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A small farm located within viewing distance of a roaring hurricane. Watch out for objects thrown by the strong winds and random bolts of lightning.

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Check Your Vehicle Privileges
The hurricane had swept through the land, devastating all in its path. Everything, from roads to towns to random buildings had been utterly demolished by the strong winds. It didn't show any signs of slowing, either, given by how it still moved at a constant pace, dark clouds swirled around it, and the occasional bolt of lightning danced off the clouds. Right now, it was only a short distance from a small farm located in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, wheat fields surrounding the area.

Yet, defying all forms of common sense, a UH-80 Ghosthawk streaked towards the collection of buildings. The constant chopping of its rotors could be heard all around as what little light there was reflected off its geometrical acoustic quieting frame and radar-absorbing stealth coating. On board, three very perky and energetic teens and one more subdued and relaxed young adult sat, strapped to their seats and chatting away.

They were, of course, the members of the legendary team known as the Meme Team, and elite ultra badass team dedicated to fighting hackers and other threats to the universe. The team was founded and lead by no other than Mountain Dew Quickscope himself, the most powerful Quickscope Master to ever live, and the Chosen of Gaben, a prophesised hero who found finally defeat the ancient hacker known as XxXPu55ySlay3rXxX and bring peace. A ridiculously good shot with his ridiculously powerful legendary Dragon Lore AWP, he was a one-man noob killing machine. His skills with a sword were also pretty damn gud. He was sitting in the cockpit of the helicopter, hands on the control yoke.

Next to him sat Daniel Doritos Bladeit, the second prophesised hero and best friend of Mountain. While he wasn't a Quickscope Master like Mountain (mostly because he used shotguns instead of a sniper rifle), he was still a legendary hero of legend, and also an insanely good fighter. He was fast as fuck, easily running past the speed of sound thanks to injecting himself with Red Bull mixed with amphetamine. Daniel was the Meme Team's close combat expert, utlising his dual overpowered Model 1887 shotguns and tomahawks to deck his enemies. He sat next to Mountain, one hand on the yoke and the other munching on a bag of Doritos.

At the passenger compartment, strapped to the seat was Connor Stryke, elite Valve Anti-Cheat operative. VAC was Steam's elite anti-hacker division, tasked with bringing down low-level hackers and killing them to death before they could rise in power. Dressed in all black tactical ballistic armour, he was pretty much the only member of the Meme Team who actually wore any form of protection. Not like the others needed any, anyway, since they were durable as fuck. He was also really sneaky beaky like, being able to sneak past enemies and ninja defuse bombs with practically no effort at all. He more or less functioned as the tank of the team, dishing out a comparatively low amount of damage while soaking it all up. His Primal Saber UMP-45 sat on his lap as he attempted to ignore the one-sided conversation of his partner on the topic of freedom and democracy.

His partner was Kaliber Kushing, a young 'Murican and latest member of the Meme Team. While he really wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and not exactly the best fighter either, he was a mechanical and engineering genius, usually being the one to upgrade and repair many of the Meme Team's vehicles. While he was pretty unskilled when compared to the rest of his team, he was also strong as fuck, even before obtaining the Power Glove of Nintendo. In fact, the get the legendary artefact, he had to fight through an entire temple of Ninjandos, ninjas sworn to protect all the legendary archives and property of Nintendo. Now that he had the glove, his strength was ramped to like eleven, being the strongest of the group and being able to flip cars and trucks with one hand.

As the chopper neared the location, Mountain turned to his team. "Hey guys!" He said. "You ready to fuck some shit up?"

"Fuck yeah!" Cheered Daniel.

"Oh yeah." Said Connor.

"Screaming eagles!" Yelled Kaliber.

Mountain grinned as he stood up and walked over to the passenger compartment, Daniel following closely behind. "Then let's do this shit!" He punched the door release button, and instantly, the side of the chopper slid open. "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Mountain yelled as he jumped out.

"YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Went Daniel as he also jumped.

"Whee." Deadpanned Connor as he leapt out like a professional.

"FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!" Screamed Kaliber as he swan dived out.

The helicopter, though pilotless, had autopilot, with now allowed it to turn and return home.

The four members hit the ground hard, but weren't hurt at all, somewhat because they were only a short distance from the ground, but mostly because they were total fucking badasses. Each drew their weapon(s) as they waited for their opponents to arrive.

