient life forms, mostly the deadly ones, both flora and fauna.

Dying Swamp.png3-alien-planet-artwork-richard-bizley.jpg


Deimosians: tumblr_d8b80a710e514b7720cd5be764f5d85a_29455e1d_1280.png
Homeworld: Neraeis

Deimosians were originally human colonists of the world Neraeis. When the world went through its cataclysm, so to did the Neraean Colonists. But it wasn't only what happened to the world...

What exactly happened is entirely up to scientific debate, but what is self-evident is the changes it wrought on the Neraean's, who later came to rename themselves "Deimosians". The skin of all inhabitants was turned to a shades of black that resembled either 'black' (Hex Triplet #000000) or 'jet black' (Hex Triplet #0E0E10). The same became true of their hair and nails, though teeth seem to remain unchanged, and the insides of their mouths and bodies have taken on more greyish and ash colored tones.

Another shared feature of all Deimosians is severe bodily and facial scarring. All of their basic human structural features (lips, fingers, toes, nose, etc.) remain, but the scars cross every part of their body, looking either like deep cuts, certain kinds of burn marks, and a general sort of "warping" of the skin.

Another feature to note is the eyes. Some have managed to retain the color of their irises, but the sclera remains a vibrant red color. Some theorize this is due to the sclera becoming permanently "bloodshot", or some other explanation. Their senses appear to function as well as any other humans, and have not, in any apparent way, suffered as a result.

The most jarring change however is cultural, not biological.

Deimosians claim to have encountered a race of beings that look much like them, with a few differences. Hair and skin color remain the same, but the skin of this "other race" is entirely unblemished. No scars, marring, or other damage. It would look almost like undamaged human skin. The eyes of this other race, the Deimosians claim, are pure red, with absolutely no iris or pupil definition to speak of. Simply pure red, with (allegedly) a glow to them. The Deimosians have taken to calling these beings "Daemons", and it is around these being they have formed a new religion.

FMsmYHLaQAQ7zuh.jpgDeimosians claim to have been "Touched by the Grace of Strength". From what outsiders have tried to report back, it appears the "Daemons" are the supposed "Grace", and "Strength" is some central theme, power, or entity. It is unclear which it is. It is a religion that has, among some of its followers, sparked fanaticism and fundamentalism. The philosophy of many hinges on the idea that "Only the Strong are Deserving". Deserving of what depends on who is being spoken with...

Deimosians have a strong warrior culture, and arm themselves in armor that is charred black from heat and fire, along with swords that are the same. For a while, it was speculated that the events that occurred on Neraeis had left the Deimosians in a primitive state, based on some of their choices of weaponry and armor it was an easy mistake to make. Several attempts were made to return to Neraeis and conquer it for whichever Spatial Power was interested. All of them have failed.

Deimosians have access to conventional weaponry, to starships, and possibly weapons of mass destruction, though it's unclear. They are highly independent, and frequently defend their territory (the planet and debris field) from trespass.

Despite this, Deimosians are not in fact isolated. Outsiders who gain their trust are permitted to travel to their lands, and trade with them. Deimosians are highly distrusting of all non-Deimosians, but they permit interaction when it benefits them. They hold warriors and soldiers in high regard, even non-Deimosians, and will sometimes regard outsiders who they favor as "Touched by Strength". Note, they never regard an outsider as "Touched by Grace", only Strength.

Ships frequently disappear in Deimosian territory (Neraeis and the surrounding Debris fields), so it is important to tread cautiously when traveling here. Go in small groups if possible, and send out communications and alerts informing surrounding Deimosian ships of your intentions. So long as you follow their instructions and demands, travel will be safe.

Note: Even if you don't see Deimosian ships, they are more than likely still there, hidden among the Debris Fields.

Homeworld: Neraeisdavid-metzger-0613-robosketch.jpg

Fate's cruelest mistake, either to the Thanatans themselves, or to all other life in the universe. These hulking monstrosities were and are Deimosians, with one glaring difference.

They cannot die naturally.

Their bodies will rot, decay, become fetid, but they will never cease living. Pushed by some unknown source, they meld flesh and machine together, turning themselves into more horrific beings of wanton destruction.

