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Corrupt a Wish


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Um, ew...

Congratulations! You are a very important character in the fictional world. Your character is destined to be a sacrifice to the gods so that the world is not destroyed!

I wish that my project finishes itself.


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The world imploded on itself.

Your wish has been granted. In return, your existence on this internet is also false.

I wish my professor would make sense.


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Poof! You're a butterfly that wishes it was human. Oops, now you're stuck on a spider web. Oh! Look at that. The spider is crawling to you. I think it likes you.

I wish my professor is a little more structured with her class.

(Same professor from the last time, the source of my frustration as of late)


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Good for you. Everyone loves you so much the fighting over you is destroying the world.

I wish I had friends.
(I do but this is for fun)
Granted, now you have two 4 hours sleeping period that happens in the morning and night, effectively making you unemployable to many companies due to working hours for both day and night shifts.

I wish I’m not knee deep in crippling debt

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