--{ D R A C O N I S }--

Heading towards the farmlands on foot, a group of four strange looking individuals can be seen. One of them was holding what appears to be a golden bottle with similarly colored fizzling liquid; an Artifact from one of the Pyramids found on top of a mountain range a FUCK ton of miles away...The Golden Mountain Dew.

These four were Explorers from another world...Draconis, formed by Gong Draco, the son of a DemiDragon Goddess Druddus. Blaise Pele Draco, the adoptive Magmakin Sister of Gong. The Mortal Marksman Ambassador Damian Rowlus. And the Power Generating Mechanical Maiden Tick...An odd crew if you ask me.

"Yo Damian, what's the deal with this thing anyway?" The one who's holding the bottle asked, his voice was quite gruff, fitting for a man of his stature. He had long red hair, slicked back with two pesky antennas which gel of even the highest quality wouldn't keep them down. The man wore only a blue coat, brown shorts and clawed boots. Further more, the man had chiselled build, as evident by his shown abs. "It looks like a bottle of piss or something."

"Well Gong, according to legend, that 'bottle of piss' is one of the legendary artifacts blessed by 'Lord Gaben' himself." Damian, a man wearing a cloak said, looking like a total nerd in the process. "It is said that whoever drinks it is susceptible to either great power, or a living hell...It is also said to never run out."

"That's great and all, but why exactly did we have to get an artifact this time?" The orange clad girl asked, irritated by this whole ordeal.

"I think it has something to do with our title as 'Explorers', Ms. Blaise...We haven't exactly explored anything ever since we got here." A mechanical maiden replied to the girl, "And also the fact that our finances are really low..."

"Correct, Tick." Damian nodded, "A legendary artifact such as this would surely bring balance to our financial issues."

"Yo dude, we got company!" Gong alarmed his teammates, prompting them to stop running as they see a chopper circling around the farmhouse, four figures falling into the distance.

"Are they after the Artifact too?" Damian clicked his tongue, gripping his bow underneath his cloak.

"I don't like this..." Tick gulped in nervousness. Blaise remained silent as she cracked her fists, as if preparing to engage.

It was only a matter of time until the two factions meet eyes...

Slowly, The Wheel of Fate begins to turn...


Check Your Vehicle Privileges
Mountain was the first to spot the other odd group of four making their way towards the farm, also uncaring of the hurricane in the background thanks to his sniper's eyesight. "Hey," He said, getting the attention of his teammates. "I think those are the guys we're supposed to be fighting!"

Kaliber craned his neck. "Are you sure?"

"Of course! The only other people in Arena Dimensions are the guys whose asses we're going to kick!" Daniel expertly twirled both shotguns with an eager look on his face.

Connor patted his partner on the shoulder to wish him good luck as he cracked his neck and readied his UMP.

When the other team got close enough (as in, into the actual arena itself, outside was out of bounds and instant death for anyone who left after the match began), Mountain rested his rifle on his shoulder and waved to them. "Hey! 'Bout time you showed up! Dick move to keep people waiting, you know."

"But we've only been here for like five minutes."

"Shut the fuck up, Kal!"


The Team stopped moving as they got near the other faction, clad in somewhat casual outfits with some military gear. They held what appears to be rifles styled to their liking...Well, except for the one who held two shotguns. The one with the headphones mentioned something about keeping them waiting...Gong immediately turned to Damian with a raised brow.

"Damian, did you find a challenge letter in the mail last tuesday?" Gong asked, "I could've sworn you said no."

"I did, but frankly, I paid no mind to it." Damian shrugs. "It didn't look like it'll help with our search for valuables."

"Oh for fuck's sake man! Why didn't ya tell me we have folks who'd like to fight us?!" Gong growled, facing the other faction once more. "Well, sorry bout that. Smartass over here didn't give me the memo." He soon tossed the Golden Mountain Dew bottle at Damian, as if asking him to keep the treasure until the fighting's all over. "So then! What are the rules?" Gong let out a toothy grin, showing off some sharp fangs as he cracked his fists. It's obvious that out of the group, he's the most eager to fight.


Check Your Vehicle Privileges
"Rules?" Mountain laughed with a dismissive wave of his hand. "In the Arena, there are no rules. Except leaving the Arena once the match begins. It's instant death once you leave the boundaries." He turned to his teammates and nodded, who all got ready by cracking their necks, rolling their shoulders, and raising their weapons. Mountain himself pulled back on the bolt of his AWP, causing an empty .338 Lapua case to fly out, glinting off the light. He pushed the bolt back into place and loaded a new round into the firing chamber.

