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Multiple Settings Corrosion's Partner Search 2: Electric Boogaloo

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ur lite fades awey
Well, I've decided to just create a whole new search thread.

First of all, I'm Corrosion. I'm 20, I'm a guy, and I've been roleplaying for the past six years. That's all you need to know about me. I don't really care who you are as long as you can write well. I RP on the site, either private DMs or public, but I prefer OOC communication to be on Discord.

These are just a few things to note:
  • Age shouldn't be an issue for me, though I normally go for 18 and up.
  • Note that I am casual/low advanced writer, whose shortest posts are at least a paragraph or two long, and longest are more than a thousand words.
  • I also require potential partners to have a good grasp of English, with good grammar and spelling.
  • Discuss ideas with me. When I say details, I mean details. I'll give detailed explanations of the idea in PM. If you have Discord, that's even better.
  • I'm pretty active when it comes to posting, and I can almost always get a post up once per day.
  • PM or forum RPs are fine with me, but I will not do Discord RPs.
  • Worldbuilding is the key to any good story. No worldbuilding means no plot for me, unless the lack of worldbuilding is intentional when it comes to plot.

Anyway, on to the plots themselves. The ones that have a strikethrough have been taken.

I'm quite interested in Sci-Fi/Fantasy crossover RPs.

1. Far Passage
A futuristic colony ship from Earth gets summoned to a fantasy world. Mainly adventure. Technically isekai.

In the 23rd century, humanity has become a rapidly-expanding interstellar empire after the discovery of faster-than-light travel. Vast colony ships with thousands of colonists are constructed to settle new frontiers across the stars hundreds of lightyears away, making journeys that would take generations in mere weeks. These brave colonists are the ones to pioneer a new age for humanity.

One such colony ship is the titular Far Passage, a vessel on its way to an exoplanet thousands of lightyears away from Earth.

However, it would not complete its journey.

On its transit to the planet, it is ripped from its path and transported to another world, one that is for all intents and purposes, a fantasy world straight out of a storybook.

Now, onto the roles we play.

I would play as the crew of the Far Passage and their mission to find out what just happened, and colonisation efforts on the fantasy world. You'll play as natives of the fantasy world, which you are totally in charge of creating. The world and its inhabitants should be pretty standard fantasy stuff with knights and dragons and whatnot. I'd say that your main role would be the rulers of a powerful kingdom that brought the ship to the planet in the first place after a spell/summoning ritual/experiment goes wrong.

2. Pathfinder
A young Pathfinder, explorers meant to scout uncharted worlds, is transported or summoned to a fantasy world in order to help save it. Or something. Basically isekai.

Haven't exactly fleshed this one out that much yet, but is basically a lighter version of the above plot that involves the main character getting summoned to a fantasy world. The reason would be up to discuss, either to help save it or by pure accident.

Anyway, my character is a Pathfinder, elite explorers tasked with scouting planets in ahead of the main colonisation process. My character is young and freshly-graduated from the Pathfinder Academy, and as such is eager to prove himself. Since Pathfinders are the elite few, they are equipped with advanced gear such as powered exoskeletons and neural implants, which would allow my character an advantage in many ways.

Beyond the basic premise the plot and such is largely open for discussion, along with the world.

3. Caught in the Crossfire
A massive interstellar war between humans and an alien race comes to a fantasy world. War drama.

The basic premise is that in the distant future, humanity is in a brutal war against an interstellar alien empire, with battles taking place across the stars, and on hundreds of planets, the front lines changing every day. Several years into the war, humanity discovers a planet so rich in resources that it would be able to significantly boost their war effort if the planet were to be mined out. However, humanity discovers that the planet is inhabited by humans and other native races in a medieval society straight out of a fantasy setting.

The human government decides to establish a research station over the planet in order to study the native civilisations, before eventually making contact to begin mining.

However, the alien empire launches a surprise attack, destroying the station and invading the planet. They had also discovered the resources, and now intend to claim it for themselves. Making sure that this cannot happen, humanity stages a counter-offensive, also sending troops to the planet to battle the aliens. Now the war has come to the fantasy world, with its inhabitants now caught in the crossfire between two massive interstellar empires.

You pretty much create your own fantasy world, and everything that happens on it. I'm not stopping you from making your world how you envision it, since it'll pretty much make the experience a whole lot more interesting. But try to make humans one of the major races on the planet. So the world can pretty be your average high fantasy setting or something else entirely. I'm not stopping you, but I'd like more details that we can discuss.

The main difference from regular 1x1s is that instead of controlling just one or two characters on a relatively small scale, this RP takes place on an entire planet, with characters being made on the fly. This will pretty much reduce the time spent on character sheets.

4. Memory Fall
A simple security officer is transported to a fantasy world with no memories. Adventure, romance, isekai I guess

I'd probably describe this RP as Jason Bourne from the future wakes up in a fantasy world with even more amnesia than Daniel from Amnesia. The reason for his transportation to the fantasy world is probably due to a freak accident, although he remembers exactly nothing, not even his name. He does have, however, intimate knowledge of combat, mechanics, and weaponry. Call it instinctive, if you will. With no memory of who he is or his past, my character is more or less a blank slate at the beginning. He more or less just appears in a flash of light.

At that point, your character, who just so happens to be in the area, sees the flash, and decides to investigate. The two meet for the first time, and the actual plot starts from there. Your character can be much of anything, though preferably female if you want romance, probably a knight or rogue or whatever. Anything you choose. Romance is optional, adventure is mandatory. The fantasy world is also of your creation. Just go crazy if you want.

But there's one thing about my character: he isn't what he seems.

5. Hard Landing
A team of human soldiers fleeing from a lost battle are transported to a fantasy world. Adventure, action.

In the 29th century, humanity is in a brutal war with an alien race, fighting throughout the galaxy. During the peak of the war, humanity has lost dozens of colonies. The battle on one such planet is all but lost, and the order is given for a full withdrawal from the colony. A team of human soldiers are some of the last to leave, evacuating on a dropship to a starship in orbit in order to withdraw.

However, before they are able to leave the atmosphere, they, along with their dropship, are suddenly transported to a fantasy world, where they crash land and are forced to survive. I'd say that these soldiers are summoned to the fantasy world via magic in a ritual to combat some great threat to the whole world, and now the team of soldiers are all forced into another war.

6. Weird parody anime isekai plot
To answer the question that literally nobody asked of what would happen if a bunch of respawning FPS protagonists with guns were unleashed onto an anime-inspired high fantasy world.

Basically an isekai anime with a weird setting that is pretty much a parody that allows for unlimited freedom to write whatever bullshit comes to mind. Has actual worldbuilding.

Yeah, we'll have to discuss this in DMs.

Yes, all of these are basically isekais. Don't judge me, I like them.


I don't normally do fandom RPs for 1x1s, but I might do the following if you can talk me into it. I'm quite fond of crossovers.

Mass Effect
Fire Emblem (Three Houses
Star Wars

I'm also open to some additional plots, though we need to discuss those. I'm quite a sucker for stories involving sci-fi settings meeting fantasy ones.

DM me if you're interested. We can discuss there.
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Free and friendly bump to a fellow Destiny player! (I’m not going to lie, I clicked because of your avatar…)

Hope you have a good search - unfortunately, no particular plot here is really jumping out at me, but I do love some well-blended science fiction and fantasy.

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