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Realistic or Modern Commit Inc. {An Arranged Marriage RP} (1 male spot left)

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LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance


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Commit Inc.

Dear Betrothed,
Let us start by congratulating you on finishing school and entering adulthood.
The time has come for our yearly coming of age getaway, and you have been invited! The time has officially come for you to meet and get to know your future husband/wife.

When you were born your parents turned to Commit Inc. to secure what they believed to be a good future for you. Now that you have finished college, the contract they signed has kicked in. Not only did they arrange a marriage for you through the company, they also arranged for financial security. Along with the choosing a future mate, they invested money in the endeavor that would act as a trust for you. Your parent’s initial investment would double and become yours. The catch is, you only get the money if you go through with the marriage. Say “I do.” and get your money, don’t and never see your fortune.

Character pairing:
I am looking to have 4 couples, male and female pairings (that does not mean that all characters must be hetero). After the characters are set, I will randomly pair them for the arrangements. I think random pairings make it more realistic, in the same way that the characters have no idea who they are paired with, neither will you until the rp opens. There will also be a role for the director of the getaway from Commit Inc. I will leave it as an open role so someone can play it if they want, if no on wants it I will fill the role.

Important elements from those involved:
I really want a group of people with different feelings and thoughts about the situation (are they open to it, how will it change their life currently, how will it affect their future, are they already in a relationship, ect.)

All site rules apply!
Acceptance: This NOT first come first serve. When the character sheet goes up everyone can post a character until the deadline. After the deadline I will accept the best characters
Literacy: Literacy is important to me! Grammar, vocabulary and spelling are necessary to be a part of this rp. I am not going to put a paragraph minimum on posts, sometimes writers block happens, and the roleplay needs to move forward, but I am looking for people who can easily post a couple paragraphs regularly. No one liners!
Respect: Please be respectful and polite in all OOC conversations. If you do have any problems with others involved in the rp, let me know and I will help to resolve the issue.
Planning: All planning and OOC conversations will be done on Discord.
Posting: Please be able to post at least 2 times a week. I understand that life is hectic for some people right now with the health pandemic of the coronavirus, but please let me know if at any time you are unable to keep up with the post minimum and we will discuss how to work it out. If you are not keeping up with the expectation and have not reached out to me, you will get a warning that you are not active enough, and if that goes unfixed your character will be removed.

/coded by allure/

This is a reboot! The first time I didn't get enough people to be involved, I'm really hoping that isn't the case this time. I really want to see how this idea can play out!

4 Females: 3 Reserved, 1 Open
4 Males: 1 Reserved, 3 Open
1 Director (Male or Female): Open
Character Page
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So will all the characters know each other? I'm wondering because if a character is gay and gets paired with a character of the opposite sex, will they find a potential match among one of the other main characters, or from somewhere else?


nothing serious
So will all the characters know each other? I'm wondering because if a character is gay and gets paired with a character of the opposite sex, will they find a potential match among one of the other main characters, or from somewhere else?
It will be a group of strangers. A gay character might find a match among the group, it just depends on if another gay character is made. They may only find friendship. They could already be in a relationship and only doing this for the money. It all depends on how you want to play it. I am planning on making a lesbian character and just playing them however the roleplay allows.


nothing serious
Awesome! I'm glad so many people are interested. Here is the character page, the character sheet is posted here. There is no deadline yet, I will make one once we have a few more people interested.

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