A blue energy field suddenly enveloped the designated Arena, going upwards until it completely covered it in a rectangular box. Then, it faded, only slight flickers being the only trace of its existence. A countdown timer appeared at the very top of the Arena as a strong wind blew through, causing the capes or hair of the members who had them to blow in the wind.

"Hey, good luck," Mountain said to the other team. "You'll need it, 'cause we're gonna to kick your asses to the next dimension." He and Daniel exchanged a quick brofist.


The members of the Meme Team immediately began with their usual tactic: unleashing their massive amount of firepower at the enemy team, with Mountain rapidly quickscoping Gong, Daniel firing with how 1887s at Blaise, Connor expertly shooting Damian, and Kaliber just firing wildly at T.I.C.K..

"So no holding back then!" Gong laughed, "This'll be fun!" He beamed much to his Team's dismay.

"Again with your recklessness. Don't you realize what would happen if we fail?" Damian protested, as Gong merely gives him a thumbs up.

"All the more reason to give it all, right?" Gong said, as he turned to rest and prepared themselves for their upcoming battle, adjusting their gloves and cracking their necks while Tick's gears began to turn as if to charge something.

"Luck isn't exactly my word of choice. I prefer guts!" Gong cackled.

"I don't know about dimension travel, but hopefully it'll get us back home." Tick stated in a rather wishful manner, eager to return to her own world.

As the blue light secured the stage, Damian took out his bow and pulled back, creating a single beam arrow waiting to be fired. Despite the winds blowing everyone else's outfits and hair, Damian appears to be unaffected, and was instead surrounded by green winds veering the current winds off of him. It didn't take long until the countdown began.

The Wheel of Fate is Turning...


Damian raised his bow and aimed it at the sky. Green winds circling it's arrows as if to create it's own tailwind.


Tick's gears began to spin faster and faster as she clasps her two wrist gears together. Static electricity began to surge around her body and a small ball of plasma began to form between the palms of the robot's hands.


Blaise ignited her hands with her own fire as she stares down her opponents, attempting to form a strategy.


Gong sneers in excitement as he puffs out purple energy from his mouth.



When the countdown was just done, Damian fired off the light beam arrow, soaring to the sky as if ignoring all of the crazy winds that have been storming the stage.

Just as the other faction unleashed their firearms, Team Draconis didn't waste any time unleashing theirs. Damian snapped his fingers with a grin, causing the earlier shot's green winds to expand into a small tornado, pushing the light arrow down. Just as the winds burst the arrow, it splitted into many more arrows raining at the other faction. Soon after that, he sees his opponent shooting at him and in an instance, threw off several knives like how batman would and deflected the incoming bullets.

On the otherhand, Blaise threw off various molten rocks at her opponent as she jumped away from the group.

Gong, instead, charged at his opponent, letting a few of the bullets get to him as it merely scraped his skin--but didn't get a single scratch. Gong even had a a chance to catch one of the bullets with his mouth as he danced his way towards the Leader. Gong spat the bullet back at his opponent as if firing it back at him, and when he got near, he then threw a punch at his gut, his fist radiating with the same purple energy as before.

Meanwhile, Tick fired off several electrical charged plasma shot off like bullets in a panic as her opponent was shooting at her. Some bullets scraped her face and others completely missed.


Check Your Vehicle Privileges
Mountain grinned, clearly anticipating what would happen, thanks to hundreds of matches in various Arena Dimensions. "Alright, scatter!"

And they did.

Mountain instantly teleported away in a flash of green light, Daniel sped away, Connor rolled out of the way, and Kaliber dolphin dived out. Just in time, too, for they dodged the fired munitions. Now separated, they meant that they were free to go after their own targets.


Mountain reappeared in front of Gong and summoned his sword. The sword forged from the remains of ancient RAM cards glowed green as he parried the half-dragon's fist strike. He counted with an upwards slice and kicked him away. Then, he quickly teleported to the rooftop of the farmhouse and began to rapidly hardscope his opponent.


Daniel skidded to a stop as he raised his shotguns and easily blasted the molten rocks out of the air. Then he shot forwards again in a blur of orange, appearing several feet in front of Blaise, snapping his shotguns up and blasting her in the face. Multiple times.


The elite VAC operative got into a crouch right after his combat roll and began to fire at Damian, his shots precise and as disciplined as he was. The same couldn't be said for his partner, however.