Whether they should be pitied or reviled will remain an unknown. As far as can be observed of them, even by Deimosians, they lack any cognitive functions, instead seemingly operating as zombies, or perhaps some kind of hive mind.

What is known is that they are incredibly violent, often attacking immediately on sight.

Allegedly, they are slower to react towards Deimosians, but they often still tread with caution. The most fanatical of Deimosian political and spiritual hierarchy see these beings as siblings, also touched by the Grace of Strength. Because of this, they more often seek some form of reconciliation, to bring the Thanatans into the fold once more.

Whether they attempt to save Thanatans, or utilize them to serve Deimosian militaristic and political interests, is another story.

Thanatans can often be found stalking the various, uninhabited corners of Neraeis, be it swamps, or deserts, or ashy plains. Typically not found in highly populated areas, if they ever are seen in the vicinity of such places, it's usually on the outskirts, stalking around an inhabited place, rather than within it.

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Hundreds of years of progress has turned the once pre-dystopian planet of Earth into a thriving, healthy, near-utopian society. When humans began to leave their suffering home to first colonize Mars, it became apparent that those who wished to stay needed to change their destructive ways and repair the Earth's atmosphere and ecosystem. Thus renewable energy became the new norm and eco cities were born, allowing life to revive and prosper. Now the Human race is one of the most substantial races in the known universe with a vast population spread across the stars. Despite being one of the few races to be so easily manipulated and mutated by other entities, humans are famously known for their somewhat romantic ideologies, ambitious nature and ability to endure.

Notable Earth Characters
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Captain Ghin Gareuxtully-summers-15.jpg

An Earth-born Zonkoian with a brilliant, visionary mind. He is a celebrated hero and Captain well known across the universe for his many triumphs in battle, but most notably his grand venture as the CEO of The Avian Expedition and Captain of the AESS Condor.​


Dr. Imani A. Suleiman

Brother to Captain Tish J. Suleiman of the Blackbirds Cry. Imani is currently a doctor serving on the AESS Condor. He and Tish are close family and he serves as a constant guide for her in times of need. It is said that he only joined the Avian Expedition because of his sister.
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Space Stations


South Eeddin Space Station

One of the major stations located in the Milkyway galaxy. It is positioned atop of a large asteroid just above the planet Marient and is a hub for miners and cargomen traversing in and out of the planet's toxic atmosphere. Its large design is Zonkoian made and primarily serves as a spaceport. The citizens of South Eeddin are generally tradesmen and middle class workers, thus its crime rates are surprisingly low for galactic space station standards. A wide variety of engineers, miners and pilots can be found on South Eeddin.


The Crescent

The Crescent is a space station located on the safe outskirts of black hole Megalomorchen UOX-35. It was built to research the new supermassive black hole that had invaded our part of the universe and has since furthered our collective understanding of black holes and space travel. It was named as such due to its crescent moon shape. It was on this space station that the idea for the Avian Expedition was born, and thus has important significance in all of our shared galactic history.




Krostava is a relatively small world in the Andromeda System and home to one of the oldest races recorded in known Galactic Record, the Ensindijee. Exactly how old they are is unknown, but their long lifespans hint that they may have been among the first to evolve into intelligent lifeforms capable of building civilizations. Any queries as to why that is gounanswered for the Ensindijee refuse to speak of such things. They harbor in their world, a massive library, rumored to contain several millenias worth of data from back when the Ensindijee used to frequent the stars.

It is surmised that they once had been avid explorers but after a certain point in their history, returned to their world en masse and stayed secluded, only leaving to colonize nearby moons and terraform them into suitable living conditions as their small planet was susceptible to overpopulation. It is highly likely that they would've completely kept to themselves if not for the discovery of their world by intrepid Zonkoi explorers.

When forced to interact with the greater galactic society, they did not entirely object, but they were incredibly reclusive. They acted with no violence, merely shunning potential nosey travelers by shutting themselves in their enormous hives which hung upon giant tropical trees as tall as that nearly brushed against the sky or in one of their massive mounds as tall as mountains, dug up from the earth.


