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Other Contemplating a tattoo; do you have or want any tattoos?


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I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo and now that I am at a down time from work and life, I honestly feel like going and planning one out to get.

Do you want any tattoos? If you do; share!

You already have tattoos? Do you like to show them off? You do???
Show me!

I’ve been thinking about getting one for awhile and considering all the opinions I’m open to more listening.


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Personally I wouldn't get a tattoo. It's not like there is a particular problem with having one, if you're sensible about it (AKA don't go tattoing "f*ck you" on your forehead or anything), it's just I don't think it's worth it to have something marked on your body that you might not always want there, plus from I hear it's expensive and potentially painful (though that last part I have no real source on, just a guess given what I hear of the proceedure). So, like, is there something you want engraved on you that badly? Cause otherwise I don't think it is worth it, so I wouldn't recommend it. But if you do get one, nothing wrong with it either.


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Dont tattoo your wrists ankles or inside of your hand it qualifys as road burn the more it moves the more it rips and breaks put it on muscle that doesnt move like a tricept and i was nice so please no snarky comments


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I don't ever plan on getting a tattoo. But if I had to, I'd choose a symbol that signifies something I love, like a tv show or video game that affected me strongly. Having the Undertale SOUL or Supernatural "demon warding" tattoo would be neat.

Again though, I like my body tattoo-less, and I fully intend to keep it that way. Whenever I feel like decorating myself I just grab a sharpie. That way, I don't ever really have to commit to anything. It's completely gone soon enough, yet it makes me happy to look at while it's around. Just harmless, non-permanent fun.


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Dont tattoo your wrists ankles or inside of your hand it qualifys as road burn the more it moves the more it rips and breaks put it on muscle that doesnt move like a tricept and i was nice so please no snarky comments
Also, where did you get that info? I can't seem to find proof of that.


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I have multiple tattoos x3 They're all ones that I've taken time to think about and made sure I definitely wanted them. I love them all. I have pics of my wrists and ribs below. I also have the Black flag logo on my ankle, and a pin up Harley Quinn on my left thigh ^^ Aaaaaaaand I want mooooore ;-;

This one wasn't actually as bad as everyone said it'd be. It was just when he had to go back over sections that the pain was real o.o This took two sessions of an hour and a half each.FB_IMG_1548080622933.jpg

So the red symbol is Love (for anyone who doesn't know) and I got it because I ADORE Gaara and figured my wrist was better than my forehead. The blue is Life and i decided to get that one because that arm felt very naked compared to the other after my first tattoo xD 20190121_142913.jpg20190121_142854.jpg


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I have 4 tattoos and definitely want more.
My most recent ink has not yet been photographed (and can't be done by myself). Angel wings on my back. Took me about 7 years from having them outlined and the first lot of shading to finally finding the money to have them completed by the same artist. Took about 8 hours in total, 4 sessions of 2 hours (which is the longest time I've ever stayed still).

My first was this one:
I go through phases of loving and hating it. But it was my first tattoo and I was young and silly. It's a "travel" tattoo, marking this Brit's first solo journey to the States.


Terrible photograph. I love this one. When I first got it, I had this vision of a large scale 'Alice in Wonderland' piece. As you can see, I have yet to realise that vision... if I ever will.

And finally:
"Everything that drowns me makes me want to fly". Another travel tattoo. This time marking my 10 week "voluntary" work placement in the States in summer 2013. It was a popular song at the time and my friend got a matching one. Cos we're lame like that.

My plans: I'd love to have tiger stripe markings from my ribs to hip, possibly a treble clef somewhere, a small fleur de lys and maybe to finish the ideas I had for the "alice" piece


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I'm really on the fence about this, because I'm not exactly a fan of pain that I can feel, and any places I would want tattoos would probably hurt.
At the same time, the Crests in Digimon and the Fairy Tail guild mark mean a lot to me, which is part of the reason I am heavily considering getting tattoos so I can always remind myself of how much my two favorite anime mean to me and what they've taught me.

From Digimon, I'd probably want these on my shoulders? Something like that.

At the very least, I'd want the Crest of Courage since that's Tai's Crest and I'm fairly sure I'll never stop loving his character, but I digress.

Fairy Tail Guild Mark:

I'm less likely to get this, since I'd want it around my collarbone... but again, I hate pain, sooooo


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I have 7 tattoos

Left arm: Breast Cancer ribbon with Find the Cure above it. I got this for my mom right when I turned 18. She's a 12 year survivor
Triforce is on the back of my arm, right above my elbow
Fairy Tail Guild mark is on my left forearm

RIght Arm: Brass Knuckles with "CTHC, This is A Family" in a ribbon, wrapped in them.
The number "1" on the back of my right arm for my bleach reference "Starrk Espada"
On my right forearm I have the Strawhat Pirate logo and the Spade Pirate Logo (Ace's crew before he joined Whitebeard)

I plan to get more and all of them I got for a reason and love for each thing. My field of work is very relax on tattoos since I work in the medical field on the road and in dispatch and no one really says anything for our ink. I have co workers who hands and necks are tattoos and are almost fully covered and they don't get in trouble.

Not something I would do personally but to each their own.


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I haven't had a tattoo YET. But I plan to soon. The one I'm going to get is going to be a quote in Elvish on my arm. I used to want the brand of sacrifice and some other one too, but I think it's best to not have depressing tattoos on me lmao.

EDIT: While I'm talking about it, I would be totally open to the idea of having an artist I really like just going HAM on me (aka, doing whatever design they want).


I don't have any tattoos at the moment. I have considered doing some, but after thinking about it for a while I can't really see myself getting a tattoo. I don't dislike how it looks on other people but I'm not sure it will suit me.

However I tried doing temporary tattoos with henna. They last around 2-3 weeks and then get completely washed out. So if you don't have allergies it's a good way to try.
I had a "sword" kanji on my arm and a snake on my wrist. I liked them but decided to not make them permanent. I may do more temporary ones in the future.

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