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Digital Corpse's Art Dump no.1


Shark toothed prick

Okay so This is going to be my second post on this site now, just letting others know that I do digital art.
Im self taught and find interest in gore, and nonhuman characters such as my OC, Jasper who is shown above. I figured to just do
a immediate art dump of characters. As for the signatures placed on the images, many of these
are old images when I was back and forth with usernames before settling on what I've got now.
If many of you are sensitive to gore, violence, or even dark images, I have made sure to label them with a gore warning, and as a
spoiler so they are not visible unless you choose to click those spoilers.. Images that are more friendly have no spoiler, and are simply shown. I may do a
hanahaki disease sketch of a different character I have on tuesday. Until then, stay frosty guys. And I hope you enjoy looking at the dump left behind.



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I love your use of color and tone! These artworks have such a unique feel to them, really eye-catching!! Awesome work :O

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