It soon became obvious they had something to hide and they didn't seem to care if others knew it or not. As such, the planet, given it's sweltering humid atmosphere and unfriendly natives had garnered something of a bad reputation although if you visit and don't ask too many questions they will treat you to some tea and lesser-bug crackers which are one of the few (and generally among the most popular overall) exports the Ensindijee actually provide.

However, whenever aid is requested in any capacity during times of warfare, they refuse. When enquired on what they would do if they themselves required aid, the Ensindijee Queen stated that she'd rather her people be left to their fate. Though it seems in general the Ensindijee are a peaceful if cagey race, there were rumors speculating they once went to war with the Rindikan, though both races deny this and the Rindikan are perhaps one of the few races that could say they were on completely friendly terms with the Ensindijee, perhaps owing to their status as representatives of Andromeda or perhaps more.

They are not without compassion, however. While they refuse to aid in any sort of warfare, should any stray ship land on their planet with injured occupants, they will tend to the wounded to the best of their ability. Any Ensindijee who do wander from their homeworld will offer aid to anyone who seeks it for as long as they desire. Those who have returned from their world and told the tales of their compassion have done much to lessen the cold hostility they tended to evoke to most of the known races of the galaxy. Though, of course, even those who they tended to the most, were never let in on what secrets lay hidden deep within the heart of their world.

Perhaps, the most worrying thing about the Ensindijee is what happens to those who refuse to abandon their pursuit of knowledge. Those persistent enough are allowed to stay, free of charge, on their homeworld but they must join their monastaries and never leave. Their ships are dismantled, the parts taken to classified locations and they are allowed to contact their loved ones but are strictly monitored. However, all who have taken this path have come to no harm and are treated with the same respect as a dignitary.

The Ensindijee have evolved from many species of insects and tend to be omnivorous. Their diet largely consists of vegetation but also birds, fish, small mammals, and lesser-bugs, unevolved insects much like ours but a bit larger. Their government is a monarchy of sorts, ruled by the King and Queen who give out orders to Ensindijee through telepathic thought. The exact details of how their world is run are unknown. It is not a hive mind per see, though all Ensindijee present on Krostava is thought to be connected to the King and Queen telepathically in some manner.




Hephas is the homeworld of the Rindikan, one of the oldest known races in the galaxy, perhaps the second or third oldest in Andromeda, and the first to understand and create technology capable of traveling through a black hole to traverse to another galaxy. According to them, they were not quite the first. They had created the means as a necessity, in order to pursue a 'great enemy' that had crossed the black hole into the milky way first. Once their long, bloody battle was over, there was a time of great peace for the Rindikan, which allowed them to advance their sciences further with a focus on exploring and observing fledgling races grow and develop.

One planet in the Milky Way they had taken a particular interest in, was that of Earth. Observing Earthlings throughout history in their spinning disk-shaped ships that had eventually come to be known as 'flying saucers' they became fascinated with the planet's warriors. Being a warrior culture themselves, the Rindikan couldn't help but feel as if the races of the galaxy had a long way to go before they lived up to the code of conduct they allegedly sought to aspire to. And while humans were included among these, the Rindikan were quick to admit they had taken a liking to their style.

As such, their Rindisuits had undergone many upgrades to better resemble the armor of Earth's Knights, Centurions, Samurai, or even unarmored combatants such as the cowboys and outlaws of the Wild West or buccaneers and pirates which were popular among the few Rindikan that turned away from their rigid system of justice.


Rindikans value honor, justice, and peace among all other else in the Galaxy. And due to their strict code of conduct, they will offer aid to any cause deemed just enough, though they will only do so when their aid is asked for. Many Rindikan uphold their own laws to the letter and do not yield to any interpretation or variation, thereof. When on other planets, they try their best to adhere to that planet's laws but in many cases their own sense of justice supersedes this and as a result, many Rindikan are banned from certain planets, colonies, and space stations due to being 'disruptive'.


Still, they are respected people in the galaxy at large. There are occasionally a rare group of Rindikan, every now and then who break from this mold, refusing to serve in their military and instead venture out on their own in pursuit of their own justice, or even rarer, pursue a life of crime. However, even these individuals do not completely abandon their sense of honor and any are considered unwelcome among the various criminal enterprises of the galaxy unless they undergo great effort to prove that they can be trusted.

