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Silver Wolf

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But as luck would have it, a typical chosen one selected by the goddess of fluff-off descended from hell above heaven below god wielding the divine sword of whoop-ass-to-the-face was hellbent on sending the sword ten feet through the bum of the king who was actually the demon lord in disguise.


That One Guy In That One Place
The resurrected demon lord continued his pillaging of the kingdom, aided by his most wretched underlings and closet weeaboos.


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Nicolas of Tafkaria couldn't of done it all without his mighty steed, who was actually Donkey from Shrek who magically transported all the way to this time in this dimension to fulfill his role as 'the mighty steed'!

Le Fuzzy Maraca

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Princess Legoshoe said "Screw this kingdom" and went and lived on a stage, where she changed her name to Mettaton and had plastic surgery to make her look like a robot with stylish hair, and fooled every Undertale fan in the kingdom.

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