Kaliber raised his gloved hand, and a translucent 8-bit shield that glowed blue appeared in front of him, deflecting all the bullets. And just as Tick fired those plasma rounds at him, he returned the favour by also wildly firing overpowered ACR rounds back, the OP-ness of the bullets causing them to explode when they hit.

--Gong V. Mointain--
"Gone...!" Gong clicked his tongue as his opponent then disappeared, looking around in an confused manner. His opponent has abilities that rival that of a Councillor Dragon...Mainly the teleportation bit. Soon enough, a gunshot can be heard, and one of the bullets shot through his antenna hair. Gong realized his opponent's attacking and began to move, he let a few hit him, though it didn't appear to do much but tell him where his opponent was.

"So he's right there!" Gong's hand lit a purple flame at the single farmhouse, tossing a fireball at the direction of the bullets at bullet like speeds; the fireballs equally matching the bullet's strength.

--Blaise V. Daniel--
Just as the orange clad sharpshooter appeared in front of Blaise, she curled her hand into a fist, glowing like metal fresh out a furnace. Just as Daniel snapped his guns at her, she landed the glowing furnace fist at Daniel's crotch, obsuring his aim to only her chest. All of the shots did hit, although it hit her molten rock like humps instead, so the damage was minimal at best. Blaise then veered to side as she tossed a batch of molten rocks at the sharpshooter, jumping back while at it.

--Damian V. Connor--

Damian's knives were tossed as soon as he drew them; being shot down there after...His opponent's just too good Damian leaped back to avoid the incoming bullets, then drawing out multiple knives. Although, a keen eye would notice that some of them appeared to be noticeably different. Knowing that his opponent would be precise enough to shoot at least one of them, Damian tossed the knives at his opponent as soon as he landed. As one of the bullets hit the knife, it seemingly exploded; smoke obscuring the Officer's field of attack for a little bit until a thousand light beam arrows shot out of the smoke as quick as bullets--That's what the other knives are for, a diversion.

--Tick V. Kaliber--
Tick managed to hit one of the gloved man's bullets, and was in awe of what it can do--It can detonate on collision. Realizing that her electricity may not be enought, she took out what appears to be a gear with a green button on it and docked it on her shoulder. In a matter of seconds, the hand which was connected to the shoulder the gear docked on changed into what appears to be a minigun, it's barrels appeared to be filling with plasma as she aims it at Kaliber. She opens fire at her opponent, shooting out actual plasma filled bullets as shells fly out under the machine gun arm.

(@Corrosion Took me a while, but it's done!)


Check Your Vehicle Privileges

Before the fireball hit him, Mountain teleported to the top of a grain silo and fired again. Then he teleported and fired again and again, until he had exhausted his mag. But he didn't reload the second it ran dry. Instead, he teleported in front of Gong and summoned his RAM sword and began to attack with a flurry of strikes. "Dude, are you even trying?" He asked in between strikes.


"Ow, bitch!" Daniel cried as his was punched away by the dick attack. "That was a dick move! Literally!" While Daniel had trained with Shaolin monks who had taught him how to handle pain like a real man, that didn't mean that an attack on his assets didn't hurt. As he was knocked backwards, he saw that Blaise had sent several molten rocks towards him. The shotgunner flipped and landed on his head, where he then proceeded to perform a headspin, spin-kicking all the rocks away. He then proceeded to launch himself of the ground and deliver a double flying kick to his opponent's chest.


As his opponent tossed his knives, Connor reacted quickly, shooting them out of the air. However, with each one shot down, they seemed to explode into a cloud of smoke, until it grew large enough to obscure his vision. The VAC operative narrowed his eyes, then rolled to the side as instinct from hundreds of CS:GO matches kicked in. Just in time, too, for a barrage of light arrows immediately exploded out of the smoke. Connor took a second to reload his UMP before grabbing a flashbang and tossing it through the smoke. When it detonated, he sprinted through and unsheathed his knife, thrusting it into Damian's back. Backstabs with knives had an odd effect of launching the target forwards.


Kaliber was in awe of the girl. She had turned her arm into a minigun, and if that was anything like the 'Murican M134 Minigun, that meant that it was likely able to fire six thousand freedoms per minute. Kaliber yelped as the cannon began to fire, and he summoned his shield, only to have it shatter after sustained fire. Flopping to the ground, he primed a frag grenade and tossed it at her before decided ti hightail it the fuck out of there, reloading his ACR as he went.


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