The nature of the Rindikan is an odd one, their true selves being a sort of living liquid, similar in texture and smell to gasoline. It is unknown how they first gained the capability to build Rindisuits and all the various technology on their world, but they all attribute this to a godlike figure to them, a machine known as Blessed Anvil, where the first of the Rindisuits were crafted.

The Rindikan are governed by a republic of ten figures that are voted upon every five years. A single Rindikan is not allowed to rule for more than two terms on the senate. Unlike many planets, their government has not undergone much change, if any at all for all the years in it's existence. Hephas is a very sterilized and hospitable world, and also very mechanical. Huge floating spires and hovering vehicles operating in perfect order make it a very aesthetically pleasing place to look at. However, while the coliseum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the galaxy, they don't offer much aside from sport in terms of visiting.

All food is imported from other worlds as Rindikan do not require it themselves, though not unable to eat per see. Their diet mainly consists of water. There is also nothing remotely close to nightlife as Rindikan in general do not care for it. Even the Rindikan who break from their world's laws to live a life of crime tend to only indulge in such ventures as a brief curiosity with few truly understanding what the thrill of it is.


Blackbird's Cry Hangar
As the Blackbird's Cry is a smaller scouting vessel, it does not have many vehicles docked within it's hangar. The few present, however, each have useful applications when it comes to planetary exploration and survival.

The Hummingbird

Agile, van-sized six-seated aerial vehicle of human and Posonid design. Small but made with a dense malleable metal fiber to withstand intense heat and pressure. A staple for exploration vessels beloved for its surprisingly quick speed and ability to traverse across the land quickly via land, air, or sea. It can be used as an emergency escape pod if necessary due to its dense shell. In midair, it extends wings equipped with additional rocket boosters and the fastest recorded flight speed is around 4,800 mph.

On land, its wings retract and the boosters on its underside keep it aloft a few feet from the ground for swift travel. Underwater its wings extend again and its thrusters activate their propulsion mode for further maneuverability. It is equipped also with powerful searchlights in order to illuminate darkened areas. The only downside is this model is not initially equipped with any sort of weaponry, though with the speed it is capable of it more than proficient at avoiding danger.

The Exo-Vator

A heavy-construction mech of Zumolkan design. Used to lift heavy cargo and has magnetized feet for conducting work on the outer hull. It is equipped with an adjustable seat capable of housing Zumolkans and those larger up to eight feet tall. All of its arms operate on a series of interlocking and rotating gears in order to readjust their placement if need be. Two arms are meant for heavy lifting, one is primarily used for welding and the last arm is used for drilling. Each 'hand' of the mech is interchangeable with whatever replacement parts are most convenient.

Swapping hand mods is designed to be quick and easy, able to be changed at a moment's notice for emergency repairs. Such other parts include wrenches, saws, hammers, and pliers.

The OR-99

A combat mech designed by the Zonkians. It is an upgrade of the standard units used for cargo ship security and is equipped with superior firepower in the form of it's Delta-Dex Hand Cannon, its Heavy SMG, Proton-Blade, and heavy ordinance rockets launched from its shoulders. It is to be used planetside and it is highly inadvisable to pilot it in-ship. Possibly one of the most heavy-hitting weapons on the Blackbird's Cry after the ship itself, its quick movement speed and high-level aim assist programming make it one of the most popular security models to date.

As diplomacy is preferred over violence in the Avian Expedition, it is to be used as a last resort if need be and not the first response. This is left to the security team's discretion.

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The Southern Frontier


The Southern Frontier is one of the newly colonized frontiers of the Milky Way, and falls within the borders of Human Occupied Space. The name derives from the region being "South" of the Sol System, residing in the Outer Arm, south also of the Perseus Arm and Orion Spur.

The oldest colonized planets in the system are Palisade (at 600 years) and Neraeis (at 500 years). Regional Governance is centered in Palisade, the "Capital Planet" of the region. Besides Neraeis, the Southern Frontier has remained largely loyal to the Earth Governments, with many wealthy and powerful Earthlings having varied and vast interests in the region. Because of this, it attracts significant Earthling investment and travel, with millions coming to the region both for employment, and even vacations (though it is primarily Palisade that is visited).

093b03ec9b2667a6597182b814cc992f.jpgAlong with being an emerging economic region, the Southern Frontier is also part of the forefront of terraforming technologies and technology. The region hosts a variety of Near-Earth planets that have acted both as new colonies, and terraforming testing grounds.

Many of the communities forming on these planets are small in terms of population, and to ensure greater survivability, often congregate into denser, heavily defended cities and outposts.

For some planets, there's good work for mercenaries and hunters, defending against the local fauna's (and sometimes floras) that put the communities at risk.



Often colloquially referred to as "Earth 2", Palisade is the economic, military, and political center of the Southern Frontier. Originally named for its strategic positioning (it acts as choke point between the rest of the Southern Frontier and the rest of Human Space), many of its first inhabitants mistakenly felt the name evoked palaces, villas, beautiful homes, and so were drawn to it as a second home. What they found only reinforced the visions they had of sweeping, fantastic landscapes, filled with elegant monuments to their affluence.

High peaked mountains, low and wide valleys, lush plains, and every other biome one would find on Earth. More importantly, vast deposits of stone like marble or alabaster (part of what drew in the elites of Earth) allowed them to make these visions a reality. Today, most of Palisade's architecture maintains the various aesthetics attributed to classical elegance and class. Even the homes of the working class or the poor maintain these same structures, mandated by local governance to keep with the beauty standards they wished to maintain.

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Capital of Neraeis


Hessradh is the Capital City of Neraeis, originally built using strange, black stone as a primary building material. The material was surprisingly very strong, so much so that it even had military applications for bunkers and other strategic facilities. Along with this, it was fairly abundant on Neraeis, and cheap to manufacture into building material.

Neraeis - Life Underground: tarmo-juhola-industriahole.jpg

In many parts of Neraeis, certain aspects of life have been moved underground. Indeed, whole cities, sprawling factory and mine complexes, and much more have all been built in subterranean cave systems, some natural, others "Man-Made".

Along with this, a complex series of underground transportation networks have been established, primarily rail based. Many of these trains are old industrial locomotives, from when the planet was first being colonized. Others have been militarized since then, and play a part in a mobile, planetary defense system. This has made it easier for Demosians to move artillery systems, weapons of mass destruction, and other powerful weaponry, safely and without detection from invading forces.

Neraeis - Industrialization Becomes Militarization:

As the colony of Neraeis began almost exclusively to acquire more resources, most of the technology and equipment originally developed here was designed for heavy industrial purposes. Spacecraft, locomotives, and other equipment, was all designed for durability, not luxury. As the planet grew more populace, rather than creating traditional public transports, older industrial equipment was generally just repurposed to fulfill these roles. As such, many Deimosians today (and even 300 years ago when they were human) travel between cities either by heavily armored cargo trains with conversions made to accommodate passengers, or in industrial space and aircraft also designed for cargo or equipment transport.

What applies to the civilian sector also applies to the military sector. Many of the weapons and equipment used by Deimosians started as old industrial equipment, repurposed and converted for military use. Before Deimosians were "Touched the by Grace of Strength", Neraeis had begun to build some of its own military weaponry and equipment. This was quite sparse, only really intended to give the planet a small colonial military force to slow down any invasions, but much of this old equipment has been used to reverse engineer more effective equipment and weapons today. Some of the Pre-Deimosian equipment is even still in use.

Neraeis - The DSS Enkidu: nick-foreman-mss-texas-02.jpg

A shattered corpse of a vessel, this once mighty ship now orbits Neraeis like an asteroid of steel. The DSS (Deimosian Space Service) Enkidu was once the Capital Ship of the Neraean Colonial Fleet, and then the Deimosian Fleet after that. The ship is equipped with one of the most powerful rail-guns in the Southern Frontier, even to this day, capable of cracking open almost any enemy ships. It was also made out of powerful metals found on Neraeis, making its hull incredibly durable. However, what it had in firepower and armor, it severely lacked in shield systems. This flaw unfortunately led to the ship's untimely destruction during one of the attempted invasions of Neraeis. While no longer serving its original purpose, there are rumors that the ship's gun is very much still operable, and that some of the subsequent failed invasions of Neraeis may be partly due to the ghostly